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    My Kemper journey have been fun. Started using a Yamaha DXR10, and that worked well for a while, but I was missing a cab. So I switched out the PA-speaker for a Marshall 1936V, Powered by an EHX Magnum 44 for a few years.

    I’ve always had my eyes towards the Camplifier. I bought my toaster before both the rack or powered version where a thing. So the Camplifier seemed like s smart move. Just install it in the room on the back, ya know? :)

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger. And I bought Tilmans brick version. Seemed more future proof, and the fact that I can use it with anything seemed like a smart investment. I love the fact that it is stereo.

    Anyway, first impressions: Tilman is an awesome guy. And the brick is one solid piece of kit! Looking forward to trying this out.

    With the new Beta my remote freezes quite a bit when i play through the Focusrite on my Mac. Yesterday it froze on a performance sound, and i could not change to another preset in the performance, immediately after the remote went dark. I started up rig manager and it came back alive with no issues. This same sequence happened 3 times in about 2 hours last night.

    Update: Since the Beta update it has happened constantly. The mac hibernation freezing the Kemper has happened since i purchased it, but now it freezes with my computer on and active, nothing on except the Focusrite control. The only way to get it to snap out of it is to start rig manager which fixes it. Going to revert to the previous OS.

    This happened to me as well today. I thought I noticed some random flashing, like active stomps leds blaring a little brighter for a split second. Then when editing a performance, my remote suddenly went dark. The profiler was frozen. It made sound, but nothing registered. Not even when I tried shutting it off. Started RM, and the Kemper came back to life.

    First real hiccup ever, but I didn’t like it. ?(

    Nice!! Thanks for the kind words.

    Given the haphazard profile session, I wonder if it’s beginners luck more than anything. But I must say, I have only used this profile too lately. It’s spot on for me too. 8)

    So after a few days with the PRS, I gotta say I'm liking it! Red channel is chunky, rich and smooth! It´s possible to get bedroom-levels type of volume no problem, but this thing can be reaaaaally loud. It takes some steady fingers to adjust for "home use", for the taper is kind "nothing... nothing... can barely hear somethinBAAAAAAH!" type of deal. ^^ The gain on tap is ridiculous. And it sounds unmistakable modern, if that means anything. I don't think I have ever gone past 11 o´clock on the dial yet. In fact, I was actually set on buying the EVH 5150III LBXII, when this caught my eye. I tried ´em both in the store, and while I love the hot-rodded Marshall tone the EVH does very well, the PRS had something the EVH lacked. Weight! I don't know if that is the 6L6 tubes or whatnot, but the difference between both amps at gig level volume was noticeable. The PRS shook the room more. At lower volumes, I would be happier with either. And I think the EVH look cooler... :S

    The blue channel is clean. Really clean. Like, no crunch to be had unless you want to make enemies of your neighbors type of clean. So now I get to explore the wonderful world of pedals.

    So all in all, I like it. I've been strictly a Kemper-guy since 2013, so this is unfamiliar. First thing I noticed is that I miss performance mode, Kemper effects and the Kemper remote. Now I have nothing. No effects, no way, no pitch, no volume, no morph. I'm still using the Kemper at home and for recording, and the PRS with my Marshall cab will stay at the rehearsal space. Less stuff to move around every week. Haven't tried running the Kemper as preamp yet, perhaps I should go hybrid? :/

    I´ve made my first profile though. And the first thing that struck me is that I have no idea how to share profiles. :D

    It’s not just one amp. Multiple amps, and multiple cabs, all blended together.

    If you watch «a year and a half in the life of Metallica» part one, you can also see them build a «tent of doom» to overdub the E (D) chugs, using a baritone guitar. ?

    I’ve been thinking about my time with the Kemper today. (Kemporian Calender? Anno Kempini 6?..). I LOVE that I can celebrate 6 years with a digital tool, and it’s still current. Longevity for the win!

    and to show the «quality» of the Kemper: The screen plastic still holds on. After gigs and rehearsals, it’s still there. ^^