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    New Kemper Power Rack owner here.

    I apologize in advance if this subject question has been asked and answered on other threads. I did do a search, both on the Kemper User Forum, as well as on Google, but couldn't find anything on this topic.

    I have also read the all the manuals, including the Rig Manager user manual that is available within the program, itself. I couldn't find an answer to this question

    Anyways, I was having some difficulty in getting a brand new SanDisk USB 3.0 Flash drive to work on both my KPA, as well as my Windows 7 Laptop. Even though the KPA formatted the drive, my laptop refused to recognize the Flash drive...and believe me, I tried everything. Eventually, I found an older, legacy USB 2.0 Flash Drive that I had lying around, and I was able to get it formatted on the KPA, and my laptop was able to read the drive. I also made a backup of the KPA on the flash drive, and will be installing the lastest firmware (3.02) later this afternoon.

    However, with all the trouble I had with the USB Flash drive, and concern for future compatibility problems if this older Flash drive gives up the ghost, I was wondering...
    Is there is any way to do backups, restores, as well as updating the KPA Firmware directly using Rig Manager and the USB-A to USB-B cable / interface between my laptop and the KPA?

    I have a feeling the answer is no, but I thought I would ask.

    Thanks in advance for any and all replies, help and suggestions.


    A question for Michael Britt...

    Michael, I notice that the naming conventions you use on the merged profiles that you have uploaded to the Rig Exchange are different than those that are included in the factory profiles (firmware 3.0). I am speaking of the actual Amplifier names, not the "Rig" names.

    For example:

    Factory RIG:
    Rig Name = MB OTS OD1
    Amplifier = Ceriatone Overtone

    Rig Exchange RIG:
    Rig Name = MB OTS OD1*
    Amplifier = Cereal Ton OTS

    Is this to avoid some type of filename conflict with the corresponding factory profile in the KPA, if one were to import the Rig Exchange version?

    It only occurred to me to ask the question, because the unconventional naming of the amplifier would prevent it from coming up in a Search. In other words, if I were to search Rig Exchange (or Rig Manager) for "Ceriatone" will miss your merged profiles due to your different naming convention of "Cereal Ton". That, plus the cheeky name is confusing. :D

    I mean, I guessed (correctly) that the "Cereal Ton" must be a Ceriatone. However, I got stumped on your "Mars MP", lol. I kind of guessed the "Mars" was Marshall...but then I was trying to figure out the "MP" portion. "Master Plexi"?? No. "Master volume Plexi"?? maybe. "Merged Profile"?? Again, maybe. But then I cross-checked with the Factory Rig name, and saw that it was a Marshall JMP50. And that is when my head exploded, just like that guy in the Cronenberg film "Scanners". 8)

    Thanks everyone for the welcome and well wishes.

    I just went through a protracted struggle in trying to get a brand spanking new Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash drive (16 GB) to work with the KPA and my Windows 7 PC. I have previously read through quite a few threads (here, and elsewhere on the Web) in which similar USB flash drive problems have been described. So, I was hoping I would dodge this bullet, and everything would go smoothly with formatting the new drive, in order to back-up and install 3.02 firmware.

    Unfortunately...this bullet was not dodged, and instead hit me right in the ass.

    At first, I thought it was the KPA. I was careful to follow instructions to the letter. The new drive literally went straight from it's packaging, into the USB of the KPA. However, the Kemper's display screen did not indicate or give me any prompt that the drive was recognized, or that formatting had occurred. I repeated multiple times, including re-booting the KPA...nothing.

    So, I took out the USB Flash drive, and put it into my Windows 7 laptop. I couldn't get the computer to recognize the drive. Went to Device Manager, and it was showing up under "Other Devices"...not as it should have, under "Disc Drives". I must have spent an hour trying different methods to force my Win 7 laptop to successfully recognize the Flash drive. I know my way around a computer. Nothing worked. I was now thinking it was a bad/faulty Flash drive. So, just to double-check, I dusted off an older Win XP laptop I had lying around, tried the Flash drive with it. To my surprise, not only was the drive recognized, it contained the three folders that the KPA generated. So, the KPA did in fact successfully recognize and format the just didn't give me any indication it had.

