Posts by r_u_sirius while I´m at it:

    uploaded four more profiles of my Bogner Ecstacy Amp on a Bogner Goldfinger 1x12" cab with a Celstion Greenback, Heil PR40 mic off axis.

    I profiled this rig with my latest pedal purchases:

    -Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive
    -Dunlop Echoplex Booster/Preamp
    -Electro Harmonix Soul Food
    -LAndgraff Clone

    Hope you like it!


    I just uploaded two profiles of my Marshall JCM800 2205 combo with pedals in front.
    First pedal was my trusty Boss HM2 pedal,which is famous for it´s use by many scandinavian Death Metal bands in the 90s. It still has friends in the extreme metal scene, I´d say even some kind of a revival is going on right now....rediculous prices above 150,- EUR are payed on ebay.....
    Second pedal the cheapo Behringer HM300, which is supposed to be a clone of the Boss HM2. While it´s not exatly identical with the same settings, it delivers the unique character damn well. In my opinion a more than ok alternative for the Boss!

    I used the Marshall in channel two with a slightly dirty setting. The mic was a SM57 on axis.

    pink is the new black..... :P

    [Blocked Image:]

    I profiled my preamps.
    Search the rig exchange for "PRE_....."

    I´m not sure if the KPA is the right device to "reamp" drum or vocal tracks, even with studio preamp profiles. In the end it´s a guitar amp.
    But have a try for yourself! ;)

    I remember some problems that i had when creating a new profile. The profiler always copies the tag information of the rig that you last used in browse mode before switching to profiler mode. Somehow my newly created profile had the name of the author of the rig used in browse mode as a tag somewhere. This was already some time ago so i don´t know if this still happens. I now always select one of my own rigs in browse mode before creating new profiles. It´s a little strange though.

    I can confirm that...up to the moment when I learnd to take care of coming from one of my own profiles, I made many profiles with "C.Kemper" and "Andy44" in the tags.
    If I remeber right, I was able to change the wrong author tags to my name.

    So when I could do it, KB can do it, too...

    thanks, the recti shaper does a pretty nice job!
    But in combination with a fuzz FX you need two FX slots. Add another one for an EQ, if you want to shape the sound further...
    The functionality is there, which is very good! But maybe the genious Kemper engineers can come up with a "all in one" solution? 8)

    while I think about it:
    a "container FX", where you can put in some of the already available FXs, would be a great solution!

    my wishlist, in this particular order:

    - on/off CC# for Loop FX with "keep tail" function
    - (Studio-)EQ in Amp or Cab section
    - performance mode managemant in Rig Manager
    - cabs managemant in Rig Manager
    - software editior
    - spring reverb FX
    - octave fuzz FX
    - shimmer reverb FX
    - some different fuzz flavors ;-)

    I'm wondering, if managing the spillover of an effect generated by device A in another device B ínstead of in the originating device A is conceptually a logical approach. The mix of dry versus wet incl. spillover could be managed in the external effects processor, which could be triggered via MIDI in sync with sound changes of the Profiler. At that time you could keep the loop engaged or even lock the loop.

    Hi Burkhard,
    of course this is how I would do it - if only my delay device, a very cool sounding Line6 Echo Pro, would play the game with me ;-)
    It has three bypass modes, two allow the dry signal to pass through, but no spill over, the third provides spill over, but also input mute. That means no signal passing through in bypass mode....

    I think my suggestion for a "keep tail" on/off CC# is the ideal solution for any device connected. You could even use a delay or reverb pedal without midi functionality.
    Additionally, you keep the signal path clean when bypassing the loop FX.

    Please think about it again - I believe many users will appreciate it!


    thanks a lot!

    I rebuilt my perfarmances manually - that was the fastest way for me....

    Problem with your first suggestion: I use WinRar, with which i can open the Kemper backups, delete and extract files, but cannot copy files into the there a software which allows me to do so?

    Problem with your second suggestion: I need just about 15 profiles for the live Kemper, but have almost 1000 on my studio Kemper, so deleting 985 profiles, some of them tagged as favorites, some not will probably take me longer than rebuilding my performances.

    I think this is a good real life example that shows where the performance mode needs to be updated! I vote for a software editor solution!!!