How do YOU amplify your KPA?

  • For FRFR use I have the Main output in stereo to a Tascam M164-UF USB mixer...mixer main out to Behringer Truth 82031A studio monitors - sounds pretty good, nothing to rave about...the mixer also has a monitor feed out to an Ev SxA250 powered floor monitor, mono, - sounds more like a guitar cab than the studio monitors, still not great but usually use it instead of the studio monitors.
    And the way I usually play is KPA Monitor output through a TC Electronics Flashback delay pedal (just to split the signal to stereo) into a Randall RT2/50 stereo tube power amp out to a pair of 1x12 guitar babs. Sounds really really good!

    Waiting for my name to come up on the Atomic CLR list to try that. I think that might edge the tube power amp out of the number one spot. The Kemper has me thinking FRFR is a viable choice where the AxeFX II sent me back to the tube power amp/guitar cab to get a sound I liked. There is something really good happening in the KPA for me.

  • Hi Kemper friends! I've been lurking around since last year and resisted to post but I just can't let this one go to share my story. I've been experimenting with my Kemper for more than a month now and been through a number of guitar amps for that tone quest. Since I didn't have an FRFR earlier I tried using guitar amps available around the house as soon as the KPA landed. Since it's stereo capable I connected the KPA with one channel on AER Cube 60 and Roland Cube 60 on the other and when I played it I was really grinning in satisfaction and my face really looked like this :) :) :) . The high midrange tone of AER on was complemented by Roland's slightly bassy sound and I was very happy since it affirmed that I made the right decision in buying the KPA over the other. The Roland was in JC120 mode and I adjusted its eq to compensate for the loss of bass on the AER.
    Next I tried it with my Laney VC30 212 by bypassing the preamp and whoa it sounded better than the previous set up. the VC30 was slightly bright but the fullness and the tube glory was there. BTW i did not adjust any eq on the KPA to compensate because I wanted to hear how the stock profile sounded. So I played all day with the setup and with few interruptions from my kids because the volume was interfering with their cartoons :) I need to calibrate you for a moment, I'm your typical weekend bedroom warrior. The last time I had a really good gig was about two years ago.
    I tried it next with a Blackheart 5W head and 12 inch cabinet and the sound was not bad or harsh but more on the high side. I did not stayed long on this set up.
    I have a Tech21 TM120 which is capable of stereo since it has two speakers and two inputs in its effects loop's return. I used the return input to mimic the Power Engine. IMO its sounded better than VC30 but very slightly due to its more pronounced bass. Just the same I did not adjust the KPA eq. I don't know how my amps colored the to stock profiles because I don't have the real amps to reference them to. But I also wondered that I read somewhere on the net that some installed a tweeter on their Power Engines to get more highs. Well each individual mile really varies.
    The FRFR came to my mind so I bought a single Alto TS112a. I tried all the acoustic profile and they all sounded better than my AER 60 and I want to put a disclaimer that it was just me :). I used an Aria AD150N as acoustic guitar with Martin under saddle pickup to give you an idea. But I got a little frustrated because when I used the overdriven profiles from KPA I got a harsh saturated overtones. Next frustration was that I got ear fatigue although I was playing at low volume. I was using my LTD EC1000 with SD SH-4 and SH-1 when on electric.
    I returned the Alto and bought the QSC K12 as advised by a friend who used it with his Axe. I tested it just like what I did with the Alto and though it sounded better and I didn't have the ear fatigue anymore, I think the hihg was overwhelming. I was forced to use an MXR 10 band eq just to compensate for the harshness. Now the K12 is being used as my CD amp and it is really good in that department. However I'm stuck now with what to do with K12 and don't want to give up yet. Any idea Kemper friends? To those who are currently using them how were you able to control the highs. I think Deny is right that QSC K series have this "annoying excess of high mids in the 3k-4k range". I'm just generalizing since he has the K10 and I have the K12.
    I will try another round of experiment and see it again from there to decide which ones get maintained or sold later.

  • KPA -> Monitor Out -> Traynor YCS50C (Amp In - Effect Return)

    Works great for jamming with my bass player, and drummer. It is a small jam space. We use one Carvin PA speaker for the Roland Drum Kit and Vocals.

    Looking at getting into Atomic CLR Wedge

  • Atomic CLR Cab

    There is no difference when plugging into house PA when presets are dialed in using the CLR, totally accurate representation.

    I wish I would have had it before, I profiled my old tube rig with the EV 112 I was using before and now those profiles are un-usable....

  • Monitor out (eq tweaked) into a QSC K12.
    Sounds pretty good but not as great as my humble quality recording monitors. I'm on the Atomic CLR active wedge wait list as a result.

    Thanks for this, I tried it out and still not that satisfied. However I have an old and busted 50 watt Atomic amp that I used during my GT10 days. I will get this fixed and try it out. :)
    The K12 on clean and acoustic is great that is why I'm keeping it. My AER Cube 60 is in great danger of being sold, I just couldn't justify owning it with the stock acoustic profiles in 1.6 OS. It is Kemper's fault, I guess :D