How to switch slots without interrupting the sound

  • Hi, I'm planing to purchase the Kemper Profiler Stage and I need your help. I'm planing to change my Boos Gt 1000 :) and working with the Profiler Stage of a friend (also new on this), we haven't found the function where I can switch from e.g. slot 1 to slot 2 without interrupting the sound of slot 1.

    Example: In slot 1 I have a clean sound with a long delay (long feedback) and when I switch to slot 2 (where I just have a dry distortion) the sound of slot 1 (delay still sounding) is interrupted. How can I avoid it? I need that the sound played in slot 1 just ends naturally. Sorry I'm just a beginner, thanks for your help

  • the function you are looking for is Rig Spillover in the Rig Menu

    however, this only affects the last two Fx slots (Delay and Rev). If you put a delay or reverb effect in any other slot it will work fine but you will not have the option to let the tails spill over naturally when switching rigs.