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    thanks for sharing!
    the feedback patches were great also.....could almost do a spin off 'ebow' patch with some tweaks
    #68 Delay Mix* that would be the CC I think to assign to a pedal

    I'm pretty sure another method you can use is put the isolated guitar recording you want in your DAW
    find a similar sounding profile
    record the same track with the cab off
    using ozone to match it
    export IR , turn IR into kemper cab using cab maker and reimport into the kemper

    all these models are from the ultra if I am correct? was there a particular patch that you wanted? Whichever IR I use and tweak it might not even be to your liking so its kinda pointless

    I do plan on doing some bass ones that I had which were pretty decent and maybe 2-3 more periphery ones (the jake ones didn't sound good at all IMO and I think they had the crystals thing going on which the Kemp can't do AFAIK)

    If you can point out some patches I'll give it a try

    Hey guys I've put up the Nolly lead patch in rig exchange (anyway I can link it here?)
    I did an AB with ozone and the curves were nearly identical 8o
    The delay/verb is fairly close to the patch...this is pretty much my first profile so go would be very nice!
    I did a quick AB recording as well...I might do some more as I go along....first it would be nice to see how it sounds on your rigs and get some feedback

    As for the metallica black ....the patch is for FW 9 but IMO it doesn't sound very good at all (especially compared to the ozone matches I've done in the past)
    the patch itself is a bit of a 8| ....they have a drive/amp/cab block followed by a tone match block also a para eq and a graphic eq !??!!?

    the ride the lightning one sounds much better and its drive/amp/tone match block

    I might try my own ozone matches and then import the cab in and see how close they get ...I compared my old 'black' patch to the silent one and it blew it away

    more patches coming....edit put up the bulb one...the gate is super tight

    quick question....if you use a commercial profile as a reference when you do a profile ...this isn't in any way a violation if you share once the profile is done?!!?
    I just noticed that you have to edit the info and it shares the same as the reference

    that's the thing when you go by rating 5 stars can appear if it had one vote where as there might be one that has 18 votes and is 4.5....I'm more interested in checking out that one!

    that's a pretty cool idea except its 48khz USB out....that's one reason I love the kemper more with the spdif

    interesting idea....I'm looking at selling the II so I can get a UA Apollo but you may have just convinced me to keep it...

    Not sure where the right place to post this is but was going to say if there was a sort by 'number of votes' and 'number of downloads' it would be a pretty good way of finding some of the better profiles on rig exchange

    Just saw this , I'm using a fast track pro & kemper into Cubase

    I have fast track pro and Cubase project set at 44.1khz and the output of the kemper is 44.1khz but there is no 'set to external clock' setting anywhere I can find for the m-audio !??!!

    Does this have to be selected (if it exists at all) and does it matter?

    I did a reamp the other day and it sounded fine

    also to guys using the fast track pro be aware there are only certain ins and outs that can be selected for it to function at 24bit before it drops down to 16...its in the manual so just a heads up if to the guys having problems before

    curious to what the results would be like using a kemper recorded track sans the cabinet and then taking the curve converting it to an IR and then reimporting using cabmaker?

    seems like it would be pretty easy? I'm guessing one disadvantage is it would be tying that guitar/pickup selection to the sound doing it that way, where as the other way it wouldn't?

    well that went much much better! (cable issue)

    my mind is completely blown by the kemper

    I'll check those patches out and see what I can do ...personally I always felt it was much more accurate doing the matches in Ozone than tone matching

    I am on 9.02 FW...I'll share very soon!

    Hey guys!

    Just tried to do my first profiling last night of a few of my axe-fx patches

    On the axe-fx itself I turned off any effects and turned the noise gate threshold down till it was 'off'

    for some reason when I profiled it would say a noise gate detected , not sure why

    I was having a bit of trouble with noise as well but I'm not sure where exactly it was coming from....could be anything (pc/lights etc) so will look into this a bit more (I switched all the kemper and axe-fx ground lifts on but no luck)

    I've seen mentions of people profiling the axe-fx so just wondering if they had any tips etc