Browse in groups of 5

  • This may seem a bit strange and I'm sorry if I'm being OCD but here goes. ^^

    I still like the KPA physical interface as much as, if not more than, RM for most things. However, RM is much better for browsing rigs. Often I want to build a perfomance or audition rigs on the fly such as in rehearsals etc.

    I would like the ability to browse and audition rigs on the KPA screen in a more intuitive systematic fashion using the remote.

    While this method does work it is a little less user friendly than I would like. At the moment the browser list on the KPA groups the rigs in 2 columns of 4 rigs. The Remote, on the other hand, has the option for single rig browsing (using just the page up down foostswitches) or "group of 5" which browses banks of five rigs (using the 1 - 5 rig footswitches then stepping up or down a bank with the up/down arrows). It would be more logical to view and intuitive to navigate when browsing rigs if the columns on the list were also grouped in 5's so that each up/down arrow press moved you to the start of a new group of 5 rigs available from the footswitches.

    At the moment rig 5 is at the top of the second column then rig 6 ( rig 1 of the second bank) is the second position of the second column and you can't see what is in slots 4 or 5 of the bank. In the next bank bank up and we are at slot 3 of the first column for the first rig in the bank. For bank 4 we can see rigs 1 and 2 but not 3, 4 or 5.

    I know this is a minor thing and the screen space is limited on the KPA, but it would be much more intuitive if a way could be found to make this workable (a slightly smaller font or move the "Browse Rigs X of Y" banner to the side menu where the rig info is.