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    I'd say given the few profiles you're using you’ve already settled on a certain sound with a cab circling likely around Vintage 30, Greenback or Creamback speakers.

    Therefore you don’t get much benefit from the Kone/Kabinet which is all about versatility.

    Why not plug your Powercab into the other guitarist's cab and if you like your sound better you know what to do…

    Hallo zusammen,

    danke für die Antworten. Noch eine Frage zum Power Kabinet:

    Der Lautsprecher kann ja simultan full range bzw. Imprint wiedergeben. Wenn ich das Bühnenmonitorsignal (ohne meine E-Gitarre) über den Aux auf die Box gebe, dann wäre das ja die perfekte Lösung (ordentlicher Referenzlautsprecher zum Tweaken, Bühnenmoni UND Wohlfühl-E-Gitarren-Monitor :)).

    Gibt es dazu Erfahrungen?

    Das geht zwar in der Theorie.

    Hierin sehe ich aber nicht den Hauptanwendungsbereich des Kabinet.

    Warum? Das Kabinet, das einen Imprint fährt, wird man immer anders platzieren als eine Monitorbox.

    Insofern wird man Kompromisse machen müssen auf der Bühne.

    Ich finde, den Gitarrensound des Kabinet will man hauptsächlich für sich selbst haben. ;)

    Well, my flirt with the QC is over for quite a while now…

    The curious person that I am, I had ordered the QC in tier 1 and received it in March.

    It only took a day or two to find out that it certainly is no Kemper killer.

    While the modeling in the unit sounds great its captures (QC lingo for profiles) left something to be desired for me, mainly due to the fact that you cannot alter captures very much like you can with the Profiler.

    So I was left with a great modeller that could also do captures….

    I gave myself a few months time to do a thorough evaluation of pro’s and con’s of the unit and then decide if it’s a keeper or not (as I said, I knew from the beginning it wouldn’t replace my Profiler).

    Pro's: The modeling and also quite a few captures sound great and lively. I don’t want to dis the unit at all. Also the reaction to the guitar volume is very good. You can play the unit very dynamically. (But also in this regard it’s definitely not better than the Kemper).


    - The QC's routing, while very flexible in theory, doesn’t allow me to have a stereo signal out to FOH with a cab sim on and a stereo signal without any cab sim for a stereo monitoring solution with stereo cabs. I can do this with the Profiler.

    - The touch screen is disappointing, period. It's way below iPad league. When inputting things there’s an annoying lag. You always have to look on the screen to avoid mistakes due to the lag and sluggish behavior of the screen input.

    - The FX may be limited at this time but they sound very good. But you can't store any parameter sets as an FX preset, you can only set a given parameter set as default. This is a joke.

    - The whole cloud experience is hit & miss. I have a very strong WLAN network in my house, but the QC was very touchy and lost connection on a day by day basis.

    - Updating the unit was hit & miss as well. Once it took ages, the other time it went smoothly and quickly. Once the unit set itself to default settings and I lost my patches. Even though I had a current cloud backup I couldn’t retrieve it and had to start from scratch.

    - I didn’t like that you can’t decouple the main outputs from the volume knob.

    - I couldn’t warm up to scenes, I find morphing way more intuitive and expressive (but this is me).

    I won’t comment on the chaos in the QC cloud to find appropriate captures. Finding the right profiles for the Profiler can be a pain as well.
    But after all those years there’s a stock of highest quality profiles for he Profiler readily available (the usual suspects' best profiles are part of Kemper's factory content) where the QC has to do a serious catching up.

    Also there is no Kemper Kab equivalent for the QC,

    The Kab has once and for all helped me to embrace the whole modeling/profiling thing in a way I never thought would be possible.

    Having considered all the above points I put the QC on sale and got more for it than I paid (due to a 200.- Euro price increase since it hit the market).

    Sold it to a guy who is an Axe-Fx III owner who just wanted to know what all the fuzz is about and who wants to be able to take part in all the gear talk. ;)

    I hope you find this useful.