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    Evergrey has indeed returned to form with their latest effort, "The Atlantic". I wasn't a fan of their last few efforts, as I cut my teeth with them listening to "The Dark Discovery", "Solitude Dominance Tragedy" and my personal favorite, "In Search of Truth". "Recreation Day" and some parts of "The Inner Circle" I still liked, but they they really fell off for me, both musically and lyrically. Glad to see they are back to putting out stuff I like with this release.

    Found a decent audio quality vid of "Watching The Skies" from ISOT. Enjoy!

    Ironic that you should say this, Jed, given what a posted just 10 minutes ago in response to something you said about experience. I had no idea you were a fan of Bert's stuff:

    My "Ultimate" endorsement of Bert

    FWIW, I purchased Bert's "Full Pack" sounds unheard (as opposed to sight unseen) based strictly on all of the positive things I've read here on the forums. At this point, it's going to be sometime in 2050 before I get through all the damn profiles I've purchased and actually start recording anything. :D

    Very cool! I have the 22 fret MIJ version with the "Modernized" "Fender" logo. But I subbed out the original pickups to mimic John Petrucci's "Images and Words" era setup with a Tone Zone bridge and Humbucker from Hell neck... with a bonus HS-2 in the middle position. I've got the black crackle finish, as well. It was my first "real" guitar... as my first guitar, a cheapo Cort Strat copy, got stolen from a locked locker at the Art Design school at the University of Cincinnati where it was hung up to dry from being repainted and having the neck scalloped and stained. Bastards.

    Never had the chance to test a guitar with Fishman Fluence but they seem to sound more or less like a pair of EMG in active mode. At least when I listen to YT clips.

    I've played a couple guitars with EMG's and the Fluence, even in active mode, don't really "feel" the same to me. I can toggle back and forth between Active and Passive mode and while there IS a difference, it's not night and day like switching between a real passive and something like an EMG, at least to my 47 year old ears. FWIW, I don't have any high frequency hearing loss yet... and used to have to do auditory testing for lossy compression and lossless compression audio codecs (MP3, AAC, ATRAC, etc...) so I'm hopefully not on the "terrible" side of the "golden ear" spectrum... though I am by no means the best ears in the biz. As always, YMMV. ;)

    Interesting. I don't have EMG's, but I'll have to see how things sound when running my Ibanez S7320 with EMG Blackouts into the Kemper. Thus far, I've only had time to mess with running my custom Ibanez with Fishman Fluence pickups into the Kemper and those sounded great, although they are not a traditional active pickup. Glad you seem to have solved your issue!

    This is by no means recent, but it IS my latest purchase. This is a custom body and headstock logo and paint job for my old Ibanez RG7620 neck. The EMG Blackouts have since been replaced with Fishman Tosin Abasi 7-String Fluence pickups with a push/pull volume pot and 3 way toggle.

    Jeff in Houston

    Oh yeah! I kinda ditched that yahoo email - to much junk to pick thru. basically Mike get's an early SD Custom, and I think changes the magnets (or something) I can't quite be sure, but they sound KILLER. As you know, he's very particular about it. He might be willing to do one and mail it to you - worth a shot!

    Very cool! Can't wait to try it! I'd love to nail the Morin tone from XYZ's "Hungry" cd!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Jeff in Houston

    Wow. That's really odd. My Kemper sounds fantastic using its headphone out and Sennheiser HD280Pro's. I'd definitely follow the suggestions from the other responses, as everyone's ears are different. My "sounds amazing" may be "Sounds like a wet fart" to someone else.

    Good luck!

    Jeff in Houston

    Haha busted yep the river dragon has come , the RHY parts has some balls no?
    Well i want the fishmans that you have so we are both in the same boat :D


    Great job, Ash! Love me some Nevermore. Loomis is awesome. Saw him live for his second solo cd tour and it made me want to burn all my guitars because I am not worthy. :) As for Fishman's, I put the Tosin Abasi 7-string version in my customized 7-string and it RULES!!! Up next is a pair of the open core Classics in my cheapo LTD Les Paul clone.

    Jeff in Houston

    I haven’t tried this pack, but have you tried the JP2C pack from Chop Tones? Go for the big pack, expensive but the sound you’re after will be in there. I’ve yet to be disappointed with anything Chop Tones have done - they nail album tones and effects too

    Yep, I actually bought it this weekend, but haven't had a chance to try it. Livio at CT suggested I go for that and since he lists which profiles are used in his DT performance vid for the JP2C, that should give pretty good starting points, at a minimum.


    Jeff in Houston