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    The Beta update seriously messed with my toaster. The tuner wouldn't work, the Kemper crashed two times, etc. Ended up having to reinstall the latest non-Beta OS to get it to work like normal again. I'm just going to wait for the official release down when that comes out.

    Wild. I've had the complete opposite experience with the HR 108 that I bought a couple of months ago. Wished your experience was better! Things I've learned/done so far:

    - Headrush is up off the floor, on a table beside me. Helps kill that bottom end thump.

    - Kemper Low Cut @80hz & High Cut @11k.

    - HR is in Flat mode.

    - Profiles tend to need a bit of increased top end EQ for the HR.

    Pure Cab is the secret weapon inside the Kemper. I'm not interested in the mic'd up sound, but the sound of the actual amp, sitting in the room with me. I run it on 5, globally, on everything. If not for Pure Cab, I don't know if I'd still own the Kemper - it's that good.

    Thanks for describing your story FearAbsolute. I also had a chance to compare THR30II to THR10X and Brown II setting was indeed godly. But THR30II received firmware update some time later, with "Open" speaker tuning which made me keep it (without that it was inferior soundwise to older brother).

    I agree that headphones output on Kemper is stellar. Didn't care about THR's because I don't use headphones.

    I have Kemper since 10 years and have no interest in trying new gear. It's GREAT for what it is. But if I'd see Kemper Desk Amp, I'd shell out my cash.

    If Kemper makes a mini version that is similar to the THR, they will dominate the world, lol.

    So, I'll tell you my THR/Kemper story...

    The THR10X was my main home practice amp. The Brown II setting was godly. Great 3D sounds, tuner, batteries, portable, etc. Only flaw? It sounded hideous through headphones.

    So I go and try the new THR30ii in July 2021 at the local Mom & Pop music store. It sounded good, and there was some definite improvement in some features. Bought it. Then within 2 days, I A/B'ed it with the 10X tones & preferred the 10X. Go back to the store, returned it, feeling defeated...

    Then a couple of days later, I go to the big box music store uptown & what is sitting there, used? A Toaster! It was returned after 2 weeks, and it was $800 off the new price. Put some money down on it & then a payment plan for the rest.


    The Kemper has literally changed my life, my playing & reinvigorated my love for the guitar. Opinions are subjective & I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade - but the Kemper *wipes the floor* with the THR amps. Better/more realistic tones, editing flexability, more outputs, better 'real amp' feel, multiple noise gates, pedals, EQ's & a headphone out that is absolutely god-like.

    The tones this amp has under it's hood is incredible! Just my 2 cents & glad you love the Yamaha so much, man!

    Although I have profiled numerous of my amps (Vox AC 15/30/30 HW, Marshall 6100, Marshall 2525 Mini Jubilee) and although I've gotten quite good at it and like the results the one profile I rely on in both bands I play in is the Morgan AC20 by rmpacheco, which I use since 2012 because it's so tried and trusted.

    I even recorded 2 albums with it.

    Variations I do is using a pure booster with Volume +2.5 for more grit and a Plus DS (Distortion plus) with Drive at 4.0 and Volume at +3 for heavier stuff and soloing. Lately I also use the Kemper Fuzz occasionally with Drive at 4.0, Volume 0.0, Trans Shape 5.0, Trans tone 5.0, Definition 10.0, Octa 0.0 Mix 100%.

    This gives me all the versatility and expressiveness that I need.

    What a fantastic amp. That person has it dialed in perfectly. Thank you for the heads up!

    When searching that author I see only EVH 5150 MAJIK 1 and EVH 5150 MAJIK 2 Is that where the cab came from?

    I am not sure, my man. When I first bought the Kemper, the 5150 amp + cab was what I thought would be my high gain Metal tone. The 5150 amp wasn't for me, but that guy's 5150 cab is terrific. Wished I had more info! ?(

    I think using one cab could be the best way to avoid ear vertigo and even things out. Many profiles I thought were vastly different became very similar with the same cab. The cab does a lot for sure.

    I've got a mental block to where I think if you use a cab the profile wasn't profiled with it could be lacking something knowing that cab driver is making it's best guess at what is and what isn't cab. As maybe what is taken out with one cab is part of the amp but would be there with the original studio profile. Of course using a direct recorded amp profile would negate this.

    Obviously comparing my old Line 6 stuff to the Kemper isn't a fair fight, but recording an entire CD in 2002 with just an old POD 2.0 taught me a lot about cabinets. The normal mindset of so many people, myself included, is to use the digital version of the cabinet that they're used to playing through in real life.

    But your ears & the playback of the recording is the real deal breaker. I've had the Kemper for just over a year, and in the first few months, I must have tried 100+ cabinets. This free Rig Exchange no-name 5150 cab that I tried just kept winning, in back-to-back comparisons. Even the Fender Bandmaster Profile I use for clean & semi-dirty tones sounds perfect with the 5150 cab, and not the stock one. Weird.

    I use the same cabinet on all my Profiles. It's a 5150 of some type. Different Profiles & tones sound more alike & uniform this way. Cabs are such a huge part of the equation.

    I've been using the Shure SE215 in-ears for a couple of years now without any issues & love them. With Performance mode, I edited a few of the Profiles for in-ears specifically (boosted bass, ping pong delays, Double Tracker, etc).

    The Kemper comes alive with can hear everything so clearly! Pure Cabinet is your friend! 🙂