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  • Hey Jimi,

    a studio customer of mine is seeking for guitar sound, but does not remember the exact name of the Kemper profile. It must be something like "Beye med". Is there a profile named “med“ or “mid“ or something similar in your BEye-Pack?

    Thanks for your help!


    (Btw: There is no contact info in the contact tab of your website)

  • Fair enough...thank you.

    What are some other of your most popular packs for classic rock tones?

  • Hi,

    The effects are included in the profiles. Just hit the corresponding button in the stomp sections or the X stomp slot. Not every profile has stomp effects, as Eddie may not have used them on that particular album.


  • oh yeah I guess that would help...your outstanding Brown Sound pack.



  • Hey Jimi!

    Night your profile packs before my kemper was even delivered...just plain awesome!!!!!

    Question, do you have the effects or settings to recreate the flanger/phaser/delay/and reverb?

    That was my only disappointment.


    • Hi,

      Which pack are you referring to?


  • Hi, Sorry, haven't gotten to it yet. I think I'll bump it up to the next amp in the queue. Working on a Friedman Brown Eye right now -- taking a while to get it done. Thanks for you patience.

  • Love your profiles! Need a Brian Setzer Rig very badly! Space Echo RE301 into Blonde Bassman :)

    • Thanks! I do have a '64 6G6B Bassman in the queue ready for profiling, and the Vintage 30's that Setzer uses. You're on your own for the Space Echo. :)

    • How great is that!!! Normal channel with the volume above 4-5, treble tone stack above 6, bass not above 2 and presence dimed???? Can't wait.... Big thanks from Stuttgart / Germany

    • Hi Jimi, how is it going with the blonde Bassman? Just curious...

    • Hi, Sorry, haven't gotten to it yet. I think I'll bump it up to the next amp in the queue. Working on a Friedman Brown Eye right now -- taking a while to get it done. Thanks for you patience.

    • Profiled the Bassman over the weekend with Vintage 30's and 20W Greenbacks. Some cool Setzer tones to be sure! Need to work on a demo and then will put up on the site.

  • well, let me know when it is ready - thanks

    • All of our profiles work fine on 4.X firmware, including the Lee Jackson Marshall profiles.

  • I would like to purchase this profile, but I have to be sure that it will sound...

    • We'll upgrade to 4.X soon and test them out.

  • Hi, I will be able to download your profile 1974 Lee Jackson Marshall Profiles (Version 2) ? I have now stands Operating System 4.0.6 Public Beta. Thx.

    • Hi. We haven't upgraded to OS 4.X yet, so we can't be sure. But I would certainly expect rigs done with 3.X to work with 4.X.

  • Hi, i was never dissapointed after buying rigs and i bought a lot from sinmix or deadlightstudios. I must say that the rigs i have bought from you are all sounding very bad. No rig sounds good with your cabs. When i change the cab and tweak the amp a litte its a bit better, but i wont use one of these rigs as a favorit. I have bought the YJM100 and the AFD100 pack. Checked them out today because of no time since i have bought them. Never again! Sorry, but its not my cup of tea to buy rigs and wont use them.

  • Hi Jimi, How open are you to profiling one of my amps for a future release? I have a Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne that I think would sound awesome with your profiling skills. I would be willing to ship the amp to you. Thoughts? Let me know! Chad

  • any update on the original '64 Vibroverb profile you announced on facebook? Thanks1

  • Thanks for the suggestions. The SLO has been on my short list. My fear is that after I got one to profile, I wouldn't be able to let it go afterwards. ;)

  • Any chance of a SLO 100 and a Bogenr 101? :) Please?