Fade out time with the tuner button

  • The tuner can mute the signal while tuning. As I do have some songs/solos where the guitar should fade out to zero volume. I would be happy if I could configure the time the volume swells to zero when pressing the tuner button. Therefore I would also have a second useful option for the button - rather effect like.

    I also do have a volume pedal but I am not really able to do even/balanced swells (unfortunately the progression of pedals cannot be changed yet). Hopefully this could be done or even be useful for other Kemper-Users.

    If there might be another pleasant option to do this please let me know.

  • Would it work for you to use the guitar volume knob as a global fade out?

    Hi Paults.

    I know that there is a „magic“ volume knob that many are able to use them appropriately. Apparently I am not a volume pot user. Seems to be a personal dislike. I do not expect Kemper to put that idea on the priority list and there are many other things that should be done before that idea. But I personally would love it… as I would love to have a stutter/ automatic kill switch effect, pitch based effect triggering, separate output EQing for Kone and FOH and so forth… so rather a little feature dream.

    P.S. And first of all I am thinking of buying myself a new expression pedal first. The ones I use (Mission Engineering) are best for wah but not for volume. Have to have a look what could work for me.

  • Everything you try first on a guitar is hard. I never messed with the volume knob and kept it at 100% but I began to study how I could get those different flavors of crunch with it, so I use it pretty frequently now, and it's much easier. Best tip I can give it to practice a roll off at the end of every song you play during practice. You'd be surprise how fast you get the hang of it.

    But for really fast volume transitions, I go the way of the volume pedal -and there was a "first time" when I tried that.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.