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    I think, what you try to achieve is all possible with functions like Duplicate or if you start loading a Rig from a location where you cannot duplicate, because it's not your domain like Rig Exchange or Rig Packs, with functions like Store Rig in Local Library or Store Rig in Profiler. Yes, renaming and moving might be seperate tasks. However, our functions are touch screen compatible. Try Duplicate on a MAC PC. It creates a copy of the object in the same location with name extention "copy". Same here in Rig Manager.

    Hello Burkhard.

    This is exactly why I so carefully worded my description in post#16 above. Nothing about adding a "Save as" functionality would impact the existing saves in any way. If things like using a touch screen with no naming would be important, then it wouldn't be affected anyway. And yes, obviously all could be done with existing functionality, but with the awkward steps that I described in my later post that seem to be at the root of strings like this one.

    The only new functionality the Save As we discuss should require is a new button, and a dialog box prompting for a location and name. Nothing overly complicated and most likely no change to existing tested code. But as a few of us have described and requested, it would make our lives that little bit easier. This isn't meant to be a debate. It's just an explanation as to how a relatively simple addition could improve your editor for some of us that we'd hope your company would take seriously and consider adding to the system.

    I don't understand your suggestion and what you think is missing.

    Really not trying to argue or rant. I'm trying to offer suggestions on how you might improve things for many of your customers and trying to stay relevant to this thread.

    Here's a real-life scenario -

    I find a Rig that I like in the Rig Exchange. Let's say for this example I'd like to create copies for several different guitars and that I have Local Library folders for each guitar, each slightly modified to better match up with the guitar.

    Using a "Save As" as I had described it, I would open the original Rig Exchange Rig, and decide it works for a Les Paul. I could then just click Save As, and from a popup select Local Library/Les Paul as a location, then save the rig as "Nice RE Deluxe". I have no need to be transported to the new copy that I stored in a different folder. I just continue editing the same original rig that should still be in the edit buffer, but now making changes for a Tele. When done I click "Save As" and from a popup I select Local Library/Tele as a location, then save the rig as "Re Deluxe for Tele". I'm lucky enough to have several guitars, so I continue this process for another 3 guitars.

    And if I were trying to build a Performance in the same way, I would just have chosen "Performance XYZ/slot 3" or similar as a location, again naming it however I'd like.

    So all I've had to do is find a rig, edit it in several ways, and elected to save it in multiple locations that I want, named as I want them. The interface is not sending me to other folders as I save changes and there is no confusion on what I've done. For instance, maybe I've made a new Performance called "RE Deluxe" with a slot for each guitar - LP, Tele, Strat, PRS, P90. Sounds pretty easy, no?

    You also described using Word for comparison. This is exactly what someone would likely do. Just keeping the original document open, changing guitar names throughout the text, then using the normal Windows Save As to save a new document wherever they'd like under whatever doc name they'd like.

    The same thing in the Kemper logic (and yes I know there could be several ways to get to the same end)

    Open the rig from Rig Exchange

    Save it to Local Library (not where I want it and still under the original rig name)

    Now am I still on the RE rig, or my new Local Library copy? Not something here that everyone could easily know without checking.

    Should I make a duplicate so as to hopefully not overwrite the new Local Library copy? So to be safe, I'll do this.

    I forgot to rename the first one, so now I have "RE Deluxe" and "RE Deluxe copy", not where I want them and not named as I want them.

    But since I'm now hopefully editing "RE Deluxe copy" I continue on making my mods for a Tele.

    I hit Store and hope for the best.

    This time I remember and rename "RE Deluxe" to "RE Deluxe LP". Do I need to store it? Don't really know for sure so I do it anyway.

    I forgot to rename "RE Deluxe copy" so now I'm editing that for my PRS. Luckily, I remember not to just Store it, overwriting my Tele copy. So I duplicate it. Will it now be "RE Deluxe copy copy"? Will it be "RE Deluxe copy(2)"?

    Once I figure all of this out, I finally have my 5 copies saved and named.

    Now I have to go back and copy them to the set of folders I had created to keep things organized under Local Library.

    Now I want a Performance, so I again need to copy/paste each to a slot in a performance. Do I need to Store again? It was a lot of work so I better. And I've been bitten once or twice when trying to change performance rigs so maybe I should just hit the Store button on the physical profiler just to be sure.


    Clearly there are several ways I could copy/paste/drag/rename and so on to get to that same end goal. But it's clear that this is the type of confusion that is often described by others as they try to do similar things.

    And with Save As existing in pretty all other programs that save edits, that's a skill that pretty much everyone already understands. And even though the Kemper has work arounds, they cause confusion (obvious by the many threads on this), require more steps (more things to possibly go wrong), and requiring that the Kemper user know precisely the steps and the order to do those steps in.

