Flexible MIDI Settings

  • The following features are missing in the Kemper, as they will improve easy of use and flexibility:

    - Assignment of Midi continous controller to more parameters
    - Flexible assignment of cc numbers to internal parameter (ie. CC #7 (Volume) to Chorus Depth)
    - Learn Function: Use case : Goto parameter which needs to be controlled by MIDI, press learn button, press assigned knob on midi controller, midi controller sends message, Kemper "learns" midi message and stores it for the selected parameter

  • Welcome to the forum! ;)

    ad 1.: which parameters are you missing?
    ad 2: CK explicitely stated that assignment of CC's in the KPA will be fix to maintain the best interchangeability. Volume will always be #7, Wah will be #1, Whammy will be assigned to #4 (soon)
    ad 3: This is what the upcoming eprom for the FCB 1010 will allow. And I hope it will be available for other generic midi controllers as well.

  • +1 to carlitz
    Unfortunately the MIDI implementation is the weakest point of the KPA. I guess this is because the profiler was developed as a studio tool.

    I cannot see why it should be a problem with "interchangeability" when one can choose the CC# for wahwah or volume. But it is a big problem for controllers like the FC-50 with fixed CC#s. This MIDI thing is the one and only reason why I sometimes miss my former Axe FX.

    But I don't want to complain. Irgendwas is ja immer. The KPA sound compensates the MIDI weakness.

  • Ummm....it would make it easier for users. This is how most other competitive units work. The fixed, limited midi map is not well suited for many of us who are used to other modeling gear. Amp with stomp box users moving to a KPA may think the MIDI interface is cool. It works within limits but could be much better.


  • The most difficult part is the very limited way to configure the FCB in its original state. it only addresses values for a few fixed controllers (4 IIRC).
    There are much more parameters in the KPA than being addressable with 128 CCs.


  • Are you already using CC1, 4, and 7 on the same MIDI channel for something else?

    Or, are you wanting to be able to define CC numbers to individual effects in the Kemper, so you could selectively control them in rigs by assigning different CC numbers in the MIDI controller's programs? If this is what you want, the Kemper will eventually be smart enough to auto-respond to one, two or three expression pedals.

    There is a thread where CK describes the future pedal mapping parameters - a third CC number will be added for pedal control, and the Kemper's ability to respond to one or two of these CC numbers will be greatly enhanced.

    If you use less than three expression pedals (I prefer to use just one), there will be intelligent auto-mapping from a pedal transmitting one of these three CC numbers to the pedal-assigned parameter(s) in the rig.

    So, one pedal could be set to CC7 in your MIDI controller (for example), and control volume in one rig, wah in a different rig, pitch in another, etc.

    With two pedals, (example) pedal 1 could be volume in every rig that has volume assigned to a pedal, pedal 2 could be wah in the wah rigs. If a rig does not have a pedal assigned Volume or Wah, pedal 1 and 2 could auto-map to (example) Leslie speed and whammy.

    I think the above will be more transparent way for the pedals to work for most users than user-defined CC numbers.

  • Largely playing the Devil's advocate, sell me on the idea...

    musicman65 How would it make it easier? In the case you're describing you'd have to program both your controller and the KPA.

    timo The FCB is actually a fairly robust controller. Not sure what limitations you're referring to. that said, I would like a few more CCs as well.

    JoeBlob Curious as to why would you need #26 for wah when #7 (IIRC) is provided? Do you have a non-programmable MIDI controller and are forced to use that CC?

  • Quote

    BTW: The monstrous large FCB1010 with its tiny cheesy pedals is unsuitable for serious on stage performance (at least for full grown male individuals).

    Interesting angle to ask for a manufacturer to change their programming structure to accommodate an inflexible and outdated MIDI controller when the FCB-1010 is not only extremely flexible and affordable, but the official (custom firmware coming soon, and they are using it to demo the KPA at trade shows) interim controller for the KPA...

  • When the "Bi-directional MIDI" version of the software becomes available, it will work with all MIDI controllers. The FCB-UNO will be more of a convenience than a necessity.

    FCB ( just like so much gear discussed here) is perfectly suitable for some, perfectly unsuitable for some, and simply a MIDI controller pedal for most ;)

    At some point, the Kemper Pedal will be available. I'm guessing it will be a reasonable size, and built like a tank (sturdy).

    (As an aside, if you've never seen the video of the TC G-System pedal being run over by a tank, it is quite impressive....)

  • Will_Chen : Yes, my beloved FC-50.

    BTW: The monstrous large FCB1010 with its tiny cheesy pedals is unsuitable for serious on stage performance (at least for full grown male individuals).

    LOL! Indeed, if a fully grown male individual wears high heels like the one in your avatar depicted, it might be unsuitable.
    I'm sorry, your message was a pass that I could not let go! :rolleyes:

  • I started the threat so here are my ideas behind it:

    I would like to be flexible with the type of midi controller is use. In order to achieve this, i have two main topics to solve.

    1.) How do i control my stompboxes in the kemper with the foot controller, if the midi controller is not sending the assumed midi messages by the Kemper ?

    2.) How do i know, what midi messages my midi controller is sending, if i can' t let the Kemper learn the incoming midi message ?

    My solution for this would be (as suggested) a midi learn function.

    I select the stomp box in focus mode , select for instance "on/off" function, select midi learn , press the desired button on my midi foot controller , ready & programmed.