Delay and reverb (separate pedals through stereo fox stomp) sound WAY more prevalent when I run through Logic, than when I run direct through my studio monitors

  • I’ve got a stereo fx loop in the last stomp slot (reverb slot?) and in the fx loop are my timeline and big sky, sunning stereo. Then I’m running stereo out of my Kemper into my Focusrite. I usually just run the Focusrite through Logic and then into my studio monitors. However, sometimes if I’m too lazy to boot up my computer, I’ll just flip the “direct monitor” switch on my Focusrite, and run directly into my studio monitors, no DAW

    I’ve noticed that when I run through a DAW, my reverb and delay are way more prevalent in the mix, and if I mute the DAW and just run through the “direct monitor” they get quieter. My guitar volume is the same, but these effects change their levels in my mix and it’s tripping me out. How is this possible? It’s not a HUGE issue, I just want to make sure if I have to dial in a very precise delay or verb, I get it right

    Any thoughts?