Free Sampler Pack [Lucky Lady Vintage Guitars]

  • Hi Kaschko. Thanks for checking back on Volume II of our Kemper profiles . Great to hear that you love Volume I!

    Gonna shoot you straight. The delay in creating Volume II is that - while we had a blast producing Volume I and our reviews have been literally 100% positive (which is extremely gratifying) - Volume I has been a financial liability. So we’ve been brainstorming to figure out a more cost-effective way to produce Volume II *without sacrificing any of the quality* that went into Volume I. We’re not looking to "make money” from the project - just breaking even would be a victory.

    Yes - our ’64 Deluxe Reverb would be included in Volume II along with several of our brown-panel Fender amps, a few more tweeds and more vintage Marshalls. It would be a killer package!

    Thanks again for checking in and of course we’ll let you know if there are any changes!

  • Lucky Lady Vintage Guitars Thanks for the reply and your clear explanation. Very sorry to hear it didn’t play out as well as you had hoped. It‘s pretty clear to my ears that you put more effort into your profiling work than most of your competition so I‘m not surprised that it wasn‘t a cheap process. I hope you‘ll figure something out. Thanks again!