Line 6 Pod HD pack

  • I made a few fun Pod HD profiles. These are not meant to be any specific amp or style. The idea was to use dual amp setups to create something different.

    Most profiles were designed with a lower gain clean sound for bass and highs. And then add some gain on the 2nd amp to push the mids. Looking to get a singing mid tone. Since this requires some time based things the Kemper could not nail exactly what I was going for. But it did make for some interesting sounds.

    In my headphones I could hear a lot of weird attack noise in the HD setups, which the Kemper cleaned up to some extent in its profiling. Probably the most I have used the HD since I bought it. It always sounded a little off compared to my other Line 6 units.

    The clean sounds came out pretty nice. The profiles have a little low end breakup like your amp is on 11. This made the hi gain stuff a little wonky, but fun to play, since it feels like you are at max volume.

    Some profiles just reminded me of certain players so I pushed them in that direction a little for fun.

    - The Doom15 HAZE sounds a lot like Hendrix on my Tele/Strat.

    - ElekTrik Alex reminded me of Lifesons live sound.

    - EpicTrik Doors had an LA woman feel.

    I will post these on the Rig Exchange also for easier sampling.

    PodHDPak BlackFace

    PodHDpak Classy A

    PodHDPak Coosty1hb

    PodHDPak Coosty1sc

    PodHDPak Doom15 60s

    PodHDPak Doom15 Haze

    PodHDPak Dub Lux

    PodHDPak ElekScream

    PodHDPak ElektrikAlex

    PodHDPak ElektrikUber

    PodHDPak EpicTrik Doors

    PodHDPak EpicTrik HVY

    PodHDPak EpicTrik RHD

    PodHDPak Hot Lux

    PodHDPak Jangles

    PodHDPak Leather

    PodHDPak LuxWeed

    PodHDPak Stacky

    PodHDPak Stacky 2

    PodHDPak Treads

    PodHDPak Xplod

  • I recently started trying to do some profiles on a Pod XT Live. I had tried it before and never got anything useful. So I looked into it more and found that the Kemper is overloading the XT Live.

    This is probably also what gave the Pod HD profiles that breakup/overloaded sound. The XT is just very susceptible to it.

    So I redid some sounds running the Kemper into a Graphic EQ then into the POD. I lowered the gain and dropped some of the 80Hz and 15kHz also. This resulted in a very mid range sound that did not have the low end breakup.

    This worked really well for super high gain stuff since the Definition (low end cut) was basically done in the profile capture. So you could actually run the definition back to 5.0 on hi gain. Which give you back some tone control overall since you dont have to be locked at 10.0.

    But it gets me thinking has anyone else run into this for other things like amps, plugins, etc?

    Is this one reason why profiling an amp with a pedal in series is a problem? Maybe cutting some low end and volume before the pedal may work better?

  • I was trying to profile a 1981 drv into a Carvin x100b Grey version and couldn't get the string separation and clarity jangle in the high just right so I added more presence and treble than I would ever actually use on the Amp for that setting and it came out better. Or maybe it was the micro dark and precision drive into the effects return of the carvin into a 4x8 cab. Anywho it worked out a bit better that way so I think it's similar to what you did and I will now consider this for every profile I do. Always bring a couple of extra eq pedals, check! Cheers