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    If you are using the Toaster or Rack you can already browse and save and load presets of the Stomps and Effects sections.

    Long-press the Stomps or Effects buttons and use the browse knob to see existing presets, or the Store button to save a new one.

    It would be best to not limit a 2nd morph. Why not give it all the same options as the existing morph to maximise the possibilities for the user.

    I think it would add unneeded complication to split the existing functionality between 2 morphs, i.e. morph1 can no longer control delay/reverb mix, for example.

    There would only be one rule:

    IF a parameter is morph controlled by both Morph 1 and 2, Morph 2 overrides Morph 1.

    Would it not be more intuitive to have the last used morph (expression pedal or switch) as the dominant one (unless both are used at the same time) ? I know this might be in the context of having a global morph, but I'm just thinking in terms on individual rigs.

    any reason for this ?
    changed: Tuner and Harmonic Pitch display keys in B instead of #

    99% of all tuners in the world working with #.

    Someone suggested this in the feature request subforum. They made a good point that guitarists are more likely to tune down from standard tuning, rather than up. Guns'N'Roses fans will rejoice!

    BY THE WAY when someone steals your IP-stealing IP, and puts you behind the 8 ball, that's called Karma. I wouldn't be surprised if that ends of being the name of the machine.

    Profiling an amp isn't stealing IP. Nobody owns an exclusive right to a particular kind of sound, thankfully.

    As for the main point, any effort at DRM could surely be circumvented by anyone with a second Kemper.

    Using Jazz III Ultex here too, but maybe you could try the Jazz III max-grip, (if they have an XL version), and the Dunlop Big Stubby - I really like them too.

    I have tried similar things with setting volume to 0 etc but nothing let me get changes even close to fast enough to sound like a kill switch stutter effect.

    You're absolutely right; after trying it out, I wasn't able to achieve more than a relatively slow speed, a tired foot and a slightly worn out footswitch.

    And for a great „Killswitch“-effect the possibility to reduce the volume to zero...

    I'm all for square wave tremolo too, but FYI, if you want to emulate a killswitch, you can set up a graphic eq in a slot, and set the High Cut to the lowest value. Then assign a footswitch to turn on and off the eq, and away you go! I'm not sure what kind of speed you will be able to get out of the switching, but it's worth a try.

    So what I’m being told by you guys is - why try and have something sound like something else? You do realize that’s the point of a kemper right? Why release a OCD drive then? Cause it’s internals work differently or something I don’t understand, well who cares? Use generic distortion and just be happy. Bye bye green scream, mouse and big muff stomps, don’t need you anymore. Tweaking 4 knobs will give you every overdrive sound you could ever want. How dare you ask for more.

    Can you imagine how quick this community would tear fractal apart if they took away 4 of their drive pedals and replaced it with ‘Generic Drive’ “No, no you just turn this knob to 4 and set this to off and then spin round 3 times and it kind sounds like a tube screamer at gain 1... but that’s it... and only on Wednesdays...” “oh you want a tube screamer sound at gain 2? Uh, well that’s basically just a klon at 4, they’re basically all the same...”

    They would be crucified.

    and why would kemper owners, who clearly can never be satifsfied by 1 amp, (this absolutely includes me!) cause again the whole point is to have multiple amps / every amp known to man available in an easy to access and carry box not want every pedal ever made either? Amps? Got a thousand! Pedals? Yeah 1 or 2...

    anyway this all comes from a productive place, and I know it’s dripping with sarcasm but I believe it’s a valid point. If you personally just want one pedal then great, but don’t try and tell me that I’m asking too much or that you don’t think what I’d like is needed.

    I believe that the majority of this community couldn't give two hoots what Fractal do at all, unless they also own a Fractal product. I'm not sure I follow your logic here; Kemper didn't remove any of the existing stomps, they added two new ones. One drive contains 4 controls and has presets that emulate the OCD. The other has 6 controls and comes with presets that emulate different pedals, included by popular demand.

    Are you disappointed that Kemper didn't release more presets? Are you disappointed that the update didn't add separate drive stomps that accurately clone the chosen pedals over their entire settings ranges? Is there a particular sound you were expecting that can't be achieved by the new update? If so, why not just say so?

