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    Well, I guess you could call the PRS P22 related equipment. I recently bought a P22 and finding it a very versatile guitar. I'm just getting started with finding profiles that are a good fit. I'm going to run the Piezo through the PA and the 53/10's through the Kemper. So, anyone else playing a P22 through your Kemper? If so, I'd like to hear what Profiles/FX you're using and any tips you could share.

    I recently acquired a JTV-69S. It needs a bit of massaging of the frets to get into playable condition, but otherwise it seems to be a good guitar. I'll be sure to post clips. I'm probably going to tack on a Roland pickup to maximize the geek factor. :)

    You may want to check out the new HD firmware Line 6 just released for all the JTV Variaxes.

    The JTV-69 Strat is the one I'm interested in. How close is the neck profile to Fender's standard Modern C?

    My Variax 300 (older generation) transplanted in a Warmoth guitar is an usefull tool and the sound is convincing enough to make me buy some "real" guitars! In the counterpart my Kemper is convincing enough to make me sell some real amps!

    I don't know about the new JTVs but I think that a guitar profiler would be the ultimate tool! :D

    My Kemper is convincing enough I'm in the process of selling "ALL" my amps. Three down and two to go.

    Is anyone playing a James Tyler Variax with their Kemper? The JTV looks like it would be a great solution for one guitar with one amp that would cover a whole lot of ground. I'm wondering if the JTV plays and sounds good, or is it like the other Line 6 gear that I find very synthetic and sterile. Any opinions? I'd love to hear what people think.

    hi this is easy to do ; push 'input' then 'store' then 'input' contextual button above the screen, change name, then same 'input' button.

    clean sense is only there to match your clean level to distorded level, that's all . I admit i use it to fatten up single coils also on crunches.

    I just realized I didn't thank you for your help. The "Push Store" made all the difference.


    ckemper, I read pages 18/19 in the Basic Manual. Sorry I didn't fully understand what to do. Maybe I should have realized that I would need to also push the store button after pushing input button, but this is not mentioned on pages 18 or 19 that I can see. I think there are those of us that buy and love the Kemper Profiling Amp, but are not very technically oriented. So, things like "Push Store" are easily missed if it's not written in the instructions. I'm sure most people who read this are rolling their eyes thinking how could I not know that I would need to use the store button. When I'm following directions on something totally new to me, I make sure I do exactly what the manual says. Here's another one that took me a little while to figure out. After I had set and stored two different guitars with different Clean Sense and then went back into the input, I looked at the screen and couldn't figure out where my settings were located. I finally turned the Browse knob and there they were. Pretty dumb on my part. that one I should have known. but, I don't remember seeing that in the manual.

    Thanks for a greatest piece of gear I've ever bought.

    I had set my Clean Sense to my American Deluxe Strat and Lite Ash Tele at 6.6. I pulled out my USA Hamer Studio with the SD59's and the Clean Sense works fine with the humbuckers. No clipping at all. I was sure I'd have to lower the Clean Sense for the stronger output of the humbuckers. Maybe I don't understand how the Clean Sense works after all.

    One other question I couldn't find in the manual. How do you save different Clean Sense settings for different guitars? How do you call them up after setting them? I try to find this stuff in the manual before asking stupid questions.


    I got lucky. As good as new. They even took pics of it and sent them to me which was great.

    I have surgery scheduled the day it arrives. :S which sucks but I have some additional days off that I get to use playing through the Kemper while I recover. :thumbup:

    Good luck with the surgery. Hope it's nothing serious. As far as the additional days off, enjoy the time with the Kemper and here's hoping you feel good after the surgery. Now me, I have plenty of time to play, I'm retired. Now who's jealous? LOL

    I thought I read a post where you said Sweetwater had sent you a message stating they were expecting the Kemper to be shipped in late September. Maybe it was someone else. Either way, congatulations. Take your time going through the factory rigs and IMHO it's best to start with it dry. Above all, have fun.

    I only wish I had an editor, even my Yamaha THR amplifiers came with one, it will make a huge difference for many men....

    I agree and thought the same thing last night about my THR10C while editing a few profiles on the Kemper. But, I've read several threads/post by CK saying he is working on an Editor. I'm sure it's coming and will one of the better ones out there. Other than that, I'd like to see more reverb options. Someonew mentioned a lush spring reverb. that would make me happy. Otherwise, I'm extremely happy with the Kemper. It's without a doubt the best gear I've bought in my 65 years. :thumbsup:

    I've only had the Kemper for a little over a week, but it didn't take long to realize how valuable an editor would be. Preferably a graphic interface like I've seen on other modelers. A keyboard and mouse is so much easier than buttons and knobs.

    I just received my Kemper last Saturday. I haven't tried any profiles from the exchange yet. But, I think it would be a good idea for those who will post their favorite to also tell what style of music they play. Maybe state Clean, Mlid OD, High Gain etc.

    I've only had my Kemper since Saturday. I took advice of forum members and adjusted the Clean Sense to my guitars, Strat and Tele. I found it very easy to dial in the Clean Sense by the feel I was getting more than volume level. I found going from "0" to "7.5" made a substantial difference in feel. You guys know a lot more than I do about the Kemper than I do, but thought I'd offer an opinion.

    after updating the firmware, you have to install the new factory content.
    there's a button for that in the 'System' menu, page 1, called 'Factory Rigs'.

    or you could simply download the Amp Factory Rig Pack II from our website.

    Don, thanks for the help. I assumed the new Factory Rigs were part of the 2.01 FW update. Assuming goes against my own common sense. I'm sure this is somewhere in the manuals or the WiKi.