Direct Signal (Mix) Processing Request:

  • Direct Signal (Mix) Processing Request - Joseph Rao EE, PAE:

    The Direct Signal Control Mix of the Kemper is a highly regarded method of introducing clarity (clean feed) within a distortion profile, however this unprocessed signal can seem rather dull sounding and I believe that there is an opportunity uniquely improve the quality and performance of the Direct Signal Mix. Within my circle of Kemper, this issue has led to a great deal of confusion, specifically with people questioning; "Why do we need to introduce of this sterile sound into my distortion mix". Then I explain why we do this and what this does... Thinking about this led me to the conclusion that there's a great opportunity to improve the tonality and functionality of the direct signal feed. What I am suggesting is the possibility of adding signal processing functionality such as compression and equalization(Hi-pass/Lo-pass). I believe these options would add functionality to the clean mix, allowing for wide and unique voicing abilities - ultimately delivering a more pleasant direct mix.

  • Joseph

    I have actually been modeling or Tone Shaping since the mid 70s and actually developed an early prototype that I used for years. As you know, it used to take 1 or 2 racks of gear to accomplish something similar but for the past 10yrs or so I've been studying and developing with the Kemper. I think it's amazing... I now that I've learned how to use it 🤓

    I'm run stereo out - into the Line Inputs of a Roland JC120 - Best Guitar Sound and System I've found so far.

    PS: The Roland JC120 is just soooo freaking heavy

  • All I was trying to say is that you can already treat the direct mix if you think slightly outside the box. Rather than adding direct signal via Direct Mix in the amp block. If you leave it off by activate Parallel Path in the Rig Menu, you can mix in the direct sound along with 2 separate effects. This could be EQ and Compression. Or EQ and Chorus etc etc. Would that not achieve the same thing (and potentially far more0 as adding a dedicated EQ etc into the Amp Block?

  • Hi Alan,

    Sorry for my delayed response in getting back here...
    Thank you kindly for this response - as I need to say here; "The only thing that's wrong with that is I didn't think of it" lol

    This is a great idea and a very clever way of utilize the parallel mode hardware - some thing I have not tried yet I can't wait to.


    Joe Rao