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    The Filmo cleans are something very-special IMHO, as are the edge-of-breakup and crunch Rigs. 8)

    So true. I love that pack so much. And it has two aspects:

    One is the warm and always thick sound which works under almost every circumstance, i.e. different guitars and pick up types as well as the volume. It simply sounds great.

    Second is the fact that the unit was not build to amplify guitars - but does it so well. Great case of out of the box thinking to profile it :thumbup:8)

    Yeah Nicky, you're right !!

    I made these profiles during the making of the Wisseloord pack and I remember a certain struggle to find the right cab for these amps so I was not fully convinced about the quality.

    For that reason I didn't add these to the Wisseloord pack.

    After a while I gave the profiles a "second chance" and while listening to it I had a really WOW experience which resulted in the Filmo pack :)

    And indeed, it's no way an amp made for guitar but for that purpose it does an outstanding job :thumbup::thumbup:

    Hi John, thanks for posting your video man !! It's great, love it !! Your guitar is awesome too btw :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    hoi iedereen ik heb een vraag heb de profiles van bert over de pa een ks set geprobeerd en tot mijn verbazing klinken ze op mijn monitor wel goed maar op de pa die helemaal recht staat helemaal niet hoe kan dat toch?

    Ha Gerard, dat kan in principe ook niet....

    Kan je vertellen hoe je routing is...? Pak je live een andere output..? Heb je pure cab aanstaan...? Is er iets mis met de PA..?


    I've always said that Definition is my favourite parameter on the KPA. I hit it first before any Stack EQ or anything else.

    Thank you for sharing the video, Bert. I watched it with youtube's text translation on. 8):thumbup:

    Hey Nicky, thanks man, I didn't know there was a translation and subtitle function on YouTube :thumbup::thumbup: That's good to know !!

    It translate my name into Bernd Maylander though which is not so nice haha

    Yes, definition is favourite but can change the character and sound of the profile which doesn't mean at all that's a bad thing to happen...but absolutely the first thing to grab when it comes to fine tuning or tweaking...

    But imho the most important thing is that the source has to be right..

    Well, the only thing I might disagree with is adding a post EQ...

    In my profiles I often use an EQ in slot 5.

    The only thing it does is cut some low below 90-100 Hz. You probably need it anyway because you're interfering with the bass and if you don't do it yourself your FOH or studio engineer will do least, that's my experience.

    The other thing I often do is adding a tiny bit of 2 frequencies. This achieves a more "in your face" result, it doesn't change the sound or character of the profile, it only creates a more upfront in the mix result.

    For those who are using my profiles, check it out when you are recording a track. You will notice the difference :)

    And if you don't like it, get rid of it. It will sound good anyway ;);)

    Compliments to this guy, Thomas Dill :thumbup::thumbup:

    What a great masterclass this is !!

    I hope Kemper is gonna add subtitles to it because this guy knows what he's talking about when it comes to Kemper in the studio !!

    Correction !! Monkey man told us there is a subtitle function into YouTube !! Just activate "subtitle" and you can choose any language you want :thumbup::thumbup: It's far from 100% accurate but at least you know what Thomas is talking about....Didn't know the existence of this option so thanks so much Nicky !!

    I know my name is very difficult to pronounce for all non Dutch guys but this translation gives a whole new and a to me unknown variation...Bernd Maylander :/ hmmmm

    Thank you all so much for the likes and the comments !!

    I difficult stop playing these profiles so I made up this song in which I use a couple of Filmo sounds.

    I'm very enthusiastic about this pack. I used them already quite a lot at some studiosessions.

    Still € 7,49 Kemper friends !!

    I have released this wonderful profile pack in which I tried to recreate the sound from 2 very vintage Bell & Howell Filmosound projector amps from the 1950’s.

    These projectors were hiding some great tube amps inside which nowadays are being converted into amazing guitar amps.

    Very simple but first class powerfull dynamic amps with just a volume and a tone pot.

    I could lay my hands on 2 magnificant Filmosound amps from the year 1953.

    First one is the Filmosound 385 used by guys like Blake Mills, Anthony Wilson and it’s even one of Tim Pierce’s favorite amps.

    The second one is a military AQ-2, a fantastic tight and dynamic tube amp which can be heard on Blake Mills' 'Heigh Ho' album. Both are carrying the original Mullard tubes.

    This is really something special and very usefull for all your clean, clean +, break up, crunch and crunch+ sounds.

    I severely tested these amps and profiles and I can tell you, they blew me away.

    The “Blake” sounds are for instance really great for slide.

    I’m very enthusiastic about these profiles and it was a great pleasure producing them!!

    At this moment the price will be € 7,49 for 33 profiles including 4 direct profiles :):):):)