    So, back I go to my main (Win 7) laptop, and waste another couple of hours trying to trouble-shoot and get the drive working on it. Again, no success. Now I am pissed, because I don't want to use the older Win XP laptop, as it is slow as hell and has a hard drive that is about to give up the ghost. Then, I remembered I had an older 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash drive stashed away somewhere. After turning my place inside out, I finally found it. I plugged it into the Win 7 laptop, and it was recognized immediately. So, I erased everything on the drive, reformatted it just to be certain...and plugged it into the KPA. LED on the Flash drive was flashing (good), but still no acknowledgment or prompt on the KPA display that anything momentous had happened, LOL. However, I did see that the main menu/display now had Soft Button options, one of which was for "External Drive". <X

    So, in a flash of utter brilliance on my part <sarcasm>, I hit that sucker, and sure enough I get a new menu giving me the option to Format the drive. Boom. Done Deal.

    So, long story short...I now have a good USB Flash drive that has been formatted by the KPA, and can be read and opened on my Win 7 laptop. Whew! <wipes sweat from brow>. Feeling mighty pleased with myself, I promptly made a backup of the KPA, and installed the file on my laptop. Now, feeling completely exhausted, I am going to wait to actually upgrade the firmware until tomorrow.

    P.S. -- I am still frustrated that I bought a brand new SanDisk Flash drive that works fine on an older, legacy Win XP laptop, but refuses to play nicely with my main Win 7 laptop. Which means, for my purposes, it makes for a rather expensive paper-weight...and it doesn't even hold down paper all that well.

    Content Warning -- May contain effusive praise, consistent with "Honeymoon" syndrome.

    Hello fellow Kemperites! I can finally say that, now. :thumbup:

    I was able to power-up my KPA for the first time, this afternoon, even though it arrived this past Friday.

    Allow me to cut to the chase, because I know you are all busy people..................WOW!!!!!

    After a few initial start-up hiccups (my fault), mainly in getting myself accustomed to the UI, I entered the Browse mode and searched out a Marshall Super Lead setting to get me started. I have a XiTone passive 1x12 Cab on order, but in the meanwhile, I am using the Monitor Out (with Power Amp turned off) into a Tech 21 Power Engine 60. The factory installed "TAF- Mars SL Mod" rig includes a 4x12 Greenback cab as part of the profile. At first, it sounded a bit muddy through the Tech 21 PE, so I turned off the Cab section. BAM!! Immediately, I had a fantastic basic tone that jumped out of the PE60. It was clear, present, and had a bell like mid-range that I prefer for technical solo / lead style. I dialed down a bit on the profile's amp gain, and added the Green Scream stomp in front, which is exactly how I would set up a tube-based amp rig.

    I prefer to have an amp set for just a bit of natural break up (light crunch), and then push it over the edge using a good OD stompbox. Sure enough, the KPA responded exactly as I would expect from an equivalent boosted OD ==> Plexi set-up.

    Next, I added a slap-back analog delay, and a bit of hall reverb. KABOOM!! The KPA was singing. Mind you, I haven't spent any time yet, auditioning various profiles. I knew what base tone I wanted to start my KPA experience with, and went straight to it. Furthermore, this was my absolute virgin attempt at tweaking a pre-existing profile.
    Bottom line, after only few minutes with the KPA, I had a killer tone that was so inspiring...I lost 4+ hours of time jamming away, before I even realized it had passed. Yes, I am a very happy guitarist at the moment. Can't wait to do some real profile surfing, tomorrow.

    Everyone have a great night.


    EDIT -- Woops, I mean't to post this in the "Profiler Related Discussions" sub-forum. If any Moderator/Administrator happens to see this, and can move this thread over to the appropriate sub-forum, that would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for cluttering up this section.

    Hi folks,

    Brand new Kemper owner, here (Power Rack).

    I apologize in advance if this is a crushingly stupid question...

    I have to presume that every uploader of free profiles, on the Rig Exchange, is on the honor system. I mean, there is no way to verify that what they have profiled, is actually the real amp model/manufacturer that they say it is, in terms of the data tags and info. they fill out. Same goes with the cabs and mics.

    So, at the end of the day, does it all boil down to the reputation and "name" that the individual profiler has earned, here, on the forum and Kemper website?

