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    I have backup folders named exactly as they are in RM; it's a simple matter to drag-and-drop all contents from RM into these folders.

    Because they're named the same way, I can "down-arrow" through the list and cross-reference the Mac's file-count for each folder with the conveniently-displayed rig-count for each folder in RM. No need to touch RM as the ƒ counts are all displayed at once.

    I prefer this method of backup over the database-copy one (although I do that too for good measure), not least because nothing's invisible... that is, whilst nothing is indeed invisible, the rigs aren't... invisible.

    In the end I habe made my personal expirience that Floyd Rose(or any floating fixed bridge) "sucks" some of the most important higher mid frequencies of any guitar,This is imo no big news.Just a (physical) fact..

    Same here, Nikos.

    I'll add that well-designed floating bridges such as the one in the Luke™ guitars, and even the one in my JTV69, have much less of a detrimental effect on tone and sustain.

    The FL-licensed bridge in my JTV89, on the other hand, sucks the absolute life out of the sound. No "chimeyness" acoustically (and low acoustic volume), and a distinct lack of high mids. It's plainly obvious, and I'll not use the guitar for recording unless the FL bridge is required; the JTV69's floating trem is more than sufficient in most scenarios anyway.

    I put it down to all the extra weight and metal in the FL models. Much more deadweight there, IMHO.

    The parameter could simply be added to the various amp, cab, stomp and mod editing menus. No need for slot wastage, IMHO.

    This is what I was suggesting earlier.

    CN7, I'm not sure it was resistance; CK simply needed to be convinced, and once he saw the "wisdom" of including the HPF/LPFs, he promised them right away. There hasn't been an OS update since then, so I'd expect that they'll be in the next one.

    Yeah, I thought of this too when I first researched the unit.

    I imagined the profiling signal saying, "When you hear the tone, turn the bass control fully counter-clockwise and slowly sweep fully clockwise" and so on. In order to capture the interactions between the tone-stack controls, the sweeps could be re-done, or just the extremes "sampled" with the remaining knobs at both their individual extremes.

    I reckon a purely snapshot-based method, sans sweeping, could be made to work effectively too, where the intermediate values are interpolated. It'd only be a matter of positioning the various knobs at their extremes when prompted to do so by the signal being fed by the Kemper.

    Easy, peasy... but I'll let Christophe take care of that one!

    If you've got the latest OS on the USB stick (you can't re-copy the OS file, I know, as the Mac's on the blink), you could re-install the OS on the Kemper.

    You've nothing to lose as you don't want the existing presets, and I assume the ones you tried to transfer are still on the stick. I only hope the OS is on there too, 'cause then it'll be "problem solved".

    I'm not a fan either, Armando, but there's a "workaround". It's nice to have the option to read the pop-ups for indications as to the mood / tone / depth of discussions in threads, or even just for verification of subject matter where titles are vague.

    I hover the pointer over on the left or right-hand side and use the scroll-wheel to scroll the lists. The pop-ups only appear if I don't do this. Works for me.

    It's good that forum developers haven't set resetting the counter after 9999 to 0 :D

    Proves they weren't video game programmers back in the '80s.

    Hey everyone quick.. find all his posts and click on "Report post" they will all get deleted and send him back to Newbville!!

    Ha! Classic, Andy.

    Well done, Ingolf. Your effort surely empowered many a user.

    Folks, jaschoon has tried using RM; it shouldn't make any difference whether he's used a USB stick to copy the rig or not. If there's any doubt, the rig can be copied from the "My Profiler" folder to a newly-created one and the upload attempted from there.

    The only things I can think of are:
    1) Were you hooked up to the 'net at the time?
    2) Have you set your "owner" name in the RM preferences to match the name specified in your Kemper?
    3) Have you double-checked that the name tag in this rig you want to upload is the aforementioned one?

    It's gotta be something simple, so I'm betting it's one of the above...

    Further to Don's explanation of RM-preset handling, you can set the prefs so that simply hitting the down or up arrow on your keyboard instantly loads the next / previous preset.

    I imagine it's because the actual file sizes are so ridiculously small that this sort of "browsing", for all intents and purposes, delivers an instant response from the Kemper. That is to say that the buffer-load time is practically zero, meaning that it's no slower than browsing the internal rigs from the front panel. This is impressive IMHO, and is super-handy when a 3rd party is playing and you just want to audition as many rigs, perhaps for demo purposes or just fun, as possible.

    You'll have to transfer / save both rigs to the KPA.

    Not sure how it's done, but I think if you lock the sections you don't want to change and then call up the other rig, all unlocked blocks / parameters will be replaced with the new ones.

    Believe me, many of us wish we could edit from within RM; you're not the first.