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    In the Rig section (second icon from left along bottom between System and Input) you can assign the hardware buttons 1 and 2 to a choice of effect A, B, Reverb and Delay. Maybe in some context those four choices are referred to as I-4?

    There is also the FX1 and FX2 buttons to assign an effects block to the two hardware buttons.

    Other than that I’m not finding it

    If I remember correctly both monitor and main can be controlled by the same knob but when that is enabled the difference between them is maintained. So, for example, while they are separate if you have monitor at 80% of total and main at 40% of total then they get linked to the same control knob you will have a difference of 50% between them no matter where you set the knob.

    Not sure if this applies to your situation but it’s worth checking

     Factory reset
    This will overwrite all user data and settings and recover the as-delivered-state: Please hold the four buttons BANK,
    TAP, Bluetooth®/Wi-Fi, plus KONE while powering on.

    I’ve tried this twice with no luck.

    There are 4 small leds to the left of that row of leds that light up blinking red and the far right round button is lit in white. It stays that way indefinitely as I gave up waiting each time. How long should the process take?

    Edit to add: I got it to work, I think I was pressing one of the wrong buttons the first few times I tried it. When in doubt use more coffee...

    I have somehow caused two different rigs to sound the same and I know they were not that similar. Since all Ive done with it is change the order of a few of them I happy to just wipe the player and install the factory 50 that came with it.

    I don't recall the Stage or Heads ever being so weird but perhaps my
    Player is haunted!

    Is there some button press combo to do it or do I need to reinstall firmware?

    Yes, I am focusing on science because that is how we absolutely explain the world around us. This discussion wouldn't exist if not for science. I am guessing that you hear the feel too?!?!

    What players perceive from certain variations in the sound can often be described as a change in ‘feel’, I think it comes as a result of changing the relationship between the attack, sustain, decay and a manipulation of the amplitude of the wave/sound.

    Mimicry of what different designs of amplifiers provide. Your fingers start the strings vibration and the results are the effect you hear. When the results vary without your conscious efforts being the only impetus it seems alive, reactive, something changing…

    So, yea, science. Perceived ‘feel’ is very much a real thing and there is a huge field of scientific study that has lead to the developing industry of sound recording and the phenomenon I’m talking about is one tine piece of it.

    Are you sure the difference isn’t that you have profiles with cab sim and other one without? A profile with no guitar cabinet simulation applied could sound good into a real guitar cab but not good into a PA or monitor. There are some profiles that have no cab sim or have it turned off to be used into a power amp and real guitar cabinet/ speaker

    It seems that several of us new(er) Kemper owners are pretty curious about the KEMPER Kabinet as compared to the Fender FR10 or FR12. Is one "better?" Are the speaker imprints actually good? Do the speaker imprints work with the FR10 / FR12? Are they accurate with the Fender FR speakers? I am interested in buying one of the two at some point. I don't have the disposable income to buy and try both, so just looking for feedback, on the off chance someone has direct experience with both? thanks all.

    I have a Kemper cab and the ToneMaster FR12. They are very close if you don’t use the imprints, just let the Kemper run as a full range monitor. But when you enable the imprints Kemper wins the contest. If someone stole the ToneMaster FR12 I might just get over it, if they stole the Kemper Cab I’d be ordering a new one right away.

    Thank you crivat for your question about the MIDI connection with the Player. This is a very urgent question for me also. I would like to connect the KPP with my GigRig G3 Atom Looper/Controller and one or two H9. Has anyone happen to have a solution for that in terms of connecting the Players USB (in/out?) with the regular MIDI out/in of the G3 controller and the effect stomps?

    You can buy a USB to MIDI cable that in theory does what you want. I don't use one because my midi controller has a USB MIDI port.

    I have successfully used that midi controller to send USB MIDI to the Player and change to any of the five presets in the ten banks.

    Player does that by receiving PC (program change commands) 0-49

    I don't know if it can receive other MIDI commands although the other Kemper devices are quite robust in that department and it is unlikely Kemper would have removed that from the programming of the Player.

    I don't have any experience with the GigRig G3, if it sends PC numbers then yes it should work, but I think you have to use the 0-49 range of PC commands since there doesn't seem to be a way to assign different PC numbers to the Players 50 'presets'.

