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    If I may ask, are you running thru your l2t and if so how is the sound?? Thanks

    Hey caspr,
    Although I have a Powerhead (intended to get a unpowered FRFR cab) after trying out the L2t which I used with my HD500X in the past I will stay with the L2t (Power amp switched off in the Powerhead). I tried a couple of different unpowered & powered FRFR monitors at a local music store and the L2t outshone all of them! Very transparent, articulate and plenty of loud (800watts) ... small footprint - I'm using it upright on the floor (it has a sound directional correction which works great), the Powerhead fits perfectly on the rubber coated top face (safe placement & acoustic decoupling). I have the complement Line 6 carry bag with wheels - easy transportation. I have done a couple of gigs with the Powerhead / L2t combo & am very happy indeed :D

    Hi guys,

    My Remote has arrived yesterday & I must say I'm very impressed the instant switching times in Performance/Browse modes and by its superb build quality :thumbsup:

    One question though - I have a Mission Eng pedal which I had previously working fine with the Profiler's pedal 1 (expression) & pedal 2 (stomp A > Wha-to-vol switch) inputs ... I can't seem to get it to work with the Remote's pedal 3/4 or 5/6 inputs ;( ... it doesn't give me the same menu options, i.e. pedal (expression) & pedal (switch mono) ... what am I missing?


    YEESSS, my Remote has just arrived 8o

    Now it's all about trying to stay calm throughout the afternoon to come home from work to try things out ...

    Btw, I would recommend to Kemper to use DPD rather than UPS for deliveries in Europe >> then I first saw the carton box with a big hole in one side I was reminded of a previously badly damaged UPS delivery --- the Remote was fine this time ...

    Some users complain about the 30 seconds. What would be the benefit of a 100 sec Looper?

    Hi Christoph,
    I'm currently very much looking forward to receiving the Remote in the couple of weeks and love my Powerhead!
    I play in a Latin Jazz Duo behind a singer and to solo over the top of live looped changes I often need to record between 60 - 100+ seconds worth. As much as I like to use the KPA looper it's unfortunately not sufficient length for my needs. I will continue to use my Boomerang III in the meantime hoping there is a way to extend the KPA looper memory to 100+seconds :)
    Thanks for listening, all the Best and many thanks for a most wonderful piece of gear otherwise.

    Thanks for the update of profile 1 pack ... some nice clarity improvements on my favourite /13 & Trainwreck profile :) - great customer service indeed.

    Looking forward already to profile pack 3 :)


    Hi CPHfx,

    If you use 2 TRS leads connected to the KPA to use TRS connection 1 for wha expression & the TR (this connection requires a TR only - though takes a TRS as well) as a stomp on/off, you engage the wha with the toe switch - the volume is at 100% at that point ... disengage the wha with the toe switch - the volume is at 100% ... vol at 0% will automatically switch to tuner mode :)

    You can save the 2. connection (if you engage pedal mode - switch wha via moving the pedal) to automatically switch to vol mode once the pedal wasn't moved for a second or 2 ...

    Hope that helps :)


    I use the mission with - as explained in the video - 2 leads connected between KPA & the mission (takes up both TRS connections at the rear of the KPA- well, one TRS, one TS) ... with Vol-to-Wha linked & toe switching between Wha & vol seems to work smoothly as expected (in addition I'm using the Pedal mode set to have the wha coming on automatically when moving it as well - may be able to free a connection that way - might do that in the future ...).
    But, of course, if you need wha & vol at the same time in one rig you may need another pedal ... I'm controlling vol & clean-up using the vol knob a lot lately (check out the M Britt profiles for that - sonic bliss!) :)

    Unfortunately, that didn't work for me. I contacted Kemper and Mission and the problem was that after turning off the wah in a rig with the toe switch, and then going directly to the volume, the volume would not taper would just cut off abruptly. This would only happen right after using the wah. Then the volume would behave normally. This was for one rig....if I used wah and volume in separate rigs, it was fine but I like to keep everything in one rig. I sent it back and ordered 2 DVPs.

    How bizarre ... the mission works fine for me ... maybe a rogue pedal? Did Mission comment on this? Anyways, looks like you found the working solution for you :)


    I'm currently using my Powerhead (power amp switched off) with a Stagesource L2t which I used with my HD500X before - and it sounds awesome.
    It actually sounds a lot more organic & full (and plenty of loud!) with the Kemper compared to the HD500X which I attribute to the Kemper :) ... and which speaks for the L2t as well, who is able to translate the Kemper's sound brilliantly.
    I probably will look for a light & compact unpowered FRFR stereo 2x12 cab in the future, but the L2t really rocks in combination with the Kemper (and the M Britt profiles).

    Hi Michael,
    I'm absolutely loving your Dumble pack - it is a revelation to me.
    I'm a huge fan of Robben Ford and was always looking for means to 'get' his sound (never had a chance to play through a Dumble for obvious reasons) and now the D-pack 'opened' that door for me - thanks for that :D
    I love how these profiles clean up with the vol knob - amazing.

    Looking forward to your next profile pack :)


    Hello fellow Kemperians,

    Finally my Powerhead arrived yesterday & I already had a long session last night to go through the presets of the unit ... I have downloaded a couple of Mike Britt's Kemper profiles (in love with his D-style sounds) & I'm absolutely chuffed to bits how sensible this thing reacts to just dialling different vol knob settings - SUPER !!!!

    I was using a Vetta II combo for about 9 years & a HD500X/L2t over the last year & really liked the versatility & sound possibilities of both units (so much, I held off any temptation of getting a Axe Fx over the years) ... just before christmas I had a chance of checking out a KPA & had such a eureka moment - resulting consequently in a serious GAS attack - I had to order one 8o ...

    I'm lurking around the forum for some time now & noticed here a wealth of knowledge & goodwill to help :thumbup: ...

    All the Best & keep the good vibes up,