MIDI Automation

  • I’ve been running MIDI automation for all my live patch changes on my Kemper for the last 3 tours I’ve done, and I absolutely love it(and nerding out about it).

    Do any of my fellow live-setting Kemper users here also run MIDI automation?

    If anyone has any questions, there are a lot of resources online, but I’d be happy to help in any way I can!

  • Hi! I’m controlling my Kemper with midi track played with Cymatic lp-16. Mainly program changes but also few cc commands to switch on/off in some songs.

    I’ve had this setup for few years now on I would never go back to manual switching as this gives freedom to move on the stage ??

  • Hi! The band I work for uses PC and CC commads sent from the Cymatic player to Kemper. Tour we did this spring went perfectly and OS we used back then was 5 something. Now Kempers have been updated to 7.3 and somehow most of the CCs doesn´t work. We have tried different Kempers, Cymatics, USB sticks, midi cables, old/new files. I also tried OS 6 when all the performances except 1 was deleted(I had a backup). Has anyone experienced similar issues after updating to 7.3? Thanks.

  • We have been using program and control changes from Pro Tools since 2009. The Kemper came in from 2015 and I had to make some changes to allow for difference in response time.

    I use it in browser mode and keep an eq with the volume turned dow in slot one to mute the signal with control change. This responds much quicker that a rig change to a silent patch.