New Profile for you - VHT/FRYETTE Sig:X

  • Hi,

    I made a quick demonstration of the profiling on my Kemper and a VHT Sig:X. I thought could share the profile with you guys.


    I uploaded them (there are two profiles) to the rig exchange section. Hope you enjoy them :)

  • Thanx! But the link doesn´t work. Here is the right one:

    Thanks for the correction man!


    The full one sounds great

    I'm glad to hear you like it. When I was profiling the 'full' one the master was set around 3, in the 'bright' one the master was set on the "bedroom volumes" around 1. I like both of them but definitely prefer the 'full' one as well :)

  • Hi, I'll hijack this thread for a bit just to say that I just uploaded bunch of Sig:X profiles I did today. These were my first attempts at profiling so be kind, please! You can find them by searching for Fryette in the Rig Exchange, or by my username JHL.

    I did the profiles off my main settings when playing rehearsals with Sig:X, for fun I tried a few different mics: v1 Shure SM57 off axis, v2 Shure SM57 on axis, v3 an Audix D6 (yes it's a kick drum mic...) on axis, v4 Sennheiser e906 on axis. The version number refers to the number at the end of each profile. Cab is the Fryette Fatbottom 4x12.

    Amp channels are Cln for Clean, Rhm for Rhythm, Ld for Lead and in general B is for boost (the amp has this function on every channel). Ie: Fryette Sig:X RhmB 3 = Rhythm channel with boost on, recorded with D6.

    For my tastes, generally the v2 sounds best, v3 worst. :D

    E: Oh and there are no effects on, just the raw profiles, when you open them up. In the effects section there are a few few things bypassed, but I uploaded these with "tweak to your liking" in mind, the effects are just some left overs from the preset I used as the initial starting point.

  • I usually don't make posts like this, but these are not very good AT ALL. Sorry, not trying to offend, BUT the reason why I am mentioning is this, is because I am dying for good fryette profiles, ESPECIALLY through a fryette cab, which i See is what you did. Please try and research alittle more on profiling techniques etc, and retry, that would be really great :)

  • Thanks for the input, and sorry for the disappointing results!

    Yes, first thing I noticed when setting up to profile the amp, was that I don't have suitable space/equipment available. It would be best to do the profiles in a proper studio, not at a rehearsal space where I could really not monitor what I was doing, as the amp opened up loud pretty much covers everything, even with in ear-monitors. A studio (or something like one) with separate room/booth for the amp/cab and a good monitoring seems to be the way to go.

    Also, I am happy with the v2 profiles, they have much of what I was looking for, especially the low gain profiles. :thumbsup: