Kemper (unpowered) with bias head

  • Hey guys,

    I love my Kemper but I really want to play with two amps. One distorted and one cleaner amp for definition.

    Because kemper is quit expensive I'm looking for a bias head or mini to ad to the rig.

    Is this possible and is is possible to change latency manualy so I don't get phasing issues?

    Thanks all!

  • although you can’t run two amps together in the KPA there are some things you can do to get a clean(er) signal mixed eith an overdriven tone to add clarity and definition.

    the first one is to experiment with the Direct Mix control in the amp block. I am not 100z certain about what this really does. The manual says it blends in a portion of clean guitar signal. However, it actually sounds to me as if it is blending in a little of the clean. Portion of the amp profile rather than just a straight DI guitar.

    the second is to use the Parallel Path in the rig menu. With this option you can use two effects in Stomp A and Stomp B so you could shape the dry sound with compression and EQ and blend the level of this signal with the main profile.

  • Hey Alan,

    thanks for your reply!

    I haven't tried the direct mix in the amp section (i always leave it at 0) but I will give it a try!

    I have a few pedals in front of my kemper to create a massive guitar sound. The fuzz factory really does the job but it is so big that there is not much stringdefinition. So thats why I was looking for a way to have the massive sound to a Marshall profile and then my clean signal to a cleaner amp.

    My thoughts are to have the stereo widener on my massive sound and in the middle the cleaner detailed sound :)