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    It's very good. Plays very well I've got it set up with 'Beefy Slinkys' (11-54) as I keep it in drop C for my band project. It's not a gigging band, just an album band, kind of 'Nightwish' like . . ish.
    All my other guitars are in Eb Hendrix tuning, I just think guitars sound better in that tuning.
    The Gibson is a 2015 USA Les Paul Studio. I've changed the tuners (got rid of the robot tuners as they weren't great), I put on Gibson Deluxe Kluson tuners. I also had a luthier change the nut from the brass nut as factory built to a Tusq nut. I've also changed the knobs and put a custom truss rob cover on. The 2015 Gibsons have a much wider neck than usual. I love this because I have sausage fingers. :P

    The Squire is a classic Vibe neck and an American body . . . which is very nice to play and sounds fantastic. Acoustic is a Tanglewood Nashville III and the Bass is an old Yamaha BBAG4, which I've had for at least 10 years.
    I have a few other guitars, but they're not here at the moment. Plus I have a Uke, for those acoustic metal moments! :P

    Sounds like a good strategy, I'm sure it will be more than a pipe dream not too far in the distant future.

    Wow, the Squire sounds like an interesting instrument, quite a score! And that's quite a lot of guitars, put up some pictures in the "Show us your guitar" thread!

    Will do.

    the plan is to make enough money in my studio to buy an AXE FX XL II. So I won't have to be bored.then when I get my Kemper back. 2 lovely machines. Ahhhhh pipe dreams. You gotta have dreams, right?

    Ray, that's a terrible story, not content-wise, but just imagining the bad stuff you've gone through makes me feel quite sad.

    Kind of crazy that the Kemper keeps your spirits up despite all that and in that regard, I've got to say that on the flip side, that's one of the best stories I've heard on these forums EVER!

    So which guitars did you keep, I'm curious to know about the keepers :)

    I've kept my Chapman ML2 (nice and light), my Squire Strat (it's a stonker, Squire Vibe neck and . . wait for it . . a 1996 USA Fender Deluxe Body - Dave Gilmour model. Can't believe mymlick there. The guy didn't know!), my 2016 Gibson USA Les Paul Studio, I've done a few mods on it. Replaced the robotuners (cuz they're shit) with Gibson Kluson deluxe tuners (ivory style tulips). Replaced the brass but with a Tusq nut and replaced the truss rod cover and the knobs. Great guitar. I also have my acoustic (Tanglewood Nashville III) & my Yamaha Bass. I also have a Rockwood Les Paul in my studio, but that's my partners.

    I have to get my partner to lift the guitars down from the wall for me, but I play every day.

    What my Kemper means to me.

    I've owned my Kemper since 2013.
    It was purchased second hand form a guy just outside of Guildford, he himself had only purchased it from 'Andertons Music' in Guildford two weeks earlier.
    I had sold my Fractal Audio AXE FX Ultra (which I loved), so I could purchase the Kemper.
    When I first heard the Kemper at the sellers house, it had an 8 string going through it and it sounded nasty. However, I had heard this unit before and knew how good it would sound.

    Got the Kemper home and reset it to how it would have originally been shipped like.

    Plugged in my Gibson Les Paul and played a single 'A' chord.
    Holy Sh1t! I thought!

    Since that day, Kemper have improved on the software, the interface & the overall quality, time and time again. Each time giving us musicians more control over the tones we aspire to.
    Unfortunately, I have one of the batch that has the LED issue and I'm sure there's a SPIDIF issue too. However, I love it, no matter what.

    My Kemper is the only thing that keeps me sane. In 1996 I had a car accident (I wasn't driving), where I chipped the base of my spine / pelvis. This caused issues for a good 6 - 7 years afterwards, but with hospital treatment, I slowly recovered.
    Unbeknownst to me, this had actually triggered an issue that would cause great effect to my life.
    In 2011, I began to experience severe backache and moments where I was unable to move. By late 2013, I was unable to work, as the pain at time would cause me to black out or vomit. In 2013 I was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis & Scoliosis. I was also told that the car accident I'd had in 1996 had damaged my 'shock absorbers' in my spine (L4, L5).
    I have now not worked since 2013. I have had to leave my band and sell my Mesa MK IV and two of my heavy guitars as I can't lift them anymore.
    I do get depressed, then I go into my studio and plug in my Kemper and play. Sure, a few LED's are faulty, but I don't care about that. I have been informed by the excellent customer service department at Kemper, that if I ship my unit to a repair facility in Germany, They will repair my unit, free of charge and ship it back to me. This will mean I am without my unit for a while, which is why I haven’t done this.
    My Kemper allows me to escape, play till my hearts content & makes me feel like I’m still in the music game.
    So really, this is a thank you.
    Thank you Kemper. Thank you to all of the awesome people on the Kemper forum.
    Thank you for all your hard work, commitment and understanding.
    Thank you Christoph. My thanks go to all the people who worked so hard to create such an amazing product. You've prevented my insanity. . . . . . . . Well, delayed it.

