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    Probably mostly personal taste. I use many different guitars, many profiles in styles from dead clean to medium high gain. Can't say three dimensionality has ever come to mind.

    Do you tweak profiles or just try them as they are? My thinking is tweak it to what you want. Would you get any new amp, plug it in with no settings and expect it to sounds great? Yes, with tens of thousands of Kemper profiles you can always just look for more. But you can also just change cabs, play with gain and EQ and the great options under Amplifier.

    I've had my Kemper for many years and I try out profiles all the time. But I generally stick to a set that I've customized to be all that I want them to be. I don't find them lacking in any way.

    A few things here -

    First the guitar. Pretty much every guitar is going to sound different. The pickups in that Gretsch are quite a bit different than single coils or humbuckers. You can't even really expect that two humbuckers would sound very similar. There are many different magnet types, and even slight differences in pickup height can make a pretty large difference.

    On the amp - your Kemper profiles may be of the same model amp, but they were created with whatever settings the maker of the profile decided on. The microphone(s) used, the mic placement, the speaker(s) in the amp, the EQ settings. Just as in guitars, stick two of the same amp next to each other and will they sound the same? Not likely.

    This is likely why you see a difference in your sounds from the videos you compare to. Even if you had the same amp, same guitar, same pickups, you could only get close to the same result. With the demos you can get a pretty good idea of what the profiles are like, but you can't really expect you using them with your equipment is going to be an exact match.

    Hope that's of some help.

    I had picked up the V140 set from Victory and also found them very dark and dull. I found two things to get around that. The cabinet Low Shift was set to -2 for all rigs. I set them back to 0 which helped, but still a bit dark for me, so I raised the definition on the Amplifier settings until they sounded right.

    Maybe try some of the Martin Suijs rigs on the Rig Exchange. In Rig Manager you can sort by the Author column to easily find them. He's got a nice range of stuff from clean to drive with a 68 Marshall, 64 Fender Deluxe and a 64 Bassman.

    Or if you've got other rigs close but not quite what you're looking for, you could try changing the cabinet. That can make a huge difference. There are several under the Preset section or you can also use the cabinet from any other rig.

    Maybe try plugging the Kemper directly into your Yamaha HS7s to see how it sounds bypassing the interface altogether. Since you liked the headphone sound, this should be pretty much the same. If this result is alright, at least you know it's something in the interface settings.

    And the input running into the direct output/ send of the Kemper.

    Try using the Monitor Out of the Kemper to the Powerstage input.

    If you press the Output button on the Kemper you can get to various pages to set options. On the first page check that Monitor Output is set to Master Mono and you'll probably want the Monitor Cab Off box checked if you're using a guitar speaker cab. You can set EQ for the monitor output on page 3.

    If you have the Kemper Kone, options are on Page 8. You'd probably want the Kemper Kone box checked if you want to use the imprints.

    Now I have to figure out how to go from clean to dirty using one rig without having to click the foot controller thru rigs during a take. I remember reading the Parallel Path setting for the stomps section can increase/decrease gain with maybe my exp pedal. Any other way to do that? Go from clean to crunch/dirty smoothly without clicking a distortion stomp on?

    Although it may not be quite as accurate as using two profiles, you could use a profile created with more gain, then use morph to lower the gain to what you want for your clean sound. Still a click for the morph, but maybe less apparent than two profiles.

    Some people here have said, and I agree, that lowering the gain on a profile works much better than raising the gain on a cleaner profile. The main clean profile I use is an AC30 profile that started out with a much higher gain. I find no problem lowering it to zero gain for a completely clean Vox tone. And of course with the morph, you could also change any number of other thing, such as the mix on other effects.

    What are you connecting the mains to? A computer interface or mixer? Do you have the Main Output set to Master Mono or Master Stereo on the Output section page?

    Your main out generally be for FOH mix for live or for recording, while your Kab using the powered speak out would be for your monitoring.

    Don't know if these would be to your taste, but two free cabinets I use frequently -

    In the Kemper Lars Luettge Rig Pack, look for a Rif with the Mars 1960AV cabinet. This one says it is from a merge. A similar one you can get form the Rig Exchange from author Martin Suijs. Get his cabinet called Marshall. I also use his cabinet from his Fender Deluxe sometimes.

    I use both cabinets with lots of guitars and for me they work with various amp types.

    Probably depends on what you're listening for. Some think that cabs from merged profiles are more accurate to the originals. For me, I'm not concerned with how accurate a rig might be. I just tweak them to what I think sounds best. And I most often use a few cabs from studio profiles I like and haven't found any real improvement in the merged ones I've tried. I also find I like IR's even less. They just don't sound as real to me, and there are so many to go through.

    As I try out various Rigs, if I find a cab that works well, I just add it to my cab presets so I can easily try it out on other rigs.

    On Cab maker - when I got it long ago I don't remember getting any IR's. But if you use Rig Manager you shouldn't need it anyway. You can import or drag IR's directly in for use.

    I will try that. Thanks! I just wish you could do this in the editor. So much easier to see the workflow and signal chain in the editor.

    What is it you think you can't do in the editor?

    You can select from presets (the default ones or ones you create). You can also easily create your own folders to hold presets you might use frequently or maybe presets you modify.. You can add one of these to any slot you want, then you can edit the parameters in the editor. Keep in mind that any effect you use is really a preset. It's not required that you save them as presets, but you can if think they might use them elsewhere. Easiest way to save a preset is just to drag it from the editor to a folder somewhere in the Presets section.

    So for example you could make a folder named Wha, then add any Wha presets that you might use to that folder. Then you can add any of those wha's to slot A (or any slot). You can just double click presets to try them out and see which you like best. Once added to your rig you can edit any of the wha parameters.

    Same thing applies to distortions, cabinets, EQ's and so on.

    Since merged profiles know the real separation between amp and cabinet, if you just save the cabinet from any merged profile to a preset wouldn't that be what you're describing?

    You can also do this with any Studio profile, and the resulting cabinets are easily as good as an IR. They just wouldn't necessarily be as accurate to the original since they'd be based on the Kemper's guess at how to separate amp from cab. I use cabs from studio profiles all the time and find no issues with quality. Any I like, I just save as presets to try with other rigs.

    Unless I misunderstand, you wouldn't find Wah types under System. They are presets. You should be able to find them in Rig Manager under All Presets, or you can see whatever presets you have local from the Browse button on your Kemper. Select the slot you want for your wah, then use Browse setting Category to Wah, then picking a preset.