• This is the best preamp I ever owned. Especially the clean channel and the crunch channel are awesome, the other two too but only with a strat and alike, I didn't like ch3 and ch4 with any different type of guitar.
    Why I had sold it then? Dump action, I should have kept it.

  • Yeah, I found it week ago: I was amazed how good the crunch channel is because that is always the problem.
    And nice there is really these four channels all with gain, middle, treble, bass and master :)

    However, I like all the channels -you can have very nice singing lead as absolutely good sounding clean (I use EMG:s).
    In rhythm channel only thing I was wondering that it was voiced so non-bassy
    -so I added a bass a little bit to my profiles.
    Of course it depends what guitar and whole signal chain you have..tweak as them you want, hope you have fun!


  • I've owned this preamp for 16+ years and it was in my live rig setup until 8months ago. I profiled my channel 4 high gain setting going through my Pv50/50 poweramp and a PV 2/12 85w celestian cab. I didn't upload because the profile came out a little dark and haven't had the time to redo. It is still one of my favorite sounds. Channel 4 han a very tight smooth dist. especially in the lowend. 4 channels vs 100 my Kemper forever. Looking forward to checking out your profiles. By the way i had Bruce modify my chan 3 (crunch) so it was a liitle mre in your face