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    It was stated early on that there would be a looper function. It appears to be built in to the KFC.

    One of the things I am most looking forward to is the idea about having only 4 footswitches for the stomps/effects but allowing them to switch on/off more than one stomp/effect at a time will be nice. Keep the board compact but very functional at the same time. On the Boss GT series as well as the POD, you can have the foot switches turn on off multiple effects. It will be very nice to turn on a delay while turning off a tremolo for instance.

    After using HD500 some years this has become kinda meat and potatoes feature with stomp switches. Along the capability controlling single effects and amp parameters with the controller, even simultaneously with expression pedal if you wish.

    As of speaking HD500, I'm really liking it's '2 expression pedals in 1' approach where you switch between two different modes by pressing the expression pedals 'toe' switch. Would like to have some similar pedal to use with KFC if there exist such commercial products.

    WOOOW!! My hats off to you! As a guitarist (20+ years) and home recording enthusiast (15 years) reading your post was already a prize in itself , really! :thumbsup:

    Actually I think this would deserve thread of it's own. IMO it'd be one of the finest contributions to forum where the more experienced members share their philosophy behind their doing with KPA. That would help less experienced profile makers (like me) to improve the quality and probably also help people finding more easier the best match for the need/bucks among the commercial profiles.

    I've purchased profiles from pretty much all (and explored the RE also) commercial providers and I'm getting feel that profiling is somewhat similar form of artistry that e.g. mixing AE is. In both cases the end result is affected by philosophy, knowledge and the gear used which all sums up to more-or-less identifiable signature (sound). Out of the many purchased profile packs I feel I could tell the producer based on the profile collection alone. Which is all good ofcourse.

    Anyway, thanks again Pete for your chip in. Nice reading. Challenge for others to follow on example is now opened. :D

    Thanks for the treats Pete! To me your profiles seem to have the most extreme EQs compared to the other commercial providers. I'd be curious where this is coming from so would appreciate if you can reveal some insights about the profiling/tracking environment (large/small room, isolation cab etc), outboard gear and such.

    The higher gain Suhr and XTC samples seem to have this huge low end thump that got me somewhat surprised by CLR. Baron i5 and other XTC then again were really bright. Were the amps like that in the room or was it more due to i5 or some processing?

    Out of these feebies my favs were probably the 57 ones, perhaps because I gravitate more towards midrange bark thingy.

    Only 5 days ago I heard about Vertex's scam from Dan Boul's webshow (65Amps) as I'm not actively following TGP and now couple of days later this thing pops up. Good thing that money is not involved nor is a driving factor here. What's next...

    Awesome! I’ll grab them as soon as I’m home. BTW can you tell me if sounds like those in this video are possible? F.E. at 0:36 or 6:49. I know the audio in the video is not the best bu you certainly get the idea - love that sound

    Had to try also myself cathing some of that Frusciante's vibe with these Jubilee profiles. Although obviously lacking the JF's fingers and some nice -55/-62 strat, but anyhow with some EQ tweeks I think the ballpark is indeed achievable with these profiles. Great work Jimi!

    Here's couple of short clips I made; first one is just the guitar sound alone and the second one with some bass+drum tracks added (btw. bass played through Kemper also). Guitars tracked using one single profile, but added some touch wah and distortion FXs.

    Hey gibson,

    It's one of the lead channel high gain profiles, or "Ld High". Almost all the profiles are in pairs, with one being done with V30 speakers and the other with Greenbacks. The profile for this part of the clip is using Greenbacks. I'll get the exact name of the profile for you tonight.


    The profile from the second clip is "TJ-Jubilee Ld High-2".

    Hi Jimi,

    I was looking these yesterday and based on the profile details the only Ld channel profiles having greenback cabs were the ones having TS as boosters, all other Ld profiles had V30 cab. So is the contradiction in the quoted messages, in the profile descriptions or in my eyes only?

    If the previous observation is true, just curious why there's no more Ld+greenback profiles, didn't they translate/work as well as V30 in that area?

