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    Maxy - We've been doing some Lonestar recording lately and there are a bunch of events around the end of the kids' school year, but I promise I'm spending every spare moment going through and tweaking and choosing profiles for the next packs. You can probably count on 2 and possibly a smaller 3rd coming out within the next 3 weeks, and even sooner if I can find time to do all the website updating as well. I went through the vast majority of the new profiles today trying to pick the best ones and getting the others off my KPA because I was almost at 900 profiles and the restoring was taking forever. It's hard to pick what to let go of sometimes, even though I keep numerous backups on the computer rig manager. Anyway, I think there are some great ones in the upcoming ones. I hesitate to pick favorites yet, as everyone seems to gravitate to different rigs and sounds and that's the coolest part to me.

    Every exciting stuff! I appreciate the update and good luck on all the things you got on your plate!

    I'm neutral. I lock my effects so I basically never hear what anyone puts on the profiles. I just keep my tweaked effects always the same. Helps me audition with consistency, plus I don't like the reverb in the Kemper and if its on a profile it kind of ruins my experience.

    Which M Britt pack to begin with? I am looking forcsome nice 80's metal, 70's Rock (KISS, AC/DC), and some nice indie jangle tones.

    I would be inclined to say pack 3 but you can't go wrong with pack 2 either. Lately I've been mostly using pack 3. While I don't do 80s metal I think 3 might have a better selection for that. I could be wrong.

    I downloaded the demos and now have to update the Kemper to 3. Excited to try these as I love TAF profiles. The Custom shop AC30 is still one of my favorites. I use it all the time when I need a double of another track cause I can find the shade of tone that fits.
    I'll report back once I try them out.

    I still haven't updated the firmware but I guess I will have to soon. I only care about the studio profiles so not feeling any urgency until theres something I want thats only in 3.

    I used some some of the clean Vox profiles from pack 2 last night - just great sounding! Then, I wanted a slightly different tone so I pulled up a clean Matchless profile from pack 1v2. Again killer sound but I did notice it was very similar to the Vox. Not quite different enough to do what I needed - I could have changed guitars but in this day and age I shouldn't have to ; ) No, but seriously I was in a rush. This brings me back to using some different speakers : ) Vox with Blues :thumbup:<3

    And just to be clear - I love what you've done Michael! You've covered so much ground so far. It seems like incorporating some different speakers would make going forward easier for you. I mean, speakers are a huge part of what makes amps sound different from each other.

    This is coming from a recording perspective. If I was just playing live I might feel totally differently. Again, I love your work!

    "Hey Michael, your amps sound amazing. I've purchased amps from all the biggies, Soundside, TAF, Top Jimmy, etc. Your's blows away all the other guys. Could you please start doing it like the other guys?"

    Makes no sense to me. Just keep doing what you're doing, and let the other dozen guys do what they're doing. Thanks for all the great sounds.

    Ha ha! Funny stuff! I totally agree with the theory of what you are saying but my suggestion was only to offer more tonal frontiers to explore. In my opinion Michaels strength is in his aesthetic i.e. I want HIS version of a Vox with a celestion blue (for example). Michael will do what Michael will do and I will happily buy his next pack but this is a forum in which we can make suggestions and be part of the process. Its fun... and now I'm done : )

    I joined your email list and got the free profiles. These are great profiles! I can just tell there is a high level of quality there. I haven't had much time lately to try them in a song setting but look forward to that and I will report back when I do.

    Thank you!

    Some thoughts - (1) Might be a cool idea to use some different amps. Pedal respond differently to different amps. (2) I would be more inclined to buy a pack if there were less profiles. Its overwhelming for me to have to play through 60-90 profile to find my favorites. (3) I'm personally interested in old fuzz boxes - vintage and rare. Not just fuzz actually - any vintage and rare distortion or boost pedal would be cool. Any plans for that?

    Maxy - I'll try to include a little speaker variation on some of the amps for the next pack. The AC15 with a blue might be a good starting point. I'll see what I can do with the fuzz tones as well, or at least some quirky things. Thanks for the input!

    Fantastic! Thank you! Looking forward to it.

    I want to send my best wishes to Michael!

    Also, pack 3 is awesome! The 70 imp profiles just kill! Probably my favorite profiles of all time. So much has to do with my mood and the vibe of the song I'm working on but your profiles seem to work better and more consistently than others.

    I would like to suggest, again, that a different speaker configuration on the next pack would be very cool. It would just give a different texture. I would love to have an AC (30 or 15) through some blues to get that chime that only blues can do.
    Another thing I would love is some fuzz sounds and other quirky things but with your excellent sensibility. Imagine the Black Keys hired you to play on one of there tunes - just to give an idea. These are just thoughts : )

    I like the studio profiles cause I'm using them for recording. I would be pretty happy if next pack you used a different speaker configuration as it would add a slightly different texture when layering.

    I'm halfway though pack 3 and loving it! Great job and maybe my favorite yet. One thing that might be cool is to try a different set of speakers for the next pack to add some variety of tone. Maybe a mismatch - V30 and greenback or..... take your pick with all the great combos out there. With the whole new style of making profiles (V3) this might not be that interesting to some but for me it would be very useful. You could even make a pack based on the speaker configuration - focus on a "vintage fender" pack with a cab loaded with jensens. Or attack some of these amps that you've already done (or similar) with the intended speakers... Whatever you do, please don't stop making profiles. :)

    That makes sense. I found them to be on average a little bright for my bass but now I have to try with your recommendation. I did find cool tones, though! One in particular that had some good mojo for me. Again, much appreciated!