DUEL SWITCH - Additional Features

  • I would like for you to add to the Switch options: (1) SAVE, and (2) CHOOSE (or SELECT)

    I have my Kemper in my live room downstairs and I am controlling it upstairs, and have the Rig Manager open and I do not have the remote with me. It is on my board downstairs.

    Making changes to a performance within the Rig Manager, there is no way to SAVE, unless you pick another performance and you get the Dialog box that asks if you want to save if you've made changes. Sometimes, just changing a parameter - i.e., mix of delay or reverb, isn't enough for the dialog box to pop up - so you lose any changes you've made.

    #2. In Performance Up / Down, there is no way to Choose a performance if you've scrolled to it if you don't have access to the Profiler or Remote. It would be nice if you could set a button that would let you choose the Performance so you could begin using it.

    What would be helpful, is if you added a TRS MODE, so you could have 3 options. Many footswitches are 3-way, and utilize TRS capabilities. It would be nice if the Kemper could too - so you could use a 3-WAY FOOTSWITCH in the following way, for Instance:

    1) Performance Up 2) Performance Down 3) CHOOSE


  • I don't understand what's hindering you to use Rig Manager and load a Performance located in the PROFILER via double click. Then you edit the Performance and afterwards you store it via "Store Performance in #n". I can do that without touching the PROFILER/Remote. And I can store without leaving the Performance. All it takes is a PROFILER being connected and in Performance Mode.

  • I don't understand what's hindering you to use Rig Manager and load a Performance located in the PROFILER via double click.

    Agreed. This works perfectly without the need for any footswitch.

    Then you edit the Performance and afterwards you store it via "Store Performance in #n".

    This is a big issue for me though.

    At the moment you need to have the performance you will want to save to on MyProfiler already active before doing any editing as you only ever get the ability to store to the current # on the KPA. Is you edit in Local Library most of the time (as I do) then you need to remember to make sure you have pre selected a slot on the KPA before starting to edit. It would be so much more helpful to be able to choose which performance # you want to save to on the KPA at the point of actually saving. In my opinion this would be a very significant improvement to the overall workflow.

  • Is this now a different issues compared to the on this started with?

    The whole editor - the lower part where you set sound parameters - only works while the Rig is loaded in the PROFILER's edit buffer. That applies to Browser Mode and Performance Mode. Otherwise users coudn't hear what they edit. So in Performance Mode you load a particular Performance which you want to edit, then you edit, then you store with those edits. While storing you can either overwrite the original or store a copy in Local Library. What is the problem with that?

  • The key part is “edit buffer’. If I am working in Local Library in RM rather than MyProfiler I am loading/creating a Performance in a position within Rm Local Library. The performance I am editing is only in the KPA edit buffer so when I want to save to MyProfiler it will always save to the last Performance Number I had selected on MyProfiler. This may have been selected a long time ago for something other than the performance I am editing now and therefore not be where I want to save the new Performance.

    I can make this work but it adds another step which can be annoying as you need to find the performance stored in Local Library in order to move it to My Profiler. Whereas, if the options to Save To Local Library and Save to MyProfiler Performance #(choose now) was available it would remove the need to save to Local Library then locate and copy to MyProfiler. It would also reduce the potential to accidentally overwrite a performance in MyProfiler by not having preselected the correct slot in advance (I have done this on too many occasions to want to admit ?)

    It would be much more logical for most of us used to regular computer methodology to have Save (overwrites original), Save As (saves a new copy to whatever location you specify at the time you are trying to save). The current workflow assumes a degree of forward planning which is not how many of us work.