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    Please let us know what you think. I’ve had great luck with my CLR NEO, But always lookin for something better

    I have used the Clr in the past and loved the way the rigs translated to the FOH. I have sold them since we've moved to a smaller house in retirement. I am going to try tweeking on studio monitors and see how that goes.

    The guy I sold them to has used them for stage monitoring, as well as FOH for small venues.

    Yeah, I did the PRS locking tuners, they popped up under the guitars picture when I was placing the order, so I just clicked and added them. I know they work well, at least according to a couple of people I know who have had them.

    I looked at Kluson tuners from your link, those are like the tuners on my Cutlass, and I really like them. I hope I feel the same about the functionality of the PRS style tuners, only time will tell, but I do prefer the look of the Kluson.

    Paul Reed Smith makes their own tuners because he feels that adding mass to the headstock negatively affects guitar tone and sustain. His designs have evolved over the years and work extremely well.

    I may have misspoken a bit. I don't believe that it's the bandwidth of of cable itself. CAT5 has a bandwidth of 10/100 Mbps @100 MHZ. I *think* that the cable was just a convenient, readily available interconnection method.

    I believe that the timing issue is hardware related. As far sighted as CK was, I think the clamor for, and programming consequences of instant switching was unforseen. Having said that, I would far rather have instant switching....but, both would be nice. :thumbup:

    Just out of curiosity, does the Kemper Stage tempo light work correctly? If so, my hardware theory may be supported.

    I have no technical knowledge, and this is just a wild a$$ guess. Could it be a bandwidth issue due to other communications over the CAT5 interface having priority, and thus the tempo signal - which has to be sent, continuously, from the profiler - gets interrupted to allow for more instantaneous responses for other functions?

    I have owned my Kemper since the beginning. I received the foot controller very early in the first batch. At that time, the light worked as expected.

    Simultaneously, there was a big push for instantaneous rig changes within a performance. In retrospect, it seems that the synchronization of the tap tempo light was a casualty of instant switching.

    If the forgoing is accurate, we may never get the tempo light fixed with the current hardware.

    I currently (since 2013) have the profiler head and floorboard. I am considering getting a stage. If I backup the Head (it's an older OS), can I restore it to the Stage and keep all of my performances, rigs, morphs, clean sense, and output EQ settings?

    What won't transfer?

    Thanks in advance.


    I've been expecting dual rig capability for about 5 years. CK mentioned that all of the rigs in a performance are constantly kept in memory - hence the virtually instantaneous switching between rigs.

    My reasoning is that since the rigs are already in memory, morphing between them should be very doable.

    Please CK, bring it it on! 😊

    I'll continue to predict that we will eventually get the ability to morph between 2 rigs or at least amps. It will require no more memory, as all of the rigs in a performance are already in memory so that the switching is near instantaneous.

    So, since there is already a crossfade between rigs in the same performance, when can we expect to see Morphing between rigs in the same performance? It sounds like a variable crossfade time parameter assigned to the morph position of a footswitch, or a morph pedal should be easily achievable? ?

    Don't all those adverts scrolling across the screen and the interruptions to your playing for those "messages from our sponsors" drive you nuts?

    Actually, those don't bother me as much as ones telling me that "Your car's warranty is expiring soon...." =O