A decent Tuner Display

  • I use the LEDs all the time. Very convenient.

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  • I am late to the discussion, as usual. I have a Peterson Strobe Tuner in my rack. I put the Kemper to "tuner" mode just to squelch the sound while tuning. I have to say, the Kemper tuner matched the strobe tuner flawlessly. The Kemper actually made it easier to lock in because the "level" would not be centered even when you strobe was close to stopped. I am impressed with the Kemper tuner accuracy and would trust it as a stand-alone tuner any day. I have had more than a few occasions where I had to judge and retune a straying G string mid-tune and in the middle of the stage. This is where your Spidey senses need to determine sharp or flat with a quickness. I'll typically nail this transaction from hearing the tuning issue to fixing the tuning issue in a nano-second. The only people that notice this are other guitarists. No complaints on the Kemper tuner :thumbup:

  • Yellow? it's not white? ;)