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    indeed there is a over-current protection inside the KPA's network port.. when this has tripped too often, the power supply to the network connector is cut until the next reboot (from within the software) I'm not entirely sure if there is a way to reset it other wise.

    so you're claiming that your Stage is bricked due to midway crash of the firmware update?

    I find that really hard to believe :/

    did it really not boot after a power-cycle?

    when it really doesn't boot after a power cycle we would be super interested how that happened, and we want to investigate it further.

    please verify, and don't let a possible unfundamented claim stand in the room.

    this is no 'problem' or 'bug'.. it was done 'by design'. in one of the next firmware releases this will probably be changed (as Kemper Support #1 already mentioned)

    (sorry for English, but you really don't want me to write in German ;))

    So on the Stage, what setting need to be made on the spdif page for it to sync to external clock from my Motu 1248 which is slaved to my Apogee Big Ben?

    in OS7.05 it's on the same page (spdif page)

    note: there is a software bug which prevents the slave mode from working correctly at the moment on the Stage.. we're working on the fix.

    when using 1 cable only: KPA -> soundcard, then the soundcard has to be able to sync _and process_ from external clock, and most of the time has to be put to 'external sync' however there are some soundcards which do some form of auto-switching (so: DamianGreda, lightbox and DaanJM answers all are correct)

    MuktiG : I think there are 3 possibilities why it works for you:

    a) your audio interface somehow automatically adapts to the external clock coming from the KPA

    b) you've set your audio interface to 'external-sync'

    c) the samplingrates of the KPA and the audio interface are close enough not to hear any artefacts

    what kind of audiointerface do you use?

    Janne : yes this feature has been around for a while (it was implemented at the time the multiple frequency support came; I'm not sure exactly which release that was)

    the head/rack/stage all automatically lock to the supplied sample-frequency applied to it's IN. So if you only want to use S/PDIF in 1 direction only, the head/rack will 'slave' correctly, but this is not what is commonly known as slave mode.

    unfortunately the head/rack cannot slave it's OUT-clock to it's IN-clock due to a hardware issue in the used chip : so it's not possible to do a S/PDIF 'loop' : PC -> KPA -> PC (which would be needed for digital re-amping, and which is commonly called 'slave mode')

    there will always be digital signal on KPA's OUT, but the clock is not really locked to it's IN : so the audio-interface of the host can have problems locking to that signal : which is causing crackles in the audio / or no audio(sync) at all on the audio-interface.


    - head/rack will automatically lock to any sample-frequency applied to IN

    - the sample-frequency selection in the UI determines the OUT sample-frequency

    - head/rack must be clock-master when using 2 S/PDIF cables

    klevelandmorten :

    Hi, this is correct: midi over USB is an experimental feature, which is enabled in beta versions only. We are checking-out the possibilities of this technology but don't want our support department overloaded with potential questions about this.

    mollydyer :

    Using midi over USB has the advantage of using a remote controller with 1 cable only, and not needing batteries or AC-power adapter

    hi Chris,

    this is totally do-able and it should work, but I think you'll have to connect it like this:

    remote <---> PoE injector (+power-supply) <---> hub_live_room <- - - - - - - - - - - - -> hub_control_room <---> PROFILER

    so the PoE injector should be on the remote's side, and the 'hot' end of the PoE injector should be connected to the remote.

    regarding power: plugging-in a PoE 'hot' end into a regular hub should not break anything, because in that case the PoE injector won't ramp-up it's voltage.

    regarding traffic: communication between KPA and remote should work even with other traffic on the wire.