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    I've never really understood the appeal of the "amp in the room" thing if you're into modeling. We spend a lot of time and money finding the correct profiles that provide that perfect mic'd up sound that we're used to hearing on our favorite recordings. Everybody wants Eddie's tone...or Stevie's tone...or Angus' tone...or whoever you like. But those classic tones are mic'd up sounds.

    Why the desire to hear something different than what the audience hears?

    It's nice to have the option. Personal preference. One size need not fit all...

    Well, I wish I could..However, this is NOT my amp and not my modification...I have looked it all over and there are some very odd things done on the board but it all works very well. The modifications were done by a local shop owner near Detroit, MI but are not offered as a commercial service...

    I can tell you that it makes each channel sound proper...The JVM in its factory condition is not a very playable amp to many...To dial in, you must be precise and rather unconventional. This amp is very playable...That is the best I can tell you. :)

    That's cool- the last head I played before getting my Kemper was a JVM. Loved the clean, crunch , and OD1 channels the best. I did adjust the bias to run a touch hotter. I've been hoping for some great profiles for a long time- thanks very much!

    hey sir, I actually bought this the other day and won't be getting to my Kemper for a bit. Was curious if you could expand a little on the mods made to this JVM?

    I'll plan on a kab later in the year. I have a house three-quarters renovated and my wife just lost her job (due in part to this new world situation). I may very well be on a shelter in place order this week so we shall see how it goes. But my reward for my house reno (and maybe staying alive ?) will definitely be a PRS Vela and a Kabinet. Be well everyone.

    Wow, sounds great. It's a total throwback for me to some music I wrote with a friend a looong time ago, was very much in that flavor.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I have a Godin LGX-SA and I'm looking forward to trying this out.

    I keep putting off incorporating the Kemper into my solo gigs but this could possibly motivate me to finally do it.

    Ah, I'm planning to get into the KPA on solo gigs soon. I play a Godin LGX-SA, so it's more of a piezo thing I have going on. I currently send it through a TC Ditto into the mixer of my Bose L1 Model II. I won't be able to take advantage of stereo effects as the Bose, by nature, prevents that. But I'm really anxious to add more color that I can control, particularly with the Morph. I'm also thinking of using the pitch to drop an octave for looping some tapped out beats.

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate your responses. I ordered a DXR10 and the Bose L1 Model II systems with B2 bass module. I'll A/B them all to find that ideal sound. Maybe I need to work the CLR a bit more, I just can't seem to get it to sound good across multiple styles. Like I said, great for heavy stuff, but not so good when running music through it, or playing Christian Rock stuff; even with significant tweaking.

    I own a Bose L1 Model II as well, with one B1 sub. I thought I would run the Kemper through it, and did for a couple gigs with a pretty hard rock cover band. It certainly was very present, almost a little too "hi-fi ". I have experimented with running the KPA through that, into my trusty old 1960a (cabs off) and, what I'm currently doing is running it into my Roland KC-500. I keep the KC eq flat, plenty of power and I like the full bodied sound from the 15" speaker.

    All that said, I am planning to integrate the KPA with the Bose for my solo acoustic gigs, I've just been dragging my feet.


    Hi Cili, just bought the jvm pack myself. I've been looking for a comprehensive set of profiles for the JVM, it's what I used prior to buying my KPA. I might not be able to download it right away, but very much looking forward to it.

    It was the Crunch Red that I fell in love with when I had my first chance to play a jvm. The Clean Green and Orange also were great, and OD1 Red was my sick lead channel. Love that amp, thank you for offering these profiles!