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    Not sure if this has been brought up yet but if I create and save a new profile of my amp with RM 3 open, the new profile does not appear in Rig Manager. I have to close and reopen it each time for the profile list to refresh. Never experienced this in the previous version. Anyone else notice this or is it just me?

    I just saw this post and need to clarify something. The Atomica that Webb has profiled is a high gain version of Mark Cameron's Jose mod that was built by Friedman. The 20 dollar Atomic Pumpkin profile pack we sell is not a high gain mod at all. It is based off of the original "Atomica" amp which was a low gain Jose. So comparing the two is like apples to oranges. Also that pack is direct only. Hope this clarifies some things, if you want an accurate comparison the Carnage vs. Webb's Atomica would be the appropriate comparison. I hope this is OK with the mods I am not trying to spam I just don't want some potential customers to be mislead.

    Question for Webb, this is the Atomica mod provided by Friedman on a Marshall correct? We did very few true Atomica mods but if you have one of those I stand corrected. I just want to clarify the confusion.

    This was an Atomica modded Marshall 1959slp done by Dave Friedman based on the Atomica Brad King production run.

    Hey Webb, I just want you to know: I use your "Atomica 03 57-121" with another cab sim and this is still one of my amazing free favorite rock tones. Not only that it sounds good... just because it's so tweakable! If you thin out the sound with the volume pot. or lower the gain, the reaction of that rig is very well and sweet.

    I even like it a lill' bit more than the "20 $ cameron profile". What a great work - thank you very much:!:

    Thanks so much! Glad you are digging it. This was one of the first amps I profiled and it's nice to know people are still using it.

    I have a bunch of Cameron profiles I’ve shared for free including CCV, Atomica, and Aldrich amps. Search my posts. I think the Dropbox links should still work. Currently working on some newer profiles of the CCV but people seem to really dig the free profiles I’ve shared..

    Here’s one example:

    Hard Rock/Metal Cameron CCV Profile

    Are we talking about the same thing here?I assume the player took his amp and went into a TNL type of unit that housed IR...then put that into the Kemper to profile it.
    Is that really much different than amp into cab with a microphone? Based on the outcry here, I guess so?

    I thought the original Author's name was baked into the info somewhere as well, unable to change.

    No, more like he made a profile of his amp (either a DI or studio profile) and simply changed the cabinet to one from a commercial IR pack (Ownhammer and Celestion). Look at the cab info in Rig Manager. But whatever...if you guys are cool with sharing commercial profiles and IR's then so be it.

    I would argue against this idea that using an IR in a profile is wrong. If it's being processed into a Kemper profile, how is that any more sacred than the amp itself? Too bad for future users, this was a real nice set.

    Are you serious? You're not allowed to use commercial IR's in a profile and then post them online. I know you used to sell Kemper profiles. Would it be cool if I took one of your profiles, changed the name, and then shared it here? Think about it.

    hey bro, I just saw this now, actually it’s really easy, all you do is copy and paste the profile and then replace the cabinet with one from Celestion that’s named in profile and A/B the profiles ( toggle back-and-forth ) and they are identical ... pretty simple

    I did the same with the OH IR he used and they are definitely the same.

    I think you're missing the point. The profiles sound good and I'm all for sharing, but including 3rd party commercial IR's (Ownhammer and Celestion) in profiles that are freely shared is not cool, IMO. I'm not here to debate the ethics of it but if I spent time creating and selling IR's, I wouldn't be too happy if someone is posting them online for free. That's all I'm saying.

    Yes, my question also…Were these recorded originally as DI profiles?

    I’m still wondering the same thing. I asked 6 months ago and never got a response. My thought is the OP doesn’t want to acknowledge it since the profiles are using 3rd party commercial IR’s.

    Found these profiles from @Webb to be absolute beasts, omg.

    Cameron Atomica 01 57/121
    Cameron CCV 01 57/121

    You can find them from the Rig exchange by typing "Eleveneleven studios" in the search field.

    Thanks! I have some other profiles that I posted on the forum via Dropbox, including other CCV profiles and a Wizard MTL. You can search my posts if you’re interested. The links should still be active. I got some really positive feedback on them.

    Has anyone else noticed the extremely high number of Kempers hitting the auction sites.

    There seems to be a very high turnover for the Kempers. I see way less of the other modelers on the used market. Honeymoon phase? The novelty dies?

    Didn’t you hear? The Kemper 2 is coming out tomorrow.


    Nice job on these. They sound good.

    I don't think anyone has asked this yet, but are these studio profiles or are they DI profiles with 3rd party IR's? In Rig Manager it looks like a couple cabs are from the Celestion packs and one from Ownhammer. Did you mic a cab when capturing the profiles?

    Goddamn that sounds killer WOW!. I haven't had a chance yet, so busy with my kids all day - everyday!
    I can't wait man, seriously! I want this pack :cursing::P

    Wicked track too, if that's you playing... whoa, outstanding!!! =OX/

    Gotta a web store? Great playing in the demo - diggin' what I'm hearing!

    No web store at the moment but I'm considering it. I've put a lot of time into profiling so far and have a bunch of amps I'd like to get out there (Fortin, Cameron, Friedman, Wizard...) but I want to make sure they are of the highest quality.

    Not my playing in the demo (I wish). I only reamped the guitars through the KPA and mixed it.