    I’m not using an Airstep controller it is a Luminite Graviton M1, it has USB A and C ports, the C port is designed to be midi port but that could be different on others.

    I have USB A port on the Kemper Player to USB C port in controller.

    The controller has the option set for'Device to Computer' selected in the M1 USB Midi settings selected.I don’t know if that is unique to the Luminite M 1 or other devices offer that kind of functionality also.

    Maybe it could be an idea to the developer to add an option to use the XLR as Monitor out (including cab off and Kone settings) for the people that wants to go stereo


    I vote: Yes, please!

    I would have that set up most of the time if it was an option, instead I’m often unplugging the stereo to run a Kone and the XLR’s stays unused throughout.

    You can. You will need an adapter/cable if your midi controller doesn’t have a midi out via USB. Other than that you can easily get any Rig that is on your Player by sending a PC command using number: 0 through 49 on whatever midi channel your Player is set to (default is channel 1 I think)

    I want to get the rigs from my power rack onto the Player. According to ToneJunkie you can export the rigs in a performance. I'm not seeing anywhere in RigManager how to do this. Any ideas?

    I just went to the Performance tab on the left, select the Performance in that menu that I wanted to draw from, the Performance shows up on the right side of Rig Manager and then I highlighted the rig in the performance I wanted to move and 'copied' and then pasted into the Rig slot of the Player that I wanted it to be in.

    I think of the Player as a 'host' for 10 'Performances' one per bank, most of them I have start from clean(ish) in slot 1 going up in gain through to slot 5

    I imagine you could do it by 'import' instead of copy/paste but the copy method worked so I quit exploring at that point.

    You'll have to do some editing if the Rig you move had effects that aren't available but for most of us that is going to be a quick tweak or two if any at all.

    I'm good with 'disagreements' because we can always consider them as other 'options'. ;)

    I think that's ultimately what he is asking for. The option to use the currently unused secondary functions as global EQ.

    It makes sense, you might have done the hi pass low pass stuff per-preset and still find once on a particular stage you have a room that is making you want a quick global adjustment...the knobs are right there...why not have the option to just push and twist your problem away?

    They could program the Player to not store the adjustments at power down and instead reset to neutral settings.

    Of course I'm assuming the BMT knobs work the way he hopes and the firmware allows for such an addition.

    Ok, anyone sees where to actually change the midi channel on the player ? the manual says in system settings I can't find it

    So far I haven't got into anything other than making Program changes (PC toggle) to change Rigs.

    Set my controller to Midi channel 1 PC number 0 gives Rig 1-1, PC number 1 gives Rig 1-2, etc.

    Using the Luminite Graviton Midi Controllerwith wireless pad on guitar gets me easy midi control. Who needs stomp switches anymore Lol!

    Just ordered a player. This is my first Kemper product. I currently have a Seymour Duncan Powerstage and Celestion F12-X200. Does anyone have experience with this speaker vs the Kemper Kone? Is the Kone better with Kemper products?

    I’ve got the f12-x200 and built the cab Celestion have designed for that speaker.

    I have a non powered Kemper cab and an extra Kone speaker in a Egnater Tweaker 1x12 cab.

    I have the SD Powerstage 170 amp.that have used when trying out those cabs.

    The Kone is far better when using the imprints in your Kemper device. It is better as a ‘full range’ speaker and not using the imprints instead letting the Rig supply the cab sim. I prefer the Kone with imprints but it does pretty good without them

    The F12-x200 is better than most FRFR monitors I’ve tried but it does have a separate high frequency driver (tweeter) where the Kone is a coaxial speaker cone design and it makes a difference. The upper frequencies from the Kone are more like a ‘guitar speaker’ delivers and less shrill, harsh like a PA monitor delivers.

    The Celestion F12M-150 is a tricone speaker and it is more like the Kone and rates right between the Kone and F12-x200 in my mind.

    The Kemper Kone is probably one of the best things to happen to guitar speaker simulation. I was selling my Stage and Kemper cab when I saw the Player was coming out I knew I was getting it and I relisted the Stage to sell by itself, the Kones are staying with me.