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    I guess it's a matter of both being able to do "surgical work" and getting a true image of the what the sound REALLY is like, but also being able to be drawn into the music for the more artistic aspects of mixing rather than being at arm's length. Some people might have a hard time doing one or the other on certain speakers. That's why it's said that choosing monitors is a very personal thing, and not only a matter of frequency plots.

    I agree wholeheartedly, Michael.

    @Monkey_Man Ah, Opals! One of the other sets that I hanker for! Great monitors you got there, and one of the few sets that balance mojo with surgical precision. I guess they're cheaper over there, being Aussie (cost an absolute fortune in DK)

    Well all I can say is that IMHO you've got great taste, Sam.

    I'm glad you see them this way too - that elusive balance of accuracy and mojo.

    I think they are cheaper here, which is rare for music gear as we're used to being ripped off down under, being at the ass end of the world and all. Mind you, I started saving the day they came out and only managed to finally get 'em a little over a year ago. I think I was banking pennies for 6-8 years all up but I lost count after about 5. By the time I bought them there had been 3 updates to the components.

    Dammit, I tell you what, Sam: If I "make it" and the dollars start rolling in, I'll buy you a set seeing as you're such a legendary dude and because you obviously appreciate them; I'm confident they'd be going to a good home, as they say. You read it here first, folks; it's in black and white, and I'm a man of my word (what else do we have?). Better cross your fingers for me SamBro'. LOL

    Enough with the manhugging already - get back on topic!! :D

    You gettin' jealous, Michael? LOL

    OK... I get where Martin's coming from, Sam; it's nice to have a little mojo as well as "surgical" accuracy. I'm sure you'd agree 'though that it's a dangerous path to venture down. That's why I love my Opals. The accuracy's there, but somehow they're always exciting and non-fatiguing to listen to.

    I didn't suggest the OP look at anything else as he appears to be more than happy with his new babies, and I'm happy for him. Almost inevitably 'though, these threads tend to attract suggestions of alternative models, not least because we tend to settle on and then fall in love with our monitors and subsequently want to share the love, so to speak.

    Skoczy, bro', champion non-verber, I'm very happy for you, bud. Enjoy!

    Great endorsement, Dean!

    Thank you too Bro! ;-)

    You deserve it.

    Yesterday Steve Lukather and I wrote some mails back and forth and he loves my playing and the Kemper as well. So I send him the Bognar XTC pack and he was very thankful. So who knows maybe he's gonna use our profiles too sometimes. He's a really nice guy! ;-)

    He loves the Kemper? My fave rock player of all time? A-w-e-s-o-m-e!!! :thumbsup:

    I too hope he uses the Kemper for recording and live. What an endorsement that would be, eh?

    Exactly, and he's confirmed to us on many occasions that they're "working on" various features in the past.

    Whining about folks whining is such a strawman IMO.

    I wouldn't consider the proposal that "whining" is not effective past a certain point, whining, jzucker.

    That's just MHO 'though, and I respect your opinion, mate.

    And I've owned the kemper for about 2 years, during which the entire time I've heard from the rumor mill that "they are working on it" but have yet to read a single reliable/informed posting indicating that they actually are.

    As I stated above, Christoph himself has done so, as he has for other features such as Pure Cab™ on a per-rig basis and the arrival of PC in the FW update before the current one.

    I'm at the point where I'm probably going to switch over to the AX8 when it comes available because the axefx effects are so much better and if kemper were proactive to publish even approximate dates for features, this type of jumping ship could be avoided.

    Given your apparent philosophy, you'll have to avoid a significant number of brands then. Too many come to mind to even start listing, but I wish anyone who's prepared to follow this reasoning good luck; he or she will certainly need it.

    Once again, even 'though I disagree with the foundations of your decision, jzucker, I respect the fact that you're fully entitled to make it; it's your call after all. Just one tiny piece of "advice" 'though: I wouldn't go calling upstanding members such as our John (Tritium) fanbois at the drop of a hat. I think you'll find that he was simply surprised at how "fickle" (from our perspective) a reason constituted justification for jumping ship from the tone powerhouse that is the Kemper. I was too, hence why I bothered to chime in on this.

    One last time: It's your call and I respect that; I'm only appealing to you to reconsider given that at least one of your reasons for contemplating this action (the lack of "official" communication when it comes to your and our wish for spring 'verb) is manufactured by you, unwittingly or not. Now that would be a straw man, brother.

    I had to seriously LOL, Michael. For some reason even picturing Will's face makes me laugh any time I do it.

    You're a gem, Gary. Thank you mate!

    You know, I really don't feel any apology should be necessary on your part; the fault surely lies with my incompetence in dealing with the bizarre tech issues which arose that evening. Had I been able to split quotes properly (and do multiples), I'd have been able to express myself accurately.

    That said, if you're anything like I am, I very much understand your wanting to do so anyway; I find admitting fault, no matter how insignificant it may be, a liberating and personal-growth catalysing endeavour.

    You're a champ, mate. I'll have a beer for you too when I've recovered properly from this Christmas-unduced salmonella saga that dragged on for a couple of weeks.

    Go you good thing, Gary!

    Hey Gary, I can relate to that, mate, as I'd not even owned a home stereo (ever!) before upgrading successive Alesis monitors (20 years) to my current (final, I hope) ones. Talk about a whole new world.

    I'm glad I caught you, mate, 'cause I've made a point of monitoring (pun intended) a thread where I issued an expansive and heartfelt apology to you for a misunderstanding. The thread's been dead (did I kill it? LOL) ever since (Dec 16th 2015). I reckon you'd remember the "incident" if you "know" me even a little as what you thought I'd meant would surely have seemed way, way out of character for the Monkster.

    Anyway, here 'tis; I'd hate for such a comprehensive effort to go to waste but didn't want to push you via PM to read it, figuring I'd wait 'til I bumped into you on the forum at some point:

    (2) Spring reverb, again, again, again..... - Page 6 - Feature requests - Kemper Profiler User Forum

    I sincerely hope you accept that no ill will was intended, mate. Cheers Gary.

    Funny, I was going to mention that the "false alarms" are what got me thinking about this in the first place.

    At some point we'll start to encounter "true alarms", so to speak; should Kemper issue an edict outlining some sort of preferred protocol in the interests of the community, I wonder?

    Obviously the legal rights of ownership would remain with the creators by default, but they'd be of no use to anyone once business ceased indefinitely.

    Yup. You've explained your perspective all you can, Guido.

    I wouldn't worry about restrictions' affecting your sales too much 'though; as has been said, the quality of your work will sell itself. I mean, how many packs has Michael Britt sold? Heaps, right? It's the word of mouth here in the forum and elsewhere that will ultimately determine the short and long-term success of your profiles, mate. Please believe me. Before most folks buy, they ask fellow users in, I'm guessing, by far the majority of cases. Hang in there bud. You'll be fine!

    Of course I didn't know about your personal circumstances before but I really wish you all the best for the future, mate!!!!

    ... and I really shouldn't have said anything; it's just that the irony of my self-imposed socialist-media ban is not lost on me, bro'! LOL

    Beeing celibate for 23 years seems to be really hard, man! ;-(

    Mate, I can't even begin to describe what a challenge it's been! I mean, I'd have most Catholic priests beat hands-down, no? LOL

    Back to topic, folks:
    Let's talk about Guido's balls.

    Hang on... :/