    I hope you pay attention to this. Obviously, it's your program to build as you please, and we can get by one way or the other. But there is a reason that some functionality, like copy/paste/open/save/save as are considered standards in most software and generally works the same everywhere.

    Having this said, there is value in each of these features. So, it'S not obvious how to simplify things without losing valuable functionality.

    If Kemper were to add a "Save As" as you find in just about all programs, it seems the problem could be solved.

    If you just edit tags as you described, no change. If you just Save as the current Rig Manager method, no change. But if you choose Save As you should then be prompted to select a location (profiler/Local Library or some folder beneath, or maybe even a disk file, like an export) and a Rig Name (probably solving another long requested problem to help avoid duplicating names). It adds an extra step when you want it, but there should be no longer be any question where the current edit is then saved.

    **To expand on that a bit - we should also be able to select a Performance (Profiler or Local Library) and a slot in that Performance as a destination for a Save As. That could eliminate some of the Copy/Paste confusion, or the need to have two windows open for drag drop.

    Seems a bit friendlier solution than suggesting we be more careful.

    You also need to make sure you are dragging into Local Library (or folders you've created there) at the top under All Rigs. There's also a Local Library section under Presets (this is for effects) and under Performances (only for local saved performances).

    If your KRIG files are not zipped, you should see them as 6KB separate files that you can drag into Rig Manager or use File/Import Rigs:

    If you're looking for the cabinets from rigs already on your Profiler, you can find them under All Presets/My Profiler. All effects, cabs, amps, stacks already on the profiler would be there. If you wanted to get them under Local Library as well, you could copy them from My Profiler to any All Presets/Local Library folder you create.

    CC changes should only be from external controls. From what you described, you have nothing at all connected to the Kemper but your guitar. No computer (so no Rig Manager), remotes, switches, expression pedals, etc. With nothing connected you can turn on the Kemper, select a Rig with some effect in the MOD slot. Turn the effect off by pushing the currently lit MOD LED. Then after a few seconds or minutes that MOD LED will just turn on by itself without your doing anything?

    Or is something else was connected, try it with nothing. If the problem stops, look at whatever it was that was connected. Maybe somehow generating CC messages.

    You could also contact support and see if they have any suggestion, but maybe it's a hardware issue that would need repair.

    The Helix and a lot of other devices include USB audio, so they work as an interface. The Kemper has SPDIF, but not USB audio. The USB on the Kemper is just to connect Rig Manager or to use a thumb drive.

    So when you use the Helix, it is working as your computer's audio device. For the MOTU, if you're using Windows, try to find your Sound Settings and make sure the MOTU is set as the default sound device. Same thing if you're using a MAC but I can't tell you where to look. Or just contact MOTU support. I'm sure they can get you set up easily.

    Or if you don't want to do that, you might try running the Kemper outs into inputs on the Helix. I'm not sure what inputs the Helix has, but I you might be able to use the effect returns or it looks like it has a SPDIF on at least one picture I see. But that might be more complicated than just getting the MOTU working...

    I don't think that means when using the Helix as the USB interface. Do you hear anything from the Helix when it's plugged into the Motu the same way you're connecting the Kemper?

    When using the Motu are you sure you're connecting its outputs to your studio monitors?

    And just to be sure, you say this exact thing happens even if you are not using Logic or your interface in any way, right?

    So through Kemper headphones (not headphones through your computer or interface), or through studio monitors plugged in to the Kemper Main Outs directly?

    If so, that should completely rule out the interface and Logic settings.

    Probably won't help, but on your screen shots that you don't have the -12DB on. But I see your level is set to -17DB. Probably couldn't hurt trying it with the -12 on just to hear the difference.

    Beyond that I don't see anything that leaps out. And you did say this happens on other rigs and through the Kemper headphone out.

    Maybe time to contact support?

    Make sure you haven't locked something (Press and hold lock and see if anything else lights). Remember that locks in Browse mode are separate from locks in Performance.

    Make sure your output is set to Master Mono or Master Stereo.

    See if you've enabled parallel path. That could be adding a clean signal to your output.

    Couldn't tell you.

    I just started RM. Message came up saying the update was available, so I installed it.

    Now maybe if they had some better notes...:)

    Yeah, I'm familiar with the Update Window messages. What I'm talking about is the text they include. Like "...contains dozens of bug fixes...", but with no indication of what those bugs might be. It would be nice to be able to verify that what they've fixed now really works.

    I've used RM since it came out and I just find ways to work around things that don't work normally for me. But I really don't want to go through every step when a new version comes out just to see if what might have changed. Guess I don't see why it would be a problem describing the "dozens" of things fixed in the notes.