Profiler Section Says this

  • Did both nothing... Same error. Do i need to go the Direct output Been using Monitor out

    "Send/Direct Out" goes to the amp, "Return" comes from the microphone, preamp, mixer whatever you use.

    - First check if you hear the measuring signal from your guitar speaker. If not, than there is a problem from the Kemper to the amp. Cable, wrong output, amp switched off or something like that.

    - Than check the signal coming into the Kemper. If there is nothing, check the microphone, cable, connection and the return volume at the profiler page and so on. Try another input maybe on your computer and check if there is a signal coming from the microphone.

    - If you are coming from a mixing console or your computer check the routing, mute switches and so.

    - If you want to do more complex things like combining microphones, EQs, pedals, software... than break it down to the easiest signal chain and work your way up to what you want.