    Thanks for the info, and Subscribed.

    Also, for me, this ended up being perfect timing.

    My new Power Rack arrived Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, I had a bunch of other stuff going on over the weekend, and the KPA had to sit in it's box.

    However, today is the day I get to first fire it up. Just got back from Staples, because I needed to grab a couple of fresh 8 GB Flash drives.

    I just unboxed the KPA, made some coffee, and am currently re-reading the Basic Manual. Getting ready to format the USB. I decided I am going to load the latest firmware (if it isn't already current) before I even plug my guitar in for the first time. LOL, I guess I am just savoring the moment, and enjoying that new car smell.

    By the way, kudos to Sweetwater for their packaging. It was double-boxed, and the KPA box was nestled within a pillow of heavy duty air bags. I think it would have thwarted even the most determined efforts by Fed Ex's elite hooligan squad. :P

    One more question for you experienced KPA users...

    I have already searched, but could not find exactly what I am about to ask. Allow me to preface my question by advising that I have already done my due diligence, and have studied, in-depth, the KPA Basic and Reference Manuals, as well as hours upon hours reading through the wiKPA wiki site.

    Question --
    Is there any single document which provides a step-by-step check list and itemized "things to do" upon initial powering up of my new Power Rack. I have been putting together some hand-written notes, with items such as:
    a) Have a new USB flash drive ready and available to format and use as storage, transfer and backup media.
    b) Download all latest OS updates (firmware) and related programs (e.g. Rig Manager).
    c) Determine the new unit's current firmware, and upgrade/update as necessary.

    But I feel like I may have missed or have overlooked so important items and/or preparation work.

    So, do any of you know if there is a comprehensive flow-chart / check list that lists and itemizes all the necessary steps that should be taken before and during the first boot-up. Again, I know much of this is in the Basic and Reference Manuals, but a lot of the info. is scattered across various sections of the manuals...while other important "things to do" may not be listed, at all.

    Again, just curious if there is a single, comprehensive document that is not just a "Quick-Start" Guide, but includes many of the recommendations compiled on the wiKPA site as well as tips that have been shared here on the KPA forum?

    P.S. -- Friday can't get here soon enough! :thumbup:

    Thanks in advance.

    Okay, thanks Paul, Zappledan. Zapman, and all.

    This is weird, even the latest Reference Manual (3.0) explicitly instructs that the "kaos.bin" file is to be copied to the Root directory, in order to upgrade firmware:


    Firmware Updates
    Please perform the following simple steps to update your Profiler to a newer firmware:
     You will need to use an empty USB stick in order to transfer the files from your Mac or PC to the Profiler for the first
    time. When you connect a USB stick for the first time, the Profiler will format it to ensure maximum reliability. Please
    be aware that formatting a USB stick will delete all the data on it! A USB stick that has been formatted by the Profiler
    will contain the folders “ Backups ” , OS update ” , and "Shared".
     The next step is to download the latest firmware. Updates are free of charge and can be downloaded from the
    following URL:
     Expand the downloaded .zip archive. Always check out the ReadMe document included in the download package for
    important hints upfront. The Addendum manual contains useful information related to major new features and
    organized by firmware revision.
     Search for the update file called “ kaos.bin ” in the archive. Copy this file into the root directory on the pre-formatted
    USB stick using your Mac or PC. The root directory is the first, or top-most, directory in the hierarchy.
     Next, unmount the USB stick from your computer and plug it into the up and running Profiler. Follow the on screen
    instructions which will appear after a couple of seconds.

    However, per Paul's latest post, I am going to presume that the instructions/addenda included in the latest firmware download must take precedence (unless they made a mistake). In any case, here is how I will proceed...

    1) Format new USB drive by connecting it to KPA. The formatting process will also add 3 folders to the USB drive, on of them being named "OS Update".
    2) Remove USB and connect it to my computer.
    3) Download and copy the latest firmware (kaos.bin) to the OS Update folder on the USB drive
    3) Plug USB stick back into KPA, and hope that I receive automatic prompt to update/upgrade firmware.

    -- If this does not work --

    4) Cut "kaos.bin" file from OS Update folder, and copy/paste it to the Root directory of USB drive, and repeat step #3.

