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    still buy a kpa for: better ada, more control over fx and switching, profiling itself, reamping, digital recording, better handling, loops etc etc

    amplitube is still selling computer programs and plug-ins although there's an app for the iphone/ipad.
    i think it would be a great addition.

    i encountered a louder hiss when connecting the kpa to a distorted amp. i guess the kpa somehow changes impedance or input level for the amp in. you probably receive radio with your guitar plugged into your amp anyway, but with the kpa in between it gets even louder.

    Why would you measure latency with an Mbox? Those have inherent high latency as it is.

    if you record both units with the same soundcard, the soundcard's latency doesn't matter as long as you compare the relative difference... but i agree that 6ms is a bit too much adding it to the boss unit's latency.

    curious.... what if you put a digital fx into the kpa's loop? there would be 4ad/da conversions more...

    1. When I get the overload message I don't seem to be able to scroll back to the page where you set return level, so I use the Volume knob but have to do this once it starts profiling.

    ?( it should go back to the page with the return level... i think it did so on firmware 6911... but i'm not sure... just go into browse and back into profile mode again...

    And here we have guitarists discussing latencies of between 2ms and 5ms.

    playing in latency with other musicians and playing in latency with your own instrument are separate topics. the right comparison would be: give a player genetically enhanced superlong arms and let him play his instrument several feet away from his ears... funny image but that's a comparable case. violinists are perhaps 3 feet away from their neighbor, but their instrument is super responsive since it is a) half a feet away from the player's ears and b) in direct contact to his body.

    playing guitar means: direct contact with your body (although not as direct als violins) and hearing the (much louder) sound several milliseconds after the body feels it. this is quite a mess...sensualwise.

    I did a DI profile and was told it was overloading Kemper so I did it again, dialing back the volume knob once profiling started

    i think that you have to adjust the return level if the kpa gets overloaded not the input sense... do you mean that with "volume knob"?

    the volume gets quite loud when profiling a clean amp since it has so much dynamics... the kpa tests when it goes into saturation (distortion)..this is louder when selecting "profile a distorted amp". if the channel already is distorted it won't get much louder but more saturated/compressed/distorted. i already asked if the kpa could destroy my speakers when profiling the clean channel since the profiling is much louder than when playing the guitar. if you think it is too loud you have to turn down the master volume quite a lot.

    just try it... guitar --> kpa, kpa send --> poweramp in, poweramp out --> cab, mic --> kpa return. adjust poweramp level while playing guitar. profile. refine. turn off the amp section in browse mode and connect the m4 between guitar and kpa. go into profile mode again (without starting the profiling) and compare reference and original. perhaps you don't have to turn off the amp section... just try.

    i just don't get what this is all about. if you have an axe and get profiling, be happy. if you don't what do you care?

    if you wanna care about things that go on somewhere else then give money to charity.