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    Looking at the original post as linked above by timdabel, that's not what I'm talking about.
    I don't want to be able to have multiple effects assigned in one rig...what I want to be able to do is recall any of the assigned effects by pressing either pedal 1 or pedal 4 on the Kemper remote...

    So say Distortion is in the stomps section on the kemper ..... and I assign it to button 1 on the remote.
    I'd like to also be able to assign that same distortion stomp to pedal 4 on the remote, I'd also assign delay to pedal 4.

    That would give maximum flexibility for example you could engage distortion only on button 1, distortion plus boost on button 2, distortion plus boost plus delay on button 3.

    I'm new to the remote and to performance mode, so I'm just getting my head around it....It might be I can switch to working as you suggest above. Previously I used a rocktron all access and had assigned banks of 10 rigs, with various on off switches (also using two dual pedals for extra switches) this was normally enough for my sets.... the setting up by song concept is a new one for me, but I'll give it a go.

    It would be great to be able to assign an effect..for example delay, to more than one switch on the remote.

    eg pedal 4 assign delay to switch delay on or off. Pedal 2 assign distortion, boost and delay.

    that way I can have a slot for rhythm guitar without delay engaged, I can press 4 to engage delay, or press 2 to engage delay with distortion and boost for solos.

    I tried it, and it seems it's not possible.....or am I missing something?
    current fix is to use 2 slots.


    Just a thought as I've been reading through this thread, all the talk of three bad remotes, on two different Kempers.... could it be the cable that is at fault here ?

    Please don't take that the wrong way... just trying to help.

    Hi guys, does anyone have a rig that gets close to Dug Pinnicks sound....his 4 string sound..I don't have a 12 string. :P

    or or can anyone advise how to get close to it?

    So i've been a happy kemper for just over two years. In the last couple of weeks the LEDs have begun to fail one by one on my lunchbox.
    ive raised a support ticket, and am waiting to hear from Kemper. The question is as it doesn't affect the sound is it worth getting this fixed, or will it just eventually happen again? I can't imagine being without my Kemper for any numer if weeks.

    i guess I should get it done sooner rather than later though as I'm into the last 11 months of my warranty.

    any of you guys had this fixed?


    I use dimarzio clip lock straps on all my guitars. Although I've also used a cheaper option....the rubber washers from flip top beer bottles works well... Brands such as grolsh.

    good excuse to buy beer!

    I run mine through a Marshall 50/50 into a 4x12 and it flippin rocks. I prefer it to the sound of my mates Axe fx 2 which he runs through Atomic CLR's.
    Havent tried FRFR myself as I love the sound I get from my Amp/Cab setup... (although I do send the main outs with cab on to the PA).


    Part of the purchase decision for me was the price.... ie it was way cheaper than the axe fx, and not too much more than the rocktron prophesy.
    It's way better sounding (in my opinion) than the rocktron.... i sold mine when I got the Kemper.

    I use a Rocktron Hex, with spring controlled return for wah with the kemper. It's a great pedal, always been reliable, and I don't miss the toe switch function as I always set the wah to bypass at heel. I think its relatively cheap, compared to the mission pedals anyway.


    Has anyone out there got a rig that sounds like the clean sound that Korn use on songs like Freak on a Leash? Or any advice on how to get there please?
    I get close, but not quite there.


    I'm sure this has been asked for before, but I want to add another request for this.
    Not all of us Kemper users have progressed to the FRFR world, some of us are happy with our poweramp and Cab solutions. I would love to be able to hook my kemper up in stereo on stage using the monitor outputs with Cabs off, while still having the benefit of the FOH getting the Cabs on sound.... best of both worlds.

    I Don't have the budget to go FRFR at the moment, and while I'm sure some will say I'm missing out on the full sound that that Kemper can deliver I have the tone I've spent 20 years looking for and it's coming via a marshall power amp and two four twelves...

    The only thing I'm missing is being able to monitor in stereo (I know I could currently do this by re-assigning one of the outputs... but then I'd have cabs off on one speaker and cabs on on the other, as presently Cab driver only works on the monitor out AFAIK)....

    Please CK .... is this possible ???

    What about a solution like Rocktron did with their all access ltd. The all access has no pedals, but was supplied with a rocktron hex, and a plate which attaches to the bottom of the all access and the hex effectively making it one piece of gear in your board. Works well for me, although it would be nice if the attachment plate was big enough for two pedals... never happy are we !! 8o

    Kemper could supply the plate with the KFC or sell as an add on for those of us who want it.