PLEASE improve "File Management" in Rig Manager

  • Ya know... I really dig my Kemper, and having the editor in Rig Manager is fantastic. <3

    Big need of improvement is the file management in Rig Manager... it's not even as good as Windows 3.1 file manager.

    You think it would be easy to grab just that directory from a back up and put in back into my current setup in Rig Manager but this is not the case.

    I goofed and deleted a directory of profiles, and I have no idea how I did that but it took a fair amount of work to get that directory reestablished in my current Rig Manager. Even the simple task of being able to drag a folder from your computer into Rig Manager is currently no possible... it will import the profiles and sod your nested folders even if it's only two

    Would love to see it improve in the near future:thumbup:

  • I totally agree - file management sucks in RM. Ability to import hierarchy of folders seems like a P1 feature from usability PoV. Especially that many commercial profiles are sold in packs organized in folder(s) and importing them in organized manner is a PITA. I'd add to it:

    - Drag and Drop to rearrange folders in RM

    - Reliable rename (I have one folder called "Test" which I can't rename, no matter what)