Free Demo Rig Pack including some very rare amps and gizmos

  • Hey!

    As my profiles have been very popular and I tend to profile rare and sometimes expensive amps and lately al lot of strange combinations of electronic apparatus, Kemper asked me to put together an official Mats Nermark Rig Pack.

    I did so but as they are very busy at HQ with the Kemper Kone and dealing with the Corona/Covid-19 situation, they haven't published it yet.

    So I thought I would go ahead and offer these rigs in a Free Demo Rig Pack on my web site

    I hope you will find them musically fun and useful and maybe even relaxing in these dire times.


    Mats N

  • Mats_Nermark ,

    Before you get the big slapdown from the mods, I thought I'd jump in to let you know that you need to either add the free profiles here as a ZIP file for download, or move this thread over to the commercial profiles forum. The mods have a strict policy about "no strings attached" when it comes to this subforum, and requiring name, email address, etc.. on your downloads page violates that rule. I'm not trying to be a jackass... just trying to help head off a potential issue before it happens.