    Thanks again, to all, for your help.

    I'm not Ingolf,

    BUT - whether changing to a newer or older firmware version, the firmware kaos.bin file should be placed in the Update Folder, not in the root directory.

    Hi Paul,

    Now I am confused...or, at least there is some contradiction / inconsistency with the Kemper Wiki page on this matter.
    From the "System Management" section on wiKPA (

    Updating FW
    NOTE from burkhard: Upgrades are usually possible in one step.
    Every version of FW is a full installation; it doesn't really matter what is installed at the moment.
    Download the Profiler FW updates from the website;
    Copy the unzipped firmware file kaos.bin into the root folder of the USB stick (NOTE: there must be no other copy of the kaos.bin file elsewhere on the stick);
    With the Profiler switched on, and the flash drive firmly inserted, it will notify you that a new version is available. Go ahead and update it using the on-screen instructions;
    Don’t stop the process, even if you have the impression that nothing is happening. Wait for the Update is completed on-screen sign!
    Once updated it will boot up (slowly the first time, so don’t be alarmed);
    Copy all the new rig packs that you want to add into the Shared folder on the flash drive. NOTE from burkhard: the Profiler is able to automatically see all rigs and local presets (e.g. local presets of cabs) stored in the Shared folder of the USB stick; they will be imported regardless the sub-folder they are stored in and even if they are packed. You could put a complete backup archive file into the Shared folder and import all rigs and local presets included in that backup.
    Click on External Storage on the Profiler and then on Import -> import all;
    Sit back and enjoy!

    Booting the Profiler with a Previous FW Version
    You may want to temporarily bring the Profiler to a previous FW version. For example for comparing purposes, or because – under certain conditions – this may help upgrading to a new FW version
    Copy the unzipped firmware file kaos.bin into the root folder of the USB stick (NOTE: there must be no other copy of the kaos.bin file elsewhere on the stick);
    plug it in the Profiler while OFF;
    boot the unit keeping < > pressed. It will load the FW from the USB.
    NOTE: this doesn’t install the FW version the Profiler booted from, so next boot will take place from the installed

    Is the wiKPA site incorrect, and if so, who do we alert to have it corrected?

    Thanks in advance,

    EDIT: By the way, I just ordered my Kemper PowerRack this afternoon from Sweetwater. I will have it on Friday. I am so excited. I feel like an eight year old on Christmas Eve. :thumbsup:

    Well, it is fun to speculate. And, I would not be surprised if a Kemper 2 is not already in the planning, initial design phase. After all, the KPA has been out for 4 years now. Certainly, any successor to the Kemper will not make the original obsolete, just as the Axe-FX II did not nullify the Axe-FX Ultra or standard.

    Here are my crystal ball prognostications:

    New Kemper 2 will be launched by 2017, with a possible earlier introduction/debut at Musikmesse 2016 or NAMM.

    • It will feature faster DSP processor(s) and greater flash memory, allowing for:
    • Significantly improved boot/start-up time
    • Continued evolution of Profiling algorithm and process
    • Ability to merge/blend two different amp models and/or run two different amp models in parallel

    It will also feature STEREO capability for all Outputs, including Monitor Out.

    I also foresee a radical new additional feature -- implementation of a "profiling" type process that allows for true profiling/cloning of OD and Distortion type stomp boxes.

    Finally.................drum roll please.........

    Convolution-based Reverb!!! .



    I can check this later - however, I'm confused. To use the poweramp you have to plug into the Speaker Out. No other output uses the why would you need to turn the poweramp on or off?


    Hi Andy,

    I understand that there is no concern with the built-in class D power amp being "on", even if it is not being used (no connection to Speaker Out). If there is no load connected to it, it will remain cool and not draw as much power as if it were being used. However, it still is drawing some nominal amount of power. If I don't happen to be using that feature (i.e., the built-in power amp) during a given session, there is no reason that it should be arbitrarily left "on"...especially when I am using my KPA at home.

    I mean, if you had a separate solid-state power amp, you wouldn't turn it on if you weren't using it, right? Same applies to a powered, active monitor.

