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    Did you have a chance to try this profile? If so, let me know what you think.

    Thanks for sharing and I like it a lot! It was a little bright for my tastes, but that's my only minor critique and clearly subjective. It's nice and tight and punchy. I'd be interested in hearing more profiles of this amp. Wizards are definitely the unicorns of the amp world. :)

    Tight and punchy is a very good description for the actual amp. It has loads of useable gain but still retains note definition and clarity like nothing else.

    In the studio today doing a little profiling of my Wizard MTL. Not many Wizard profiles out there so I wanted to share this one with you. The gain on the amp was set relatively low but I added the green scream stomp for a little boost. Please try it with and without the boost. Has a nice AC/DC style crunch with the boost off. And high gain bliss with it on.

    The profiling chain is:
    Gibson Les Paul Standard with Aldrich pickups
    Wizard MTL Lead channel
    Bogner 4x12 cabinet with an X pattern of V30 and H30's
    Shure SM57 & Royer R121 mix on the V30
    BAE 1073 preamp
    Summed with UA Console out to KPA

    I uploaded the profile to Rig Exchange but you can also download it here if you prefer. Thoughts/comments/constructive criticism would be appreciated. I notice many people download the profiles I share but rarely take the time to comment. Your feedback helps me improve and create better profiles so it's a win-win all around. Thanks in advance.…2-10%2011-26-14.kipr?dl=0

    Sounds like your connections are right but why are you selecting "no cabinet" when you are micing a cab? If you connect headphones, can you hear the amp when you select reference amp in profiling mode? Did you turn the return volume up in the profiling menu? Are you trying to capture a clean or distorted sound from your amp?

    Also, a condenser mic will not work because the XLR return on the KPA does not have phantom power. The 57 should work fine.

    The 2012 Mac Mini i7 quad is a workhorse for DAW use. Much more powerful than the more recent model, which is only dual core. I have a couple in my studio and they run Pro Tools and Logic without a hiccup.

    I have an extra one loaded with a 256 SSD + 1 TB HDD and 16 GB of RAM if anyone is interested. Let me know.

    Recently got a new amp in the stable from Canadian "boutique" amp build James Peters and decided to make a quick test profile. This is his discontinued Chimera model, which is a high gain, fire breathing, metal monster. This is my first stab at profiling this amp so please let me know how I can improve it.

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    [Blocked Image:]

    Most of my CCV profiles thus far have been dual mic'd with an SM57 and Royer R121. I recently incorporated a Dynamount robotic mic stand in my studio and have been testing various positions with the 57 alone. It's pretty convenient to be able to control the positioning of the mic from the comfort of my desk. I generally work alone so it's always been a lot of up and down, back and forth, and trial and error when micing my cabinets.

    I've also been experimenting with some different things to get the low end right. Here is a sample of a high gain CCV profile through a Friedman cab with a single SM57 on the Greenback speaker. Would love some thoughts as to the balance between the highs and lows.

    The profile was not tweaked at all post profiling (definition came out set at 10). The guitar I used to refine and test is a Gibson Les Paul Standard with Suhr Aldrich pickups. Sounds huge through my CLR but would love some opinions with other setups. Thanks in advance.…1-13%2011-49-11.kipr?dl=0

    I don't have the Scarlett but definitely don't plug your monitors into the front XLR's. Those are inputs. You want to connect your monitors to the 1/4" line outputs on back of the Scarlett.

    You can definitely eq the signal prior to profiling but I think a better option would be to experiment with mic placement first. You can easily tame the harsh frequencies by moving the mic further away from the cap.

    You should be able to just double click on a rig in Rig Manager and it will load into the Kemper’s buffer. If you want it saved on the KPA itself you can then press “Store”.

    No, it's not apparently. Not a load box at all. For one thing, the impedance of the provided amps is matches to the actual models. That's pretty cool Imo. Did you hear the Sweetwater demo? Killer!

    It is a load box with built in cabinet IR’s, similar to the Two Notes Live/Studio. You pair it with a tube amp for silent recording or to send the signal to FOH for live use. Not sure where you’re seeing it comes with “provided amps” as my understanding is it only provides mic and cab emulations, not actual amp models.

    Appreciate the feedback. And just to clarify....did you have a chance to try the 3 profiles from 12/7? I need to do a better job naming the profiles because it's hard to keep track. I thought earlier you said 01b from 12/4 had much better balance than the others. Above indicates otherwise so I wasn't sure if you had a chance to compare.

    Thanks again!