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    On youtube you can find a video titled: "Kemper Evolution Reverb - First Look at all 10 Presets!! - Namm 2018".

    The 10 presets in the demo are: chorus. slow, bloom, strings, ice, breath, tender, formant1, formant2 and formant3.

    The latest beta includes presets with the same names as the first 7, but none titled "formant". So that could lead one to speculate that there's at least one reverb type yet to be released. There's 29 new presets though, so it's also possible that they've been renamed and maybe slightly changed to fit working models. NAMM is only a week away, so we might hear more about it. If I remember correctly, the new delays were released over 2 separate updates.

    Yeah, it's a shame that the preset management overhaul isn't ready yet. There's now 365 presets in total on my toaster, which is a lot to scroll through when going for a particular wah. And that's assuming that the preset management is what I think it is; i.e. limiting visible presets to the currently selected effect. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a huge problem; I'll just take an afternoon to sort my favourite presets to the front of the list with the name-change trick.

    But hey, it's nice to finally get to try the fabled reverbs. And they sound great to me. I was itching to get a stereo reverb unit for the last 4 years but held off. I should have just got one at the time, but I guess a lot of it was good old GAS from seeing the Strymon and Boss units emerge. The legacy Kemper reverb was fine, and the new ones are excellent.

    For these and more exciting thoughts, be sure to check out my memoirs, coming to a wordpress site near you soon!

    from the new addendum..

    To me the "reverb time and mix knobs are exclusively linked to the REV module" implies that, if you put a reverb in another module, the reverb "time" and "mix" knobs will not affect that reverb's parameters. However, those knobs should still work for the reverbs and other effects placed in the rev module (they do not).

    Also, it would be logical that a reverb effect placed in the MOD module should have its parameters affected by using the MOD knobs labelled "parameter" and "intensity" (it does not).

    Yep, seeing the same issues, reverb button works for long-press, but not short press, and the reverb dials don't work. Interesting that the mod dials dont work for me also, if I set a reverb in the MOD slot, but they do operate with other fx.

    Also, with reverb in MOD slot:

    - the MOD short-press enables and disables the reverb,.

    - If the slot is disabled, the MOD dials will enable the slot, but have no affect on the parameters.

    Thanks Sambrox, yeah, I've only tried the reverbs in the reverb slot, and the dials don't work for me for either the new reverbs, the spring, or even the legacy setting. If I can locate a copy of the kaos.bin for the previous beta, I might try to see if the issue persists.

    So who's expecting the new reverbs to be available before the end of next week? Surely they'll have to bring something new to this year's NAMM, after not announcing anything at last year's Winter NAMM (I'm going by the Andertons interview). Or do people believe we'll be waiting several more months even after an announcement for something to drop? If they've finishing working on the preset management already, maybe they'll wait to finish the next feature, whatever that may be.

    I'm optimistic about a new update happening soon, but, that said, I've been optimistic since September ?(

    I’d love it if we got the ability to easily create / store effects chains.

    If I'm understanding this correctly, you can already save groups of effects by long-pressing the "Stomps" or "Effects" buttons and pressing "Save", and recall saved effects groups with the Browse knob while in those screens.

    If he’s selling it more than once he’s making copies and not destroying his copy. He’s distributing copies.
    I can’t imagine this is legal if there is any kind of user agreement. Especially with paid profiles

    But I’m also not a lawyer. :)

    I agree; he'd be legally allowed to sell no more than a single copy, if he did buy the original profiles. It's akin to passing on a property deed. And yes, it does seem unlikely that he bought 31,000 profiles. No doubt a lot of hard work and expertise went into creating them.

    Im not a lawyer, and I don't know about other jurisdictions, but my understanding is that under EU law somebody can sell on the software as long as they delete it from their own devices, and this would trump whatever is in the licence agreement. There was a case involving the software giant Oracle a few years ago:…a-digital-distribution/1/

    Now the question of whether the seller actually does destroy their own copy or not, and whether the seller going against a purchase agreement (even though not legally binding) is morally just or not, is up to the prospective buyer to ponder.

    On a not-totally-unrelated note, how would people feel if somebody had a second kemper, and made profiles of existing commerical profiles for sale? For what it's worth, I dont have a 2nd kemper, and I don't plan to do this!

    Another thing you might like to try is to using morphing with the wah's 'manual' parameter. So, you can pick any two wah frequencies and morph between them.

    Thanks for your quick reply Bill. These are the best kind of problems! I think I'm edging towards the EHX Tortion. Your demos are great by the way; your playing convinced me to get a C9 last year and it's been a lot of fun :)


    I'm a hobbyist. I've no complaints about the Kemper whatsoever, but I'm looking for a distortion pedal to match an old solid-state practice amp at my parents' house. Two Electro Harmonix pedals have caught my eye: the EHX Tortion and the Operation Overlord, which is newer and cheaper but seems to have less tonal options. The JFET circuitry in both seems to produce great results on youtube, but does anyone have first-hand experience with either or both of them? I guess I'm interested in the overall differences in distortion/overdrive quality, responsivness and general opinions. Thanks in advance!

    Ps. My setup wouldn't be too complicated (isn't that how it always starts) - I'm thinking guitar -> distortion pedal -> reverb pedal -> amp (clean)

    To address your points, you cannot currently use the kemper usb inputs in the way you described, and to use the s/pdif output on the kemper you would need to buy an audio interface that supports it. I also haves an audio interface (focusrite saffire 6) without an s/pdif. I just plug the kemper's two main outs and my headphones into the focusrite. I know it's supposed to loose something in the extra digital-analog conversion but it sounds good enough to me.

    One thing they could do with the Kemper 2 is to allow profile makers to create 'mega' (for want of a better term) profiles that contains multiple profiles of an amp, each with different settings. So, instead of having 12 profiles for different gain and mic settings on a particular amp, you would just have one mega profile, and adjusting the gain dial would essentially morph between each sub-profile.

    I find the interface great, but, as previously stated, a new display wouldn't hurt. Also, a built in drum machine would be great!

    I have a Vox twin looper connected that I don't use enough. I've got a Boss Gt-8 that's stored away. I'm thinking I should connect it up since it's got some great effects, but I'd probably spend more time tweaking them than actually playing.