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    I’ve been using the same $99 set of Shure SE215s for 5+ years. As FearAbsolute says, they are very, very durable and work well.

    I wouldn’t mind upgrading, but until these fail I see no real point in doing so.

    I have yet to see a set of similar-level IEMs get near their durability.

    I'm with you, man. Durability is a huge thing for me...gear needs to work whenever it's needed or it's just a diversion from playing the guitar.

    I've been using Shure SE215 in-ears for about 2.5 years now, both with drumming & guitar. Durable, great sound, long cable, comfortable & pretty inexpensive. The Kemper, to me, sounds best through in-ears.

    In fact, I dont think you can even dial in a decent metal sound on headphones. The high frequency peaks will cause bleeding of the ears or a seizure first.

    Respectfully disagree. I'm a Metal guy, been playing Metal for over 30 years. The high gain, ultra-saturated, realistic-sounding tones I get through my Shure in-ears would undoubtedly change your mind. In fact, most of the time, I prefer the tones in my headphones, compared to studio monitors. There has been no bleeding or seizures, just blissful Metal riffing at all hours of the day and night. :) The PRS MT-15 and Archon through a 5150 cab are god-like.

    Good luck with your new rig, man. If it makes you happy, that is ALL that matters.

    I've had the direct opposite experience. Bought my Kemper in early July 2021, and within a few minutes, I had the best tones ever in over 30+ years. After a couple of months, the Kemper's complexity was forgotten & I cannot stop playing the thing. It literally changed my life, not just guitar playing. The tones, flexibility, portability & ease of use has made it invaluable...I could not imagine playing anything else.

    Like I said man, good luck out there!

    Damn. Now I have to buy me some stereo inears.

    Just a pair of inexpensive Shure SE215's will do the trick...I've been using them for about three years now on both drums & guitar. The isolation & comfort are fantastic, and, for me, the Kemper sounds it's absolute best through in-ears. I can play all night in pure bliss while my apartment-mate in the next room over just hears the clickity-clack of an unamplified electric guitar. Pure stereo immersion. 👍

    I've used the DT on all of my in-ear Profiles since it was released. Admittedly, there are dropouts here and there - and hopefully those bugs will be ironed out - but the pure enjoyment of my guitar sounding SUPER WIDE through in-ears is worth the minor issues. The effect is incredible!

    With the Kemper Remote or a Midi controller yes, on the unit itself I believe not. If you have a volume pedal connected, you can set it to switch the tuner on at heel (this is what I do)

    Ah! Yes! Totally forgot about the switch. I bought a BOSS FS-6 a while back & never use it. Now I'll hook it up & use one of the switches to turn on the tuner!

    Thanks a lot, man! 🤘

    Great stuff!!

    Alex Lifeson - Spirit of Radio. Good call. 👍

    Hope that over time some of his other tones *cough* Farewell to Kings…. Hemispheres *hack* show up.

    Unlike so many other players, his tone varied a tremendous amount. Some of his heaviest stuff was in the last 15 years!!

    The Alex Lifeson tone in the new pack is terrific! I spent the afternoon playing just that one alone. A little Double Tracker and BAM. Great stuff!

    Cheers mate!

    I had kind of made my own version of a friend's MXR Uni-Vibe pedal & was quite happy with it. Today, I put in YOUR settings & it's much smoother, less over-the-top. It's honestly hard to switch off. I just added some light chorus & it's simply terrific. Thanks again for sharing. This Forum rules!

    Thank you! I tend to favor a bit of pure cab in the inears too, however is there a way to not send that to FOH then?

    That, my friend, is an answer I don't have. 🙁 I'm still just a rookie with the Kemper...only bought it two months ago.

    Kewl. What settings are you using for high gain chugging?

    There ya go, good sir. This is the setting I've used for the last three days. A few others have posted theirs - tried them all - but the tone became very "phase-y" or artificial, like some old Line 6 piece of gear from 2000.

    Through in-ears, it becomes something truly special. A guitar at nine o'clock & another at three o'clock? Never heard anything like that! FYI: I have Pure Cabinet on 10, globally. I want to hear the amp-in-the-room sound, not the miked-up one. It just sounds more raw & authentic to me. Dunno if that makes any difference, but full disclosure! 😀

    After using the DT on everything from a brutal, gain-soaked Death Metal rhythm tone, to Fender cleans & everything in-between, that effect will never be switched off ever again. Ever.

    I'm so used to chorusing, delays, reverbs & all of that to widen a single guitar sound to be big & wide...with limited results. Along comes Kemper and completely changes the game. Again. IT IS INCREDIBLE.