    Those two presets are the same in the Kemper as well; it's not just a documentation error. And yes, they do sound identical.

    That said, while I don't have hands-on experience with any of the drives being cloned, the new presets sound great to me, especially the OCD ones. Thanks again Kemper!

    I'm not using a midi footswitch here, just a TRS dual footswitch but I think our experience is the same. Also on an old toaster, OS 7.5, if I have a delay and reverb set and each has the freeze option available, selecting 'freeze' with the footswitch will toggle the freeze on/off for both.

    An interesting thing is that you can set freeze on a particular effect independently with the corresponding soft button above the kemper display. So with a freeze-capable delay and reverb, you can engage the footswitch, turning on freeze for both, then (while in the reverb menu) disengage the reverb freeze with the soft button. Tapping the footswitch again will turn freeze off for delay but on for reverb.

    This isn't very useful, in my opinion, because even if you can assign another switch to disable the reverb block, it involves a good bit of tap-dancing if you want to change your freeze chord and re-engage a wet sound.

    As I've said in my previous post, the best option for me is to use the 'Legacy Reverb' type, since it doesn't have the freeze option and will therefore provide a wet sound whether or not the freeze is engaged on another block.

    I have freeze applied to just the delay, so it freezes the delay sound only so that when I play on top of it, I can still have reverb on that adds to the ambience. I believe after OS 7 or 6 they may have changed the way things froze, so I had to revert to an older OS.

    Using OS 7.5 beta here; the legacy delay and legacy reverb don't have a freeze option, so they can be used for the ambience. So it's possible to use an external footswitch to control the freeze in a delay/reverb effect place in (for example) the mod slot, and have a normal delay and reverb running as well in their traditional slots.

    However, the fancy delays and 'verbs all have freeze.

    No, but I've watched that video more than once. Sounds great to me. I'm not sure I'd be so tempted to get it now that the acoustic sim for the kemper is available. That said, I wonder if the sounds from it can be profiled :/

    I either use headphones when connected to usb audio interface, or have the kemper going into the front of a 15w practice amp (with cab-sim on); I'm more concerned with the tone sounding good than being accurate. I bought an Ibanez mini-ts, and it sounds great, but realised quickly that I could get identical (to me) results from the Kemper's approximation.

    I'd say it's down to personal preference, when it comes to having effects before and after the Kemper in the signal chain. External effects involve more complication, and more mess. They do have dedicated controls which can make them more convenient to edit, but you won't be able to switch presets on the external fx when you switch kemper profiles, unless they're midi enabled, and you have a midi controller.

    I'm no kind of expert either, but there might be something that you could try...

    1. While making a profile of an ordinary amp, split the signal coming out of the kemper and record that signal directly. I say "make a profile of an ordinary amp", because otherwise the profiler might stop the process if it doesn't hear anything (can't confirm this, just supposing).

    2. Once the profiling process has finished, take your recording of the 'ufo' profiling sounds and feed it into the kemper, recording the results (in mono I'd guess).

    3. Finally, start the profiling process again, but this time play the results of the recording made in step 2 and feed it back to the kemper, as you would a signal from a mic or an amp's line out.

    I'd guess that success would depend on how accurate you'd have to be with the timing of starting playback in step 3. Also, I think I remember reading something about problems profiling amps when noise gates were enabled (but not 100% sure) so you might need to disable kemper's noise gate when attempting.

    Anyway, I've never tried this, so you could be doing a world-first here. Best of luck!

    The Mooer multifx pedals (ge150 ge200 ge250, ge300) are wothwhile options to consider. I've been lusting after a ge200 for a while now; sounds great on youtube demos. The IR loading is a big plus. I'm not sure what their pitch fx is like though.

    Interesting! The FS-6 drains battery (I mean, the LED is on) when there's a cable connected, and I left it disconnected when not in use for this reason. So perhaps it was the plugging in of the TRS cable to the footswitch that triggered a spike that started the Kemper's looper.

    In any event, I eventually bought a dedicated looper so I could see the bar count.