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    AFAIK is a work in progress, and if they do it then the pre/post option should not be a problem

    +1 on the pre/post tone stack.
    I'd suggest the option for a deeper profiling. Maybe something which takes a longer time, for example a procedure in which you have several profiling steps like a "gain knob profiling", "bass knob profiling" etc etc.

    It would be nice, but I believe this requires actual hardware to do. Does the KPA have that hardware already there (as the HD500 did)?

    I didn't know that the HD500 had a built in cuircuit for that. I thought it was all about software sim. I know that the KPA has an hi-z input (1 Mohm) but I still believe that it misses "something".
    Anyway somewhere i have an home made radial dragster which hallows to change the load to the pickups, if i find it i'll make some clips. It doesn't change the sound too much, is something subtle but you can feel it under your fingers.

    Hi there,
    i've just bought the kemper and it sounds great.
    What i suggest is to implement an input impedance parameter, so we can tweak it and get the feel that "loaded" pickup have. It's exactly the same thing that you can find on 11R, Axe II and HD500.
    I'd like to have it on my KPA too.

    Thank you guitarnet70 ;-)
    Now i'm trying to use the "search" function of the forum. If i don't get what i need (e.g. how to update my KPA with the last software..) i'll send you a PM ;-)

    Hi Kempers!
    Here's Giacomo form Italy. Well, i'm betting on this amazing piece of gear since it's gas-sing me since day 1 of youtube releases. So i bought without trying it and at first it seems to be amazing on clean and crunchy sounds, i hope you guys will help me to get the best out of it ;-)