Non powered Kemper: Monitor Out -> Input clean Amp

  • Hi guys

    Perhaps a strange idea, but has anyone ever tried to connect a non powered Kemper in the input of a clean amp (from monitor out)? Of course by disabling the cab simulation. How does it sound? :)

    Can this be a solution when you don't want to buy a power amp and a cab but you have already an amp combo?

  • vicosti

    Changed the title of the thread from “No Power Kemper: Monitor Out -> Input clean Amp” to “Non powered Kemper: Monitor Out -> Input clean Amp”.
  • hi,

    I assume, you are talking about a traditional (tube) guitar amp:

    if you connect your Kemper to the guitar input - no matter if master out or monitor out - you will most likely be confronted with some unwanted modifications of your signal:

    1. the output level of the Kemper is too high for the input of a guitar amp, I think, there is a difference of some 20 db...

    2. far most guitar amps have a passive 3-band-eq in the preamp section which is everything different from being flat, so you will experience a strong colouring of your signal, most likely in an adverse manner...

    one solution could be to connect the Kemper to the return input of a (hopefully existent) serial effectloop. This input is positioned between preamp and poweramp. The input level as well as the impedance fits far better to the Kemper output. This may lead to more satisfying results... in the end it's a matter of your taste,

    good luck

  • Thank you for your inputs.

  • Could you do this? Yep.

    Will it sound the way the Kemper should? Not a chance.

    You're putting a completed sound through another preamp section and then amplifying that. You should run the out of the Kemper into the effects return of the amp. That will add the least amount of color.

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