    Then again, I am one of those people who cannot leave a room without turning off the light switch. I also have been known to lay awake at night worrying if the light in my refrigerator shuts off when I close the door. ;):P

    IMHO, Kemper should really have incorporated a physical switch, dedicated to the power amp. I can't imagine that it came down to a cost / materials / sku - supply chain decision. When they decided to introduce the powered versions of the KPA, Kemper had to create a slightly modified back panel and associated Bill of Materials (chassis, wiring, speaker out jack, etc). I can't imagine how adding a physical switch, and a power amp "on/off" LED into this new back panel design and BOM would have made a significant impact to the incremental cost.

    The ofutput menu has several pages you should see e.g 2/6 which means you are on page 2
    with the knobs page you can go thru the pages. On page 6 you should find the on / off Switch power amp
    KPA remembers on the last setting

    Hi PeterFR,

    Thanks for the detailed info. This is good news. I was hoping that the last setting of the power amp would be remembered and retained, once the KPA is shut-off.

    If anyone at Kemper happens to read this thread, I humbly suggest that you add more specific details on the power amp controls, operation and controlling parameters, in the next revision of the Basic and Reference Manuals. For example, the fact that the last state of the power amp "switch" setting is retained and remembered (as confirmed by PeterFR) when the KPA is powered off, is a useful and important detail. I imagine that Kemper Support has already had to field more than a few calls from powered Kemper users who had turned off the power amp, and then proceeded to completely forget that they had done so...only to be surprised and have a major panic attack when they began their next session with their KPA...and no sound was coming out of their guitar cab. 8o:D

    With that said, I realize that putting a bolded statement in the user manual does not necessarily guarantee that something becomes idiot-proof.


    I am getting close to pulling the trigger on a Kemper Power Head. I have done my due diligence, and have carefully read both the "Basic" Manual as well as the "Reference" Manual, in their entirety. I understand that there is no physical button or switch on the PowerHead which controls the built-in power amp. In the manuals, it is explained that there is a "power switch" for the power amp, so that it can be turned off when it is not required. Furthermore, the manuals refers you to the "Output" section for more details.

    However, when I read the relevant "Output" section in either the Basic or the Reference Manuals, there is no mention of the power amp, and how to turn it off. By the way, I have the latest, most recent editions of these manuals.

    After reading the manuals, I have been able to infer that the controlling parameters for the power amp will display in a menu, when the "Output" button is pushed. However, the manuals do not provide any details of what appears in this Output menu, as it applies to the power amp.

    So, my questions are to any current owners of the powered KPA (head or rack)...

    A) What exactly is displayed when the main Output menu is brought into focus?
    B) Is the On/Off switch for the power amp linked to one of the soft buttons above the LCD display screen?
    C) If the power amp is switched off, will the KPA remember this "setting" after it is powered off? Or, when I turn the KPA back on, do I have to go back to the Output menu and manually turn off the power amp each and every time? It would be ideal if the KPA boots up based upon the last state/configuration of the power amp switch setting. In other words, if I switch off the power amp, and then end my session with the KPA., the next time I turn on the KPA, it boots up with the power amp in the "off" (disabled) state. However, I am guessing that this is not the case.

    My questions on this subject are motivated by the fact that have decided to get the PowerHead, as I feel it will give me the most flexibility. That is to say, I can use it with a regular guitar cab, or with a passive FRFR monitor, thanks to the built-in power amp. However, I already own a Tech 21 Power Engine, and will use the PE60 with the KPA PowerHead, at least initially and for the near term.

    Thanks in advance for any replies and help on this matter.



    Obviously, this may be a silly question...but is there any reason you are beholden to your midi controller? Why not just get the Kemper Remote controller? Seems like it will do exactly what you are looking for, yes?

    Or is it a matter of delivery lead-time / availability for the Kemper Remote?

    Hi Andy,

    I am confused. You state you have a Powered KPA, but you are connecting to a traditional guitar cabinet via the KPA's Monitor Out?? If you are using the built-in power amp of your powered KPA, then did you mean to type/explain that you are connecting your KPA to your guitar cabinet via the SPEAKER OUT on the back of the powered KPA...using a speaker cable, not a guitar/instrument cable?? I mean, there is no way that you can connect the KPA Monitor Out directly to a regular (passive) guitar cab, and get any sound, yes??