Lock Rig Menu in Rig Manager

  • I know this probably sounds crazy as the whole point of the Rig Menu is that it is a “per rig” setting. However, for editing purposes it would be a massive help to be able to lock rig settings temporarily.

    for example, I like Tone Junkie’s profiles but he saves nearly everything with the Delay + Reverb mix set to +58%. However, I typically want the DLY + Rev mix set to 0%. So, I go into the rig menu and right click then set to default. OK, so I’m ready to go now. I move to the second rig. Delay and reverb settings stay as required (because I have the locked) but the DLY + Rev mix has reverted to +58%. Now oO need to manually set it back to 0% again. I need to do this with EVERY profile from Tone Junkie. In fact in order to use them I need to go through EVERY Tone Junkie profile and resave them with DLY + Rev set to 0%. It is a massive job. Being able to set the DLY + REV mix to 0% then lock it would be a massive help. Then I could just run down the list of rigs to load them and hit save before moving on to the next one and repeating.

    While I’m at it, a batch edit feature for this would be even better but in the meantime the ability to lock the Rig Menu would be a huge help.