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    Just what exactly is a HiFi grade power cord? Can you post a link to it?

    I've never heard of such a thing, honestly. Freakin' April fools...:D

    You can buy power cables with 'special' shielding to reduce AC interference and there are claims about the resistance of the cable. But I'm not buying that nonsense at all until I upgrade the wiring in my wall.....

    I gigged with 5.7.4 with the loop engaged last night, Ditto Jam Looper and EH Synth 9. No issues for me. I'd suggest trying what Damian has already suggested.


    I don't recall seeing anywhere that the editor does stuff that you can't do already and I can't believe that it will increase the number of effects slots.

    And we've been able to put delay anywhere but the reverb slot for quite a while.

    I'm on the latest beta firmware, whatever that may be!

    I don't think I got my midi controller until sometime after 4.something and my previous controller wasn't capable of more than one command so it wasn't possible.

    I've not been able to get the advanced functions such as reverse and half speed to work but the standard record, play, stop and erase DEFINITELY work just fine for me.

    Rec/Play/Overdub: CC#99 V125, CC#98 V88, CC#06 V0, CC#38 V1 (on press), V0 (on release)

    Stop/Erase:CC#99 V125, CC#98 V89, CC#06 V0, CC#38 V1 (on press), V0 (on release)

    I use the looper with my midi footcontroller and it works really well but I don't think the Kemper two button switch will do anything for the looper.

    I've recently started using a Ditto Jam looper pedal as it can sync with a real drummer. It's a good looper but If it wasn't for the sync feature, I'd have stayed using the KPA looper.

    The Liquid Tracks allows you to record MIDI tracks and play it back on command. You can also play them with audio too. The longer the track, the more likely you are to fall out of sync but I've got a drummer that is very consistent so I can record a series of program changes including morphing into without issue, if I'm sensible with track length. Using very obvious changes can be a problem but morphing between sounds makes the timing of changes more forgiving.

    For instance, I press a footswitch and it changes to a new profile, simulanteously triggering an audio sample too. After a period, that profile slowly morphs to a different sound. It then selects a profile identical to that morphed tone and at a set time, begins to morph towards a third sound. All from one stomp.

    I've got it doing some very fun stuff. On one song, I capture a loop of my rhythm playing during the first verse. As the KPA effects loop is set to zero return, nothing apparently happens. When I press a footbutton later, it morphs slowly to a lead tone, bringing up the effects return level just in time for the solo, bringing the loop into play. Then at the end of the lead break (with accompanying rhythm track from the looper) the sound morphs back to my rhythm tone, fades out the effects return (muting the looper) all without any further effort.

    When I bought my Powerhead in 2015, I started off using my POD HD500 as a MIDI controller in Browse mode and it worked well enough. At some point I used Performance mode with just a simple two button Boss footswitch but it became a nightmare if I accidentally double tapped and reverted to Browse mode with the POD for a while. Due to my needs for greater MIDI capabilities I got a FAMC Liquid Foot+ 12+ and later a FAMC Liquid Tracks LT100 as well. In short, I can do similar to full DAW controlled automation but without beating my drummer into agreeing to using a click track..... As lead singer in a three piece band, it's liberating and allows for crazy, complex stuff with minimal effort.

    I've been using Browse mode constantly for this until I considered the benefits of Performance mode. I was meaning to have a spring clean through the Liquid Foot and Liquid Tracks to get rid of loads of old, no longer used programming and decided to try moving over to Performance mode at the same time. I mean no disrespect to anyone that needs an editor for the KPA, but it was a breeze setting it all up with just RigManager to title each performance and then the front panel to select the right profiles. In comparison, changing the Liquid Foot with it's very pretty editor made me want to give up......

    Anyway, the switching is definitely much faster and it makes sense to have everything safely in Performance mode when I'm with my band. I never had an issue with switching lag as the tails from the delay covered any gap but it's definitely better this way and the sound changes are immediate and seamless.

    I was actually thinking about this one, but I wish it had more parameters from each synth voice exposed. I may go Boss SY-300 instead.

    For me, the Synth 9 is marvellous. I used a few settings when recording an album but usually it lives in one setting. I'm really not using it as a synth as such, it's never 100% Synth 9, nor funky little lead breaks. I think I set the loop to about 20% and it's about making my guitar sound bigger, like something else is there but you can't work out what.

    A more powerful synth engine would be wasted on me.

    Electro Harmonix Synth 9. Since the other guitarist left our band, my role has been about filling up the sound. I use a low level with a hint of ducking control, set to polyphonic analogue synth sound and it just adds an extra depth without taking anything away from the guitar tone.

    That doesn't necessarily lead to a consistent Sound at any Overall-sound-Level. It is necessary to adjust frequencies.

    Maybe it is more obvious in a three Piece band.

    But the Sound differences are substantial hearable at different Overall Levels.

    Have you considered adjusting the output EQ to suit at each venue/capacity?

    I understand that without a FOH engineer, trying to sound consistent throughout the set from soundcheck is incredibly difficult, regardless of your gear. Usually because the drummer decides to play way louder after a couple of songs, which doesn't usually effect the bass player who can just pick harder and sound louder. Guitars are way less dynamic. I'm in a three piece band and meant respectfully, I don't really understand what you are trying to resolve.

    Is it that bass and treble frequencies are very different at different volume levels?

    I note that the OP has stated that he's managed to achieve what he wanted by levelling the volumes within the rigs. I'm happy to see that the forum has helped him in his search for success.

    Regarding an output limiter/leveller, I think that this isn't as productive as you'd imagine. Who would use clean, rhythm and lead tones for a whole set at the same volume? You'd end up switching it off for certain rigs and that's achieving something already possible.

    If all the profiles in existence came from Kemper, then you could argue that they should be comparable but when you're filling up the box with profiles from various profilers, it's not possible. I've got a bunch of TAF profiles that have a post amp EQ block that does little but have an output boost. I've found other profiles where the volume in the Amplifier section is on 3db. It all adds up to unpredictable levels when trying new profiles but which is easy to fix already.

    I've got my main rhythm tone which is the bench mark for my volumes. Leads usually a little louder and cleans as required. If I find a profile that I want to use with my band, I'll compare it to that main rhythm tone and achieve the desired volume. It's likely that I'll tweak the volume knob and hit save when I try it with the band and then it's done.

    Read the manual. It's well written and if it gets a bit confusing just move on but I guarantee you'll pick up a stack of great information.

    I find it aggravating the number of users that come here requesting features that are already in the box. It's a brilliant device, well designed but full of things that you really ought to look into properly to make the most of.

    Spillover works in Browse mode just fine for me. Ok, if I jump from profile to profile it might not spill over every time but if I've had a profile selected for more than just a few seconds, it works just fine.