Memory lane delay recreation

  • Kemper has done an amazing job on effects. Especially delays and reverbs imo. The only pedal I regret ever selling is the Diamond Memory Lane. It just always sounds so pleasing to the ear no matter the setting. It is well known for its warm and lush sounding repeats that some call dark but yet it has a clarity. Modulation, oh my. Who still has one that can recreate this love on the kemper ?

  • If you need to warm up some delays in Kemper try lowering the High Cut. Going from OFF to about 5k might not make a big difference but once you get around 4.5K - 3.8k there is a drastic warming effect similar to a tape delay. And you can miss the sweet spot if you sneeze.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • Any chance you could share Kemper settings to replicate the signature AT 'halo' preset?

    I'll see what I can dig up - I might have a preset saved with the AT style delay config. It was probably applied to a ToneJunkie profile so I would need to transfer it to a stock profile if I was going to share it. In the meantime you could probably do as well or better than I did in about 5 mins.

    The Halo has quite a few parameters, all of which are accessed without a screen or menus - echo compression, echo saturation and it can do a variety of rhythmic delays as well as simple delays. I don't own one so am going on what was demontrated in the Youtube demos when it launched -- some of which were detailed and quite excellent. The Halo has an AT preset which uses two different synced delays. A dotted 8th delay AND a simple quarter note delay.

    I wanted to emulate what I was hearing in those demos on the KPA and was pretty happy with what I could achieve.

    Kemper has many delays options - the Dual delay and sevaral other options - which allow you to do the dotted 8th thing and a simple delay will give you the quarters.

    An easy way to go would be to put the two delays in 2 slots one after the other before or after the amp block. Just run those two, one after the other and play around with the other parameters. You could try doing this with one of the more complex delays with more tap and feedback options and you might end up with something as good or better in one single delay block.

    Use dirt parameters in the delay blocks if you want saturation and you can also have reverb in series or parallel and compression is also there if desired in the KPA.

    KPA delays and verbs are not praised enough but they sound really good and are very flexible.

  • That versa delay preset shared above isn't so far from what I had. The main difference is the 66% which is a triplet feel/swing time whereas the strict dotted eight feel is 75% so that the delay is falling in the first pass on the first and last semiquavers in a block of 4. These are just two different feels that you would use according to what the rhythm of the tune was or which you preferred.