    Ray Lloyd

    Livewire Studio

    Yes. These are studio profiles. The cab tags on Rig Manager are probably correct. I messed around with some of the profiles, using cabs I already had as they sounded better.
    I haven't got my profiling up to scratch yet. I'm working on it. 8)

    I have decided that I'm going to put a website link up to share all of my profiles. I will also put some on the rig exchange.
    The profiles on rig exchange will be profiles made by me at my studio. The profiles on my website will be a selection of my own profiles and ones I've tweaked / changed that are other profiles I enjoy. No commercial (paid for) profiles, just tweaked rig exchange profiles.

    Watch this his space for the website address.

    Web address to profiles.

    Follow the link to my website and then select 'Kemper Profiles' form the top menu.

    Ray. :thumbsup:

    I have decided that I'm going to put a website link up to share all of my profiles. I will also put some on the rig exchange.
    The profiles on rig exchange will be profiles made by me at my studio. The profiles on my website will be a selection of my own profiles and ones I've tweaked / changed that are other profiles I enjoy. No commercial (paid for) profiles, just tweaked rig exchange profiles.

    Watch this his space for the website address.

    First profile is Bogner Uberschall into Engl Pro XXL.
    The second is Mesa Single Rec into Marshall 1960A.
    The third is Engl Powerball into Engl Pro XXL.
    Fourth (Lead) is Amplitube 4!
    Mics used were Shure SM57, AKG D414 & AKG C1000.
    The first three profiles all have a Boss Metalzone (MT2) pedal in front of the amps. The fourth has a software emulation of an Ibanez TS808.

    I've never made my own profiles before so sorry if they're not up to scratch.
    As you know, I'm trying to re-create 'Emppu's" tone. Things I have taken note of is if you remove the bass guitar, his tone is quite fizzy (to my ears).
    I have tried to recreate this tone with the help of a friend (his amps).
    Here is the link to the profiles I have created. Please feel free to tweak them to taste.
    I hope I've come a little close.
    When you stack 'Nightwish', 'Nightwish II' & 'Nightwish III', they don't sound too shabby (with the bass guitar too).
    I'm using 'Nightwish IV' for lead.

    Enjoy my friends! :thumbup:…a5NVm2sBV4tKmniacR8a?dl=0

    "Photographs and Nightwish diary entries from the recording of Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum confirm he used a Bogner Uberschall head into an Engl cabinet as well as his standard Mesa/Boogie into Marshall cabinet setup. He now uses Kemper profiling amps with a custom profile he made at a friends studio. The front of house sound comes straight from the DI from the Kemper but often has a 4x12 cabinet offstage, aimed across the stage which is used for monitoring and feedback."

    Yeah. I read that on Wikipedia and the official Nightwish website. It also says that he works with a friend in his studio to create his kemper tones. I have tried to find this studio, but to no avail.
    I WILL have his tone......oh yes, it will be mine.

    Party on... 8)

    Thanks guys. This is a nice community. I happy. ^^

    Hi people, hope you're all well.
    I heard a rumour that Emppu Vuorinen, from the band 'Nightwish' is now using a Kemper live & studio. I don't know if this is true. Anyhow, I'm looking for his tone. Specifically, the tone used on '7 days to the wolves' off of the album 'Dark passion Play'.
    I have tried to re-create the tone. It sounds ok, but not great.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks. :thumbsup:

    This really doesn't surprise me at all. I used to work for a company called 'Sound Control'. My store was in Milton Keynes. UK.We had to stop using UPS (Useless Parcel Services) as the totally ruined a very expensive Korg Oasis keyboard and I was told by a driver that they 'lost' a Boeing 747 wheel!
    Have you seen how big they are! LOST!
    I tend to not true any courier. They all seem to suck. Andertons are the best musical retailer I have ever felt with, they'll sort it.
    Hope you get a resolution quickly.