    Just as I thought I'd have all the best Marshalls (or Mashall-esque) available out there you guys sold me these ones. :) The best promotion there is.

    "I heard it through the grapevine.."

    I was about to check out some nice Two Rock profile from TAF. I already put my eye on the Two Rock 35 Pro from amp pack 2, but now that you mentioned that Two Rock Classic Reverb in the pack 6, I started to somewhat hesitate. :)

    Has anyone checked both of these profiles (or amps in the real life)? Are they sounding rather similar or is there some uniqueness to the tone(s)/character(s) they have?

    Well, i personally have to say after trying the xtc, cornell plexi, badcat, fuchs, and 65 amps profiles live through my dxr12's and adam a7x's, I am personally not liking these profiles at all, even after the "update". They sound extremely buzzy/fuzzy, with an overabundance of this low mid hump, with no detail and definition whatsoever, atleast for my tastes. extremely muddy with no clarity on all of my guitars. comparing these to some of your earlier works, such as the 1987x, jcm800 hot mod etc, its as if you threw a blanket over the cabinet and pulled a microphone back off the cabinet, just not impressed at all. Sorry for the negative review, but I have to be honest, there is just simply no comparison compared to your earlier works. If anyone is in doubt, pull up the cornell plexi or xtc and compare it to some of andys earlier profiles (1987x, jcm800 etc) and it will be like night and day, especially through a pair of good monitors or ground monitors (in my case, yamaha dxr12's)...sorry Andy

    Oh my..., I've tweaked and tweaked, going back and forth these updated profiles (xtc, friedman) and compared to bunch of other profiles. In the end I'm somewhat confused ?( and feel just like VESmedic1. :(
    XTC profiles for example, I miss clarity/sparkle with the cleans. Same goes with the drive profiles, but still they have some fizzy part that I just can't get rid of (without entering total muddiness). Went through some older profiles (soldano, blackstar, reinhardt...) and the difference was clear, and not is the advantage of these latest ones.

    One thing that came to mind was that i5 mentioned, have heard some profiles captured with that condencer before (some of those were actually XTC profilesalso) and recall I didn't like the result at all; the top end was just too much fizzz and harshness.

    Digging very much of your work Andy overall, but these didn't do it for me. I encourage to get back to roots & basics...and maybe to forget that Audix completely from the process. ;)

    Where do you get this from?
    I've got a Vox AC15 Heritage with an EF86 and a 12AX7 channel.
    In fact the headroom on the EF86 is lower than on the 12AX7 given this channel a more liquid and create distortion whereas the 12A7 is more stable and stays clean a little longer.

    Pretty much all over, web and books. Fast google result indicates same, like 4 first discussions around EF86 (and pedals). Users commenting on amps like Bad Cat Panther, Dr Z Z28 and KT45, Matchless Clubman and DC-30, Fargen AC15, Morgan DR etc.…itar/acapella-29/1840714-

    But the actual question remains still, does the Kemper react differently regarding headroom and compression when comparing 12AX7 and EF86 profiled preamps driven with pedals, or is it more like tonal (EQ) and gain structure difference?

    Regarding purchasing this amp profile, I'm rather interested does the KPA act differently between these tubes when running outboard gear into KPA?

    In the real world the EF86 is known for powerfull and high headroom preamp tube, ideal running pedals into, but how does this translate in Kemper, or is there difference at all?

    Purchased yesterday the cornell plexi, XTC and the Friedman profiles and after first impressions I'm digging those in that order. Needed to back off some bass, but that seems to be a known thingy as Andy mentioned couple of messages ago.

    Still, I wasn't able to get SS Friedman profile to sound like Steve demoes himself in this youtube video ( even I tried fiddling with the Kemper stack EQ a bit. With the EQ the highs and lows were somehow reachable, but the midrange just did seemed to be missing 'something'.

    Any suggestions which of the profiles in the set would get me there closest? Or maybe I should just try KPA parametric EQ or adding some booster pedal in front of the crunch profile, inboard or outboard, for some midrange boost etc?

    Guitar I was using was a Gibson Les Paul with a BKP Mule in the bridge.