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    Bert, I got many of your packs and really dig your profiling work. Your Profile Pack 2 is still the basis of most of my tones. I'm secretly wishing you'll one day come up with a well-detailed XTC pack (like you did for the Friedman).

    JedMckenna Thanks Jed, I think I will come up with that pack :!:

    Monkey_Man Haha, awesome Nicky 8)

    Bought the pack, love it. My favorite lead tone so far.

    apr13st Thanks !!! My favorite leadtone as well !!

    Thanks waraba , freaking cool !!!

    Hi Bert, sorry for posting on here but I purchased the KAE pack a few days ago and still have not received it. I'm assuming your probably busy working away in a studio somewhere :-). Cheers

    Hi tryhardhack , yes, I’m quite busy tracking guitars but nevertheless, you should have had you confirmation mail containing the download link. The webstore system send it I guess it’s what PacoCarrion says, it’s in your providers junkmail/spambox (so not your mailprogram app on your pc but log in at your providers mailprogram).

    Please let me know if you can’t find it !!

    Thanks !

    Amazing profiles! They sound absolutely gorgeous with my strat. The landau profiles are spot on. And the channel 2 profiles are just stellar.

    I have to say though that I keep getting back to the van weelden twinkleland. The clean 2 profile blows me away every time. It’s just wonderful for stratty stuff in the style of Hendrix, srv (try Lenny with that profile) or Mayer. If I’d have to buy a real amp, this would be it. I tried to search out of curiosity, but couldn’t find any online. They just seem to be making a Dumble type overdrive stomp (which has awesome reviews btw).

    So thank you very much breu for these awesome amps ;-)

    guizmobro Thanks man !! I'm glad you like them !!

    Yep, the van Weelden Twinkleland is awesome too !! Rare amp, very expensive, very Dumblish and was very high on my bucketlist :):)

    Their overdrive stomp is awesome. I got the van Weelden Gainland in pack 1 and my Marshall SL 100 from pack 2 is modded by van Weelden.

    Hi Bert, your Kae+ is the best pack ever!

    I would like a REAL XTC pack from you and a REAL PLEXI!

    Real like KAE+.

    Great job man!!

    Thanks urpilus !! Yes, a REAL Ecstacy classic pack could be an option...

    All hail The BM breu profiles!!!! They are simply SUUPERB! WOW! And I've only tried the clean channel profiles! Bert, you have outdone yourself on these. I can't believe how warm and true they FEEL and SOUND. Kemperland, listen up, do yourself a favor and check these profiles out. So happy I purchased these.

    Thanks so much rik777 . It took some time, patience was put to the test :):)

    But if I read your post well then it seems that it was worth the wait 8):)

    Due to the mindblowing succes and amazing reviews we have extended the discount period until this Sunday! Make sure you are on time and treat yourself with these 66 profiles.

    If you purchase the pack now you will get more than 30% off! The price will be € 9,95 ending on the 24th of March.

    The regular price will be € 14,95

    I hope you’ll enjoy the profiles!!

    Hi breu I’m using a Two Rock 2x12 or 1x12 both with the TR 1265b speakers.

    The eq is interesting on the profiles, quite bright overall but with plenty of thump with my tele but easily tweaked if needed. I assume this is to sit in the mix ?

    It’s not just the sound I like though, it’s the feel. The more high gain tones have a nice natural compression going on which is great. The crunch ones are dynamic and respond great to a light or heavy touch and the cleans are also great.

    Thanks Netheravon . Great cabs man !! Yes, you're right. I normally use one slot to add an eq. I adjust or cut a little bit of some frequencies to let the sound fit the track to the max.

    One of the best pack I've ever played! BELIEVE ME!

    Thanks Bert!! <3

    Thanks urpilus !! You're welcome !!

    The place-order-button link to paypal won't work?!

    CJGOMEZ CJ, did you give it a try without logging in ...? So as a guest..? Unfortunately an account made before 2018 doesn't work anymore...:(

    wow this pack is insane! thx man..

    Thanks john2910 :)

    Play this pack at the moment... crazy good. And perfectly finetuned rigs :thumbup:

    Thanks Ibot39 !!

    Thank you again for putting these rigs together for the community!!

    Thank you lk_bill , the pleasure is mine :):)

    I cannot change my billing address. It says "regionId is a required field." But I filled in all the required fields. I completed all the fields that had a *.

    And when I try to use Paypal anyway it says an error has occurred....


    Hi Laker Try to buy as a guest. So do not log in or make an account. Accounts made before 2018 won't work anymore because of webhost changing...

    If you've purchased the pack your email provider might throw the confimation mail with the download link into the junkmail.

    Please look into your providers junkmail so not your pc's mail app junkmail box. Get to your spam/junkmail box by logging into your provider using your browser.

    Unfortunately Gmail is the worst in doing this :(:(

    Really liking this pack.The cleans in particular are perfect 80’s studio sparkly chimey loveliness good job as always Bert

    Thank you very much millstudios

    breu I tried buying the cae profiles but was not able to. Clicked on purchase but screen stayed the same. Chose PayPal for payment but nothing.

    Apologies Rik but I don't know where and why it goes wrong... Did you buy as a guest...? Did you fill in all required fields...? It looks like something missing... A lot of people bought it already so I don't think there is a failure in the webstore to be honest...

    Same issue here. Using Paypal as method (US). Can't make the purchase.

    It's possible that paypal, because of my Dutch nationality, is viewing country names in Dutch...:/

    So it says "Verenigde staten" instead of "United states"...

    Second, accounts that are made before 01-01-2018 aren't working anymore because I changed my webhosting.

    No problem, you can always purchase as guest or make a new account if you want..

    Thanks Nicky !!

    Yeah man haha, I saw your question about the + rigpack and you were right !!

    A " can clear things up 8o