tempo to mormph

  • It is very dificult and "insecure" (sometimes led just goes mad) to change to low bmp via the TAP button, especially if you want to switch from fast bmp to very very slow) and delay and other time fx could be modulated by tempo so I would like to have the Rig Tempo knob assignable to morph pedal.

    is there any special setting to make beat scanner work, with me it is completely random, where does it take the signal at the end of the rig ?


  • yes, you can do that already

    “You may have noticed that the change from Base Sound to Morph Sound (and vice versa) is not instantaneous by default but performs a smooth transition. Both Rise Time and Fall Time of Morphing can be set individually in Rig Settings. Both time values can be set from zero (for an instantaneous morph switching) to 64 seconds. When you enable the Tempo for this Rig by tapping the TAP button or choosing a specific tempo, the Morphing time will be displayed in specific note values and sync to the current tempo. A neat application of this might be to set the Rise Time to, say, four bars. Now, just hit the Rig Button four bars before your solo starts and enjoy a nice, leisurely stroll to the front of stage while the PROFILER slowly morphs your rhythm sound into a boosted solo sound in the background. The two LEDs will continuously brighten and dim to reflect the rate of the change in sound.“

